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19 September 2016

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Day-After-Game Media Availability (9/19/16)

BUC BIT OF THE DAY: WR Mike Evans has caught a touchdown in each of the Buccaneers’ first two games this season. He is the first Buccaneers player to catch a touchdown pass in each of the team’s first two games since Mike Williams did so in 2012. His two touchdown receptions are tied for the most through two games in team history.
Below is the transcript of Head Coach Dirk Koetter’s media availability earlier.
(Opening statement)
“Not a whole bunch has changed since we talked last night. Everything’s going to start and end with the turnovers. You just can’t turn it over five times and be 5:0 in the turnover [ratio]. I think there’s something like three games in the history in the NFL where teams lost a turnover margin that bad and been able to win. [You’re] not giving yourself a chance when you turn it over like that. So really everything that happened last night stems off of those turnovers.”
(On if the turnovers were due to quarterback Jameis Winston’s throws or the defense making good plays)
“It was both, it was a combination of both. On that first one when we actually – that game started off a lot like the Atlanta game. Our defense holds them, they punt it, we get the ball, we’re in no-huddle, we pick up two first downs and then we take a shot. And Jameis took a shot, but we were trying to throw a deep post to [wide receiver] Mike [Evans]. Mike had inside position on [Arizona cornerback] Patrick Peterson and you’ve got an elite corner and a top-flight wide receiver going against each other. If you really look at that play, Patrick Peterson looked like he was the receiver. He used his body to bump Mike off. If that was an offensive guy doing it, they would’ve called offensive pass interference, but they’re not going to ever call that on the defense. That was really a pretty good throw by Jameis and Peterson made a great play. The interception at the end obviously was a desperation throw where Jameis has to give him more of a chance. We tried the quick screen to [running back Charles] Sims, Jameis need to throw that ball a little higher, it got tipped by the defense end and then Charles Sims tipped it up again in the air, pick six. I’ve mentioned this to other [media] I’ve done things with today, that we, until the last three series of the game, our pass protection – even though the [Cardinals] were bringing a lot of pressure – our pass protection was solid. We did a good job. What we did not do a good job of is making them pay with our throws down the field. We had some that Jameis was high on, we had a couple that Jameis missed on, we had a couple where the routes weren’t what they needed to be and you just can’t do that. When they’re pressuring you, you’ve got to make them pay and we didn’t do that.”
(On the injury status of running back Doug Martin, tight end Luke Stocker, defensive end Robert Ayers, and wide receiver Cecil Shorts III)
“Not sure about that yet. We’ve got three or four guys that got dinged up last night, you guys know who they are. When you’re losing good players in the course of a game, then other guys’ role change and they have to step up. As we sit here today, a lot of times what they want to do is they MRI some of those things on Tuesdays, so we’re not going to really know the total extent of those injuries until later tomorrow. But we did get beat up a little bit.”
(On if Martin’s injury is a ‘slight tweak of his hamstring’)
“Well I’m not a doctor, but when you see it on the film, he did it on a cut. It was a pitch play to our right and when Doug planted, he said that’s when he did it. You can’t even hardly tell on tape. So I’m just not sure about that, we’ll be getting a more updated report tomorrow.”
(On if Martin’s injury compromises what they try to do on offense)
“Of course because Doug’s one of the best running backs in the league. Even though we feel like we have really good backups at that positon – Charles Sims and Jacquizz Rodgers came in and did a good job for only being here a week. But when you take a top-level player out, you usually don’t have exactly the same caliber player behind him, even though we’re very high on Charles Sims. But yeah, it definitely hurts you, but that’s the NFL. You’re only healthy for one week and then you’re hoping that you are fortunate enough to stay healthy the rest of the year. We didn’t have good fortune in that department yesterday, but this will be a new week.”
(On if Sims can be the feature back)
“Yes, yes he could.”
(On what Sims brings to the offense)
“Well he’s a little bit different style, he’s not going to break as many tackles as Doug is. He’s maybe a little bit more elusive on the outside, a little bit better in the screen game. Really the guy that resembles Doug’s style is probably Jacquizz. And I think I mentioned this to you folks last week, Jacquizz was our number two guy in Atlanta behind both Michael Turner and later Steven Jackson. So if Doug’s out, we still have two good guys there behind him, we’ll be fine.”
(On if the game plan against Arizona was to attack more down the field)
“You’ve got to remember now, when we were talking about why was the Atlanta game a check-down game, because Atlanta’s a deep dropping zone team. Arizona played us in almost all man-coverage, so when you’re playing a man team, your check-downs usually get eaten up by the blitzers and you’ve got to win down the field. It’s not a check-down game at all. They played very little zone against us yesterday, so now you’ve got to win with your guys that you’re guaranteeing in the route, based on how many you’ve got in protection. That’s where we had the breakdowns, either in the throwing part, or the route part, or the catching part. We just didn’t do good enough in that area.”
