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08 August 2017

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2017 Training Camp Media Availability (8/8/17)

Below is a selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today’s earlier media availability:
Head Coach Dirk Koetter
Quarterback Jameis Winston
(On if the Bucs worked on blitzes during Tuesday’s)
"Yeah, we did. We've been doing a fair amount but we had one today. The defense was working on another new package, a bit of a unique package, gave the offense some trouble."
(On linebacker Kwon Alexander being a leader)
"Your ‘Mike’ linebacker is typically the guy calling the signals in the huddle. Even if your guy's not a leader, he's a leader by his position. But Kwon has really embraced the role of leading the defense and being the spokesman for the defense. It's great to see. He meets with Smitty [Defensive Coordinator Mike Smith] every morning. He wants to be that guy and to be a leader you've got to want to be a leader. It's okay to be a good football player and not say a word, but Kwon has really embraced that role."
(On Ali Marpet sustaining an injury during yesterday’s practice)
"Yeah, he did. He got a little ankle [injury]. It should be a day or so."
(On if he saw the rough cut of the first Hard Knocks episode and what it will show)
"Yep, I did. Well tonight, 10 o'clock, be watching."
(On if he had any objections to the episode's content)
"No, no. Hard Knocks, as always their crew's been very professional. You guys will all be critiquing it tomorrow, I'm sure."
(On if the addition of the Hard Knocks cameras to camp has truly been seamless)
"It's fine. We've got so many issues bigger than that. We've got to get ready to play real football here. It's going to be good to play preseason football. We're at that point. Today was really that day where…today was the first day of training camp where we were just kind of dragging all day. The heat had something to do with it. You can always tell when it's getting close to that time. You get into that preseason game and you find out you're not as good, maybe, as you think. Pluses and minuses."
(On what his hopes are for Hard Knocks)
"My hope is that we quit talking about it in my daily press conference. That's my main hope, because my job is to coach the football team, not to worry about that."
(On defensive tackle Clinton McDonald)
"He's a little heavier. He was pretty trimmed down last year. I think the fact that Chris Baker's in here, we have good depth at defensive tackle. We also have good competition. Yesterday, when Gerald was having a day off, you could really notice Clinton stepping into that three-technique position and making plays. Clinton's having a good camp."
(On the safety battle)
"The last two days we've started rotating J.J. [Wilcox] and Justin [Evans] in so they're not always playing together. I think that's been good to work the different combinations so we don't always have the two new guys together. They get to work with a vet. You guys have commented on several days that J.J. has shown up. I've really noticed Justin Evans showing up the last two days."
(On huddling the team up in the middle of practice)
"We just weren't practicing very good. When you start going through the motions you either have to practice better or go in."
(On players being flagged for penalties)
"It's great to have the officials here. We put them in a tough position today. That's why we're doing it on this end – you've got the music, it's loud, it's hard to hear, we've been working the silent count, officials. We did have too many penalties today, but we're practicing working in tough positions. We'll go inside and correct them and try to do better tomorrow."
(On what the team will work on next)
"There's still some situational things that can come up. There are always those plays that happen at the end of the game, the Hail Mary, how are we going to throw a Hail Mary, defend a Hail Mary? What if it's an onside kick, both sides? You've got to work those game situations that come up rarely, but they're probably going to come up Friday night."
(On players fighting during yesterday’s practice)
"Yeah, there was discipline and we'll handle that inside. The bottom line is – you all saw it – that's just not a smart move. It's not a smart move for multiple reasons: one, you're going to break your hand and be out Two, you're going to get kicked out of the game. That's not a smart move and it's been handled."
(On Kendell Beckwith's coverage skills)
"Improving. I would say that was maybe not his strength coming out. Kendell has been a very pleasant surprise because everything that we're asking him to do, he's a quick learner. He doesn't repeat mistakes and he's playing multiple positions. I think he's much improved. We weren't sure how he was going to be in coverage against the guys you've got to cover at this level and he's doing much better."
(On if there is anything worth reading into on the season's first depth chart)
"The thing that's worth reading into is I spent about 19 seconds working on that, trying to fit 90 guys into a two-deep. Get it right now, get your cameras on: I screwed up and I put Jeremy McNichols ahead of Peyton Barber. That was an accident. I told Peyton about that in stretch today and he laughed. I said, 'So when they ask you, tell them it was my fault and don't start crying or anything.' It's preseason, it will all work itself out."
