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10 November 2017

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Media Availability (11/10/17)

BUC BIT OF THE DAY: QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, who is scheduled to make his first start with Tampa Bay on Sunday, is one of only four quarterbacks in NFL history to have thrown a touchdown pass with seven different teams (also: Chris Chandler, Gus Frerotte and Vinny Testaverde).
Below is a selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today’s earlier media availability:
Head Coach Dirk Koetter
Defensive Tackle Gerald McCoy
(On if the team has faced more third-and-longs this season)
“I don’t know that off the top of my head. I would have to look at it.”
(On facing third-and-long situations)
“When it comes to third downs, obviously the longer yardage you have [the harder it becomes]. The way we break ours up is: third or fourth and short is one yard; two to five [yards], which we call medium; six to nine, which we call long; and 10-plus we call extra-long. We have certain concepts up each week for those down and distances. Your percentages are going to go down the further you have. If you do have to get to third down, you’d like it to be third-and-short or third-and-medium. When you are in third-and-six-plus, your percentages go down into the 20 percent range on a normal year that you’re going to get it. If everything plays out the way that the stats would play out over a 16-game schedule, you want to stay in third-and-six or less.”
(On how cornerback Brent Grimes’ return will help the secondary return to ‘normal’)
“I don’t know if any team when you start getting injuries, I don’t know if it’s ever normal. In ours, even though Brent was out, it’s not really how we started the season. It’s great to have Brent Grimes out there. When you get your better players back out there – your top players that have proven themselves in the league – of course, you’re very excited about that.”
(On if linebacker Lavonte David will have the communicator this week)
“He’s been wearing it for the last several weeks.”
(On if that is the plan for the rest of the season)
“Well that will depend on what happens, but he is wearing it tomorrow. I mean, only one guy can wear the dot, so Lavonte is wearing it. If something happens, there is a backup helmet and Kwon [Alexander] would be next and then [Kendell] Beckwith would be next.”
(On if there is a chance tackle Demar Dotson, defensive end Robert Ayers or tackle Donovan Smith could play this Sunday)
“They all three practiced today, yeah.”
(On defensive end William Gholston not wearing his neck brace on the sideline at practice)
“Well, he probably is supposed to have it on but maybe he is just resting. If you’ve ever had even a stiff neck from sleeping on it wrong, the neck brace keeps your muscles from spasming. Will is definitely improving, but he won’t be up this week.”
(On Gholston’s progress)
“I think he’s doing good.”
(On if Gholston has been attending meetings with his teammates)
(On if there will be frustration seeing Jets tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins on the other sideline due to the fact that things did not work out as planned in Tampa Bay)
“No frustration. I’m extremely happy for Austin. If you know anybody that has had issues in their life and they’re able to address their issues, and turn their life around and have success – that’s a great story. [I am] very happy for him in that respect.”
(On if he still senses confidence in his players amidst the current losing skid)
“I have rarely met NFL players that as an individual are not confident in themselves. Now, what happens when a team loses is sometimes they are not confident in the coach, or the scheme, or the other side of the ball or their teammates. That’s human nature. That happens in every aspect of life. Do I think there is possibly some of that going on? Yeah, there probably is. The easiest way to fix it is [to] play good team football and get a win.”
(On if there was a specific reason for bringing in mental coach Jim Brogan)
(On how much it helps to have seen quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick in game action this season)
“Yeah, I think that’s a good plus that he has been in there, he has heard the plays come in and the way we say the plays in his earpiece and he has moved our team. I think yeah definitely [it helps] as opposed to all of the sudden you’re second guy was going out there for the first time. I think there is definitely a plus to that. Now, the fact that Ryan has played a lot in his career – I think somebody here reported that when he played in Arizona that really helped him feel like he was playing again. He is a guy that has played a lot of football, so I definitely think that’s a positive.”
(On if he felt like he had to sell Fitzpatrick on coming back and playing this season)
“No. I didn’t feel like that. I’ve always admired Ryan from afar. There was two or three guys that we had our eye on in the event that the Mike Glennon situation worked out like it did. We had it as a competition too because one of those guys we had our eye on is right there, number four, Ryan Griffin. We still have extremely high hopes for him. We like what he is doing. We thought Ryan Fitzpatrick would be a good fit with Jameis [Winston] just from what I knew of him and what I know from other guys that have coached him. You never know who you’re going to be able to get and if the money part is going to work out – that sort of thing.”
(On how he has kept a positive attitude through the last stretch of games)
“Well you have to. We’ve dug ourselves a hole – that’s a fact. The hole we’re in – we put ourselves there, so you accept reality and move forward. But you have to remain positive because if you don’t remain positive and believe you can win going into every week, you will never turn everything around. Regardless of past results, it is a past result. You have to be positive and stay confident moving forward or you will never flip it. You will never turn it around. That is kind of our motivator moving forward.”
(On if there is anything the defensive tackles can adjust to make it easier on the defensive ends)
“Nobody has to try and be Superman or Batman. Everybody just needs to do their job and do it well. Everything else will work itself out.”
(On what he has seen from defensive ends Ryan Russell, Will Clarke and Darryl Tapp)
“[They are] very motivated and they put a lot of hard work into what they do. They’re learners. They just want to learn and get better every day. [They are] very fierce competitors and they take a lot of pride in what they do. I’m very confident in what those guys can bring for us on Sunday. We’re just going to have to band together and get it done.”
(On if he is anxious to see how things go with quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick under center)
“I am anxious to see a win. Whatever it takes, we’ve got to go out there and get a ‘dub’ (win). It [doesn’t] matter who is out there. If you’ve got to put me at quarterback – hey, as long as we win. My numbers are going to be terrible. My QB rating is going to be trash. My completion percentage is going to be even worse, but as long as we win it [doesn’t] matter who is out there. We’ve got to go get a win.”

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