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22 November 2017

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Media Availability (11/22/17)

BUC BIT OF THE DAY: DT Gerald McCoy has 20 quarterback hits this season, tied for the most in the NFL (also Arizona LB Chandler Jones). He has 10 tackles for loss, tied for the most among defensive tackles (Atlanta DT Grady Jarrett). McCoy’s 5.0 sacks are tied for the third-most among defensive tackles, trailing only Cincinnati’s Geno Atkins and Dallas’ David Irving (6.0 each). He leads the Buccaneers in all three categories.
Below is a selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today’s earlier media availability:
Head Coach Dirk Koetter
Defensive Coordinator Mike Smith
Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick
Defensive Tackle Gerald McCoy
(On the three Buccaneers named to the Hall of Fame semifinals list)
“Congratulations to those three guys – three great Bucs for sure. What an honor for those three guys. Hopefully it works out for them.”
(On playing against former Buccaneers defensive back Rondé Barber)
“By the time I coached against him he was playing primarily nickel and he was probably the best nickel in the league when I first got into the league – he was probably the best nickel that we played against. [He was] great against the run and could cover like a corner in the slot. All three of those guys [were] terrific players.”
(On if there are differences in Atlanta’s offense between last season and this season)
“Yeah. Like I told the team today, they have new coordinators on both sides. Even though they’re running the same system, just like we talked about last week with Miami, every coordinator, if you’re the one calling the plays – now sometimes you’ve got a coordinator and the head coach is calling the plays, and I think Coach [Dan] Quinn did call the defense for part of last year at the end, but yeah, you can definitely see that these coordinators have put their own spin on it, but the talent that they have still remains the same.”
(On what he makes of Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones having one touchdown to this point in the season)
“I don’t really look into stats like how many touchdowns a guy has. The guy is one of the top few receivers in the league and I know firsthand how good he is. That catch he made on the sideline the other night where we he jumped up and how he got his feet in with those two DBs right there – the touchdown thing, that could just be luck. You just don’t know. I think the way they’re using [Mohamed] Sanu complements him very well on the other side. He is playing really good.”
(On the Falcons defensive line, specifically defensive end Adrian Clayborn)
“He is playing good. His motor is running all the time. They have depth and they keep rolling those guys in there, but Clayborn is playing the most. I think in that game the other night there was 77 snaps they played on defense, I think he played 53 of them and I think of the ends the next guy played like around 20ish. They are going to him and he’s answering the call with how hard he is playing. He’s got a hot stick right now, so we will have to shut him down.”
(On having a Monday night game followed by Thanksgiving week like the Falcons are facing)
“We have a little altered schedule ourselves tomorrow for Thanksgiving. I’m sure it’s tough on the players and the coaches, so that’s not a fun trip getting back – their airport is over an hour from their facility. I’m sure they are real happy because they got the win, but it’s definitely a short turnaround. But like we say every week, the game is Sunday at 1:00 p.m., so that is all that really matters is what happens then. But, I’m sure no one is happy about the turnaