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05 August 2017

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2017 Training Camp Media Availability (8/5/17)

Below is a selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today’s earlier media availability:
Head Coach Dirk Koetter
Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson
(On wide receiver DeSean Jackson)
"DeSean had a great day. He got off to a fast start. You know, one of his best plays, I don't even know [if it was noticed] because it was over there on the sideline in that last period. He caught that quick out, broke that tackle and he was gone. So, big day for DeSean, fun to see."
(On if he would ever use Jackson on punt return)
"Emergency. Yeah, emergency. The same one he did years ago. Game on the line, you've got to have one – there's a chance we'd put him back there."
(On wide receiver Chris Godwin)
"Chris is doing well. Now, we lost a couple guys that couldn't finish practice today because of various things. I thought Chris wore down a little bit at the end of practice. You've got to remember, that guy's a rookie. We're trying to push him hard. He's a good football player but he got a little bit tired at the end today."
(On how many roster spots are realistically up for grabs)
"That's impossible to say right now. We're talking to these guys about coming out here and competing. We've got better competition than we've had; this is my third training camp here. We're deeper and good competition, there's nothing wrong with that. It will all sort itself out soon."
(On the crowd for practice)
"The crowd was fantastic. Are you kidding me? I'm only disappointed in one thing, and that's that Ira [Kaufman] got a louder cheer than I did. Other than that, the crowd was awesome. They did a great job. That was a lot of fun. That was a lot of fun, and hats off to the 'Stick Carriers.' They did an awesome job today."
(On showing mental toughness to get through days of hot practices)
"Four straight days in pads – we talked to these guys about the struggle and fighting through the struggle. Your body learns the most when it's under duress. They pushed through today. I'm sure they'll be corrections in film this afternoon. Day off tomorrow, back at it on Monday."
(On defensive end Ryan Russell)
"We like Ryan. He came on strong at the end of last year. Ryan doesn't say much, so he's not the most flamboyant guy in world. He's a worker, he pays attention to what he's supposed to do, he's a good pass-rusher. He's gotten a little bigger, a little thicker. He's so tall he looks skinny out there, but he packs a punch."
(On the importance of ‘bubble players’ making plays)
"Absolutely. We talk to them about it all the time. Everybody has opportunity but not the same opportunity and you don't know necessarily when they're going to come up, so you've got to make the most of them."
(On a pleasantly uneventful camp)
"Well, injuries for sure. We're very fortunate right now – knock on wood if there's some around here – we're very blessed. As far as no distractions, we talk to guys, there's only distractions if we let there be. I think that's a sign of the leadership of our players. They've done a good job of that."
(On the effect of having all the Hard Knocks cameras around)
"It seems good to me, it seems good. I guess we'll find out on Tuesday night."
(On undrafted rookie cornerback Maurice Fleming)
"The thing I like about Reece is that he – you don't see it, but if I look out my office about seven o'clock every morning, it's still kind of dark, he's out there behind the shed doing drills on his own. There's a guy that's waiting for his opportunity. You can see that he's a tough guy and that he's a hitter. It's going to be fun to see him next week against Cincinnati, see what he can do, because he's definitely going to get a chance."
(On what he's learned about Ryan Fitzpatrick since Fitzpatrick's arrival)
"Just what kind of a guy he is. He's what I thought, he's a great guy, really fits in in the locker room. Really good guy for Jameis to bounce stuff off with his experience. He's learning a new system so that's a little bit difficult on him. He's been a nice addition so far, but we've got a real good competition going for that second quarterback spot right now."
(On if the team will practice specifically for the Bengals)
"In due time. It's about that time. We just worked on red zone today. We still have some situations we have to cover before we get there."
(On safety J.J. Wilcox)
"Well he's definitely an aggressive player. Very aggressive – he wants to get in the mix, he wants to get involved. That's what we thought when we brought him in."
(On if the defense will play a lot of formations with three safeties)
"I don't know. There's a time and a place for that. That's something that we're working on. Every defensive alignment has pluses and minuses and working the kinks out of it right now."
(On if there's a player who's doing better than anticipated)
"Oh, I'm sure there's several. I just stepped in gum so I can't concentrate on it."
(On quarterback Jameis Winston needing to not force the play that is called)
"Yep, that was one of those plays. That was a good observation right there. Jameis got a piece of my mind on that play. That wasn't the one we were looking for. He made some really good ones today, too."
(On the offensive line forming chemistry)
"I think they're on the right track. It's a process. I think they're on the right track for sure. They're working together with Ali [Marpet] in the middle and Ali is the main communicator. That's a change and Ali's got to get used to it. Instead of someone else making the calls to him, he's making the calls for everybody else. So that's just taking a little bit of time, and that's okay."
(On if the offensive line has to perform well in order for all of the Bucs' offensive weapons to produce)
"Well, your O-Line's your engine, right? Your O-Line's the engine that makes the team run. So, no engine, no running. Plain and simple."
(On the practice atmosphere and the fans in attendance)
"It was good. They were out here since like 7:00, 7:45. We heard them from the meeting room, so we knew today was going to be a very energized day. They came out here and supported us. We appreciate their support so we put on a little show for them so they'd have fun, then got down to the business."
(On competing in the red zone during today’s practice)
“Any time you’re able to get that close down there it’s a little harder because the field gets smaller. But, we have some great players in there, ‘Jaboo’ [Jameis Winston] made some great throws. So it was good today.”
(On how he continues to stay energized and disciplined through his 10th season)
“Just try to look at it like you’re a young guy, go out there have fun. You don’t really get too many guys to make it that far, so it’s just a blessing to be out here working hard, teaching these young guys and just trying to stay healthy, but at the same time work hard. Just make plays, keep doing what you do.”
(On his excitement level for the first preseason game)
“I’m going to save my plays for the regular season when it counts. But, obviously preseason is something we have to go through. I’m sure we’ll get some reps, get some plays in there. Not try to show too much because we’re expecting a big year this year, come out and light it up September 10th. So as far as preseason, it will definitely be good to get out there and get some play timing down. Getting everything we’ve been working on out versus somebody else.”
(On his experience thus far with Hard Knocks)
“It’s an opportunity that we get to be on Hard Knocks and they picked us. Try to give as much information as they want and just have fun with it. Something you just look forward to seeing when it comes out August 8th to see how it turn out.”
(On how the offense is coming together thus far)
“Very exciting, we haven’t even reached our peak yet. It’s part of training camp to come out there and work hard, to gel together as one individual group. Just looking forward to playing throughout the season, it’s going to be a long season. As long as everyone can get on the same page and play together, then we should be fine.”
(On what the peak is for this season)
“Hopefully, we can peak early and peak late. You don’t want to peak too late, you don’t want to peak too soon. Hopefully, we’ll be able to peak throughout the season. Go out there, win games, set us up with the best position to make a playoff run and from there try to be one of the last teams standing.”

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