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09 August 2017

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2017 Training Camp Media Availability (8/9/17)

Below is a transcript of Head Coach Dirk Koetter’s earlier media availability:
(On what the team worked on in its final practice before Cincinnati)
“We got a lot of situations today – we got some goal-line, some short-yardage, some red-zone, some two minute. We’ve had three days in a row with the officials, so great work today – a lot of stuff that’s going to come up Friday.”
(On quarterback Ryan Griffin’s performance so far in camp and how it compares to last season)
“Good. Way better [than last year]. He’s getting a lot more reps number one. He knows he’s not the No. 3. He knows he’s fighting for a job. He’s doing a good job.”
(On whether he will see a lot of playing time against Cincinnati)
(On whether the wide receiver position is the most competitive on the team)
“Oh, I don’t know. It’s too early to say that. We will just have to wait and see. I mean, injuries are part of it. We will just have to see how it sorts out.”
(On how excited he and the coaching staff are for their first game on Friday)
“You want to see some of these guys – you know what your veterans can do – you want to see what some of the young guys, some of the new guys, can do. It’s exciting. You know, it’s part of the process of getting ready for the season and preseason is a valuable part of the evaluation.”
(On if preseason evaluation is important for him as well in terms of play-calling)
“Well, I’m sure there are a lot of people who think my play-calling stinks, but I’ve been doing it for 35 years – I don’t think I’m going to forget how.”
(On center Ali Marpet’s status after leaving practice yesterday)
“He was out again today – Ali was out. This is the time of year with your guys that you know are going to be here, you are being cautious with them, so he’s day-to-day right now.”
(On cornerback Brent Grimes after he left practice early today)
“It was a laceration. I think he got a spike. It was kind of a nasty-looking laceration on his shin. I think he’ll be fine.”
(On how long he plans to play quarterback Jameis Winston in the first preseason game)
“A quarter. We’re going to play the starters about a quarter. Pretty typical – a quarter the first week, a half the second week, into the third quarter the third week – that’s pretty typical for most teams.”
(On if it’s hard to manage the reps for the running backs)
“It’s a little bit challenging because we haven’t had this situation before, but again we’re not performing brain surgery – we are just rotating running backs. We’ll figure it out.”
(On his thoughts of quarterback Jameis Winston’s performance and his ability to connect with wide receiver DeSean Jackson)
“I mean, Jameis had some really good plays and some ones that we need to get better at. You know, we’re running a lot of plays every day, a lot of situations, and you’re striving for perfection, but you hardly ever get there. I mean, I haven’t seen that too often, so there are some spectacular ones, some ones you’d like to have back and we’ll go in the film room, learn our lessons and get better.”
(On if the team had better energy today than they did yesterday)
“It was better. You know – the situations. But, they know where we are at on the calendar. They know this is the last day. We are going to go in shorts in the morning and then fly to Cincinnati. They know where they’re at. Your vets – they know how to manage their bodies.”
(On linebacker Riley Bullough’s chances to make the team)
“Well he is a good communicator, I’m sure you saw that. But, the guy has been well schooled. He’s facing an uphill climb, but there’s guys like that every year. Adam Humphries is a guy like that, Cameron Brate is a guy like that. There’s guys that show up: Javien Elliot. There’s going to be guys that show up, whether he’s one of them or not, that’s what the preseason is for.”
(On if Bullough brings ‘fire’ to practice)
“Yeah he does, he’s a competitive dude. He played at Michigan State, that’s big time football. He’s going to take another step up Friday night.”
(On running back Jeremy McNichols’ improvement)
“I think Tim [Spencer] said in [Hard Knocks] he [McNichols] needed to get in his playbook, and I would agree with Tim. He needs to get in his playbook.”
(On safety Ryan Smith’s training camp thus far)
“Solid, Ryan Smith has been solid. He is a great example of a guy who, we know what [Vernon] Hargreaves and [Brent] Grimes are going to do. Ryan Smith is going to get a lot of snaps. It will be fun to watch him.”

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