(On what kind of resiliency he wants to see from the team this week)
“I expect and want to see fantastic resiliency. When you just look around the league, that’s sort of how the NFL is. The Cardinals had a disappointing loss [last week], they came back and got after us pretty good yesterday. Look at the Rams, who we play this week. The Rams lost 28-0 on their opener to the 49ers, come back [and get a] huge win against Seattle yesterday. The Falcons, who we beat last week, go on the road to the Raiders - who were a hot team - and played well enough to win, get a big win on the road. We haven’t been tested yet this season in that department, but the fact that we’re coming into our own home stadium for our home opener, that’s definitely going to be what we’re working for.”
(On how much they have been able to assert the run game as much as they’ve wanted to)
“I’d say medium - not great, not terrible. Against Atlanta in the opener, Doug had two explosive runs, runs over 12 yards. That second run of the game before Doug went out, he had a 12-yard run. We were running it okay. What we call an efficient run on first or second down is over four yards and we were being efficient running the football. They definitely had a plan to try and stop our run game, most [teams] do, most [teams] right now, that’s what they’re going to do, that’s how they’re going to attack us. They’re going to try to force us to throw it rather than run it. Every defensive coordinator in the NFL is going to say that. The Rams had their way of doing it, the time and score sometimes force you out of that, but I think we were running it average. We can do better.”
(On if the loss of Stocker is as bad as the loss of Martin)
“Yes because Luke is a role player who plays his role very well. He’s our main point-of-attack blocker and when Luke went out, the other three tight ends that played in the game kind of split up the workload in that area. But those guys have different skill sets than Luke. Luke is a valuable player and he’s another guy that we’ll know more after tomorrow where we stand with him.”
(On what Arizona did to take linebacker Lavonte David out of the game)
“They run a certain style of run play that is their main run play where they’re always double-teaming the down linemen back to him, so they’re always combo-blocking the down linemen back to his spot. We run that play a lot too. It’s become a very popular play in the NFL for that reason because they got really good angles. Lavonte really just didn’t have very many chances yesterday in the game, other than the one drive – I believe it was late in the third or early in the fourth quarter – where they went with three tight ends and they ran it successfully three times in a row. Our run defense was really pretty good, we missed too many tackles overall in the game, but not too many in the run game. They were still less than four yards a carry in the run game, which you would take every week. We [had] a lot more issues in the pass game than we did in the run game.”
(On what he is most concerned about with the defense)
“Well my biggest concern about the defense is that the offense is putting them in too many bad positions. That’s the main thing. It’s one thing if it’s just the defense against their offense on a long field versus turnovers that are putting the defense at a disadvantage. Sudden change situations, we’re in too many of those right now. And then our defense gave up six explosive plays – six plays by the Cardinals accounted for 209 yards. [They] made some big plays. One of them was a result of missed tackles, the little check-down to the back, made a nice run up our sideline, we missed a couple tackles right there. And then of course in our two-minute defense we let them throw it over our head.”
(On what he’s seeing from wide receiver Vincent Jackson)
“What I would just say on that is, we’re having too many instances where Jameis and Vincent, the precision isn’t there right now, the precision that we need between Jameis and Vincent. We’re talking about our two captains on offense and the precision between those two players just isn’t where it needs to be right now and that’s something we’re going to have to get straightened out really soon.”
(On the communication problems on defense)
“We actually did better at that this week than we did at the Atlanta [game]. On the one long pass right before the half, that was just the safety just got beat over the top. There was another one later in the game on a third-and-ten when they threw that in-route and he was wide open and we ran a combination coverage where they’re going to pass the guy off at a certain depth and the guy that they were reading, usually he breaks out at five yards, he took it to about 10 or 12 yards and that created the controversy on that play where two of our guys jumped the same guy, thus the in-cut was wide open. So that was one glaring miscommunication, but in general, overall it was better, but that was bad. The other one, they just threw it over our head.”
(On how much the lack of a pass rush yesterday affected the secondary)
“It sure does, no matter how good your coverage is, the rush is the coverage’s best friend. Especially after Robert Ayers went out, when we were just in four-man rush, we just didn’t have a great pass rush. When it was five – and then they kept their tight end in a lot – five and a half, six blocking four, a quarterback like Carson Palmer – in the first two games now, we’ve seen two really good quarterbacks, Matt Ryan and Carson Palmer. Arizona’s got good wide receivers as well, especially with [Larry] Fitzgerald and a quarterback like that that has that kind of time, it’s going to be tough.”

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