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01 September 2016

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Day-After-Game Media Availability (9/1/16)

Below is the transcript of Head Coach Dirk Koetter’s media availability earlier.
(On if anything stood out on tape of Wednesday's game that was better or worse than he thought)
"Like always, there are always plays that are better than you think, plays that are worse. The one thing that showed up is offensively, again, we just didn't do a good job taking care of the football. I had us with nine dropped passes and the ball was just on the ground too much. And then, in the run game, it was like every play we had one guy who totally whiffed. We had some plays that were well-blocked and one guy totally whiffed. Then on the defensive side, just how many times we had somebody in the wrong gap and we just missed too many tackles."
(On if the team suffered any significant injuries Wednesday night)
"We got a couple guys banged up – you're always going to have that in every game – but I don't think it's going to be anything that's going to affect this year, moving forward, or anything that's too long-term."
(On his evaluation of quarterback Ryan Griffin)
"Well, similar to what I said last night, he did not get off to a good start. He made a very poor decision on that first pass. But as the game went on, as the second half went on and the conditions got better – although the balls were still very wet – Griff did a really nice job in those last couple drives. [He] had multiple passes dropped. He scrambled around a little bit. He played more like the Ryan Griffin that we've seen in practice and the way we expect him to play in the future. We saw a lot more of that as the game went further on into the second half."
(On if he's more confident that Griffin could be a number-two quarterback)
"Overall, yes. We think that Ryan Griffin has a chance to be a solid backup. But, now, we also have a guy who I think is one of the top backups in the league in Mike Glennon, so we don't necessarily need him to be the backup today. But we know we've got a guy that we can count on moving forward."
(On if it is still his plan to keep three quarterbacks on the 53-man roster)
"We already talked about that last week. Our cuts will be coming out officially [Saturday] afternoon."
(On what led to tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins yelling on the sideline)
"Oh, I'd say frustration was the cause of that. Any time you see situations like that, it's almost always caused by frustration, and last night was no exception. That kind of stuff happens in every game; sometimes you guys see it, sometimes you don't. It happens in practice almost every day; sometimes you guys see it, sometimes you don't. But it's caused by frustration."
(On elaborating on saying that Seferian-Jenkins needed to play a lot on Wednesday)
"We just wanted to see him play more. I don't really need to give you the reasons. We thought he needed to play more and that's just what we did, we played him more. As I told you last night, we also had an injury with Kivon Cartwright and he wasn't able to continue and complete the game. The original plan was [to play Cartwright more] but when you have an injury in the game somebody's got to finish the game and last night it was Austin."
(On if he could identify some players who were on the bubble who helped themselves in the game)
"Yeah, I could but, again, I'm not going to at this time just because that's all coming in the next [48] hours. We're just going to follow the protocol of announcing our roster moves [Saturday]. You'll figure it out when you see it [Saturday]."
(On if he feels like he has a kickoff returner on the team)
"Well, that's one of the places that injuries have affected us at that position. I actually like what I've seen from Ryan Smith. He's got a burst and he's not afraid and he'll hit it in there. We go back, like I said, to injuries. We've known all along that Adam Humphries can go back there and do it. Adam Humphries has shown what he's capable of with the punt returning. We're pretty confident that Charles Sims can go back there. Sometimes we work some guys in practice that we don't put back there in preseason games."
(On if the Buccaneers need to continue developing a second group of linebackers)
"Absolutely. That's an area that we've definitely got to improve. One thing we've got to remember is that Devante Bond has been out for a while, both Devante Bond and Daryl Smith, who will be in our starting linebacker group. Those guys both missed a lot of time here in training camp. We feel that Bond did show us enough in the time that he was up that I think he's going to bolster the second group. We feel really good about our three starters, which will go down to two guys when we go into nickel defense."

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