(On running back Peyton Barber)
"He's doing really good. Him and Jeremy, that's a nice [duo]. I've been telling you all along: We're deep at running back. It's going to work itself out because of the suspension with Doug [Martin]. I think Charles Sims has had a good camp, ‘Quizz’ [Jacquizz Rodgers] solid, but those two young guys, Peyton and Jeremy, we like what we see from both of those guys."
(On whether he or the kids had more fun at the Buccaneers Academy Camp)
“I think I did. This is what it’s all about – being able to affect these kids in a positive way, putting smiles on their faces. They are going back to school in one or two weeks, you know, and just getting a chance to get them out there, having the guys come out here after a long, hot practice just to give back and put some smiles on these kids faces – it means the world.”
(On the effect of Hard Knocks and whether it has been a distraction to the team)
“Just like [being] out here with these kids, it’s been fun. We’re not out here trying to be fake or anything. We are out here to work, we’re out here to give back and we’re out here to be good for our fans and play football.”
(On whether he is looking forward to the Hard Knocks premiere)
“Yeah, I am. I really am.”
(On what questions the kids were asking him during the camp)
“The main question they were asking us was, ‘Can you sign this? Can you sign that?’ [There’s] not really a lot of questions when their sole purpose is to get my signature. I’m saying, ‘Do you want to catch a football or do you want to get a signature?’ They’re like, ‘Uh, we just want your signature.’ It’s cool that I can be a positive role model for these kids and they want my signature. It means a lot to me.”
(On when he will be watching Hard Knocks)
“I’ve got HBO Go, so I’ll find time to watch it.”
(On his expectations for the first preseason game)
“I’m just ready to play. I’m ready to play against somebody other than Gerald McCoy and Clinton McDonald and Kwon Alexander [laughs]. I love those guys – and obviously, they’re the best in the game – but I’m happy to play against someone else now. I think that’s the fun part.”
(On if it’s getting harder to focus as training camp goes on)
“It’s more about knowing what we’ve got coming up. It’s game time. If you think about it, from now on, we are going to be playing football. We are going to have a game every single week, so the message is: Now it’s time to execute, now it’s time to put behind all the mistakes, all the [mental errors], it’s time to play some football man. Now, it’s starting to count. It’s going to be here before we know it.”
(On cornerback Brent Grimes and his continued high-level of play over time)
“Brent Grimes is the oldest? He doesn’t look the oldest at all [laughs]. I think it’s just impressive and it shows – that’s why I tell most of the young guys, like me and Ali [Marpet], we always look to the older guys and see, ‘How did they make it this far?’ That’s what this game is really all about. If we don’t have our bodies, we can’t play. Brent has done a great job. Just his offseason work – I mean this guy plays soccer, basketball and then makes time for his family. He’s just an all-around amazing athlete.”
(On whether the team has embraced head coach Dirk Koetter’s ‘Compete’ slogan)
“All of us are taking ‘Compete’ to heart because that’s our motto – that’s what we go by and that’s what this game is all about. We have to compete on every snap, on every play, so [there’s] not a time that we’re out there and not competing.”
(On how he feels about the depth at running back)
“I feel great about our RBs. They look great – including Doug [Martin]. You know, Doug isn’t out there taking any reps off. He’s out there going hard like he’s going to be starting week one and that’s exciting. That pushes those running backs and makes them want to play harder because they see a guy that’s not going to be with us the first three weeks and they’ve got to show, ‘He’s not going to be with us, so what can I do to fill that void. What can I do to make sure I don’t let him down?’ We’ve got Doug’s back. We’re playing these games for Doug.”
(On what he remembers from his preseason debut as a rookie)
“That I got a chance to play NFL football and I think that’s the fun part. It’s going to be an amazing experience for [the rookies], but I’m going to tell them, ‘Don’t get overwhelmed because we’ve got 19 more games to go. This is just one.’ I know they’re going to have a couple butterflies, but that’s because they care. As long as they care, we’re going to be in good shape.”
(On the team’s goal for the first preseason game)
“I think the main thing we want is we want to win. It doesn’t matter how long I play, it doesn’t matter how long we play – we just want to win and that’s the most important thing. That’s the only criteria that really matters. We’re going to get graded hard, our coaches are going to give us pluses and minuses, wherever they want to give us, but at the end of the day a ‘W’ feels way better than an ‘L.’”

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