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17 November 2017

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Media Availability (11/17/17)

BUC BIT OF THE DAY: Buccaneers LB Lavonte David leads the NFL in forced fumbles (four) and fumble recoveries (four) this season. He is the first player since 2014 to have at least four forced fumbles and four fumble recoveries in the same season (J.J. Watt).
Below is a transcript of Head Coach Dirk Koetter’s earlier media availability:
(On the energy level at practice)
“It was fine. Just right.”
(On if the win last week brought up the team’s morale)
“A victory is always going to help. It sure beats the alternative.”
(On the biggest challenge presented by the Miami Dolphins)
“The biggest challenge every week is just how we handle ourselves. We have a ton of respect for Miami. They, at one point, won three in a row this year. They were a playoff team last year. But right now, more than anything else, we’ve got to worry about how we play.”
(On if there is an advantage or disadvantage to playing Miami in Week 11 vs. the originally scheduled Week 1 matchup)
“I don’t think so. I mean, we know a little bit more about them, they know more about us. This defensive coordinator has definitely put his own spin on it, I mentioned that earlier in the week. I think it’s about [scoring]. Both teams have had a few injuries here and there, but I think it’s pretty much the same.”
(On where Tampa Bay has changed the most since Week 1)
“Boy, I don’t know. I would have to – obviously we have played nine games and so have they. That’s really the only difference. I don’t know, I would have to think more about that.”
(On the biggest difference in Miami’s defense this season vs. last season)
“They’re playing the same scheme, but every D-coordinator puts his own spin on it. They’re probably playing a little bit more what we call, ‘Palms,’ coverage. It’s like a trap, two-deep, fire-zone coverage where they try to trap your receivers to the flat. It creates some difficulties. They’ve changed out their linebackers. They have a different middle linebacker. They’ve made a couple of changes in the secondary. Of course T.J. McDonald has now served his suspension. He’s a UFA that’s up Those are the main things.”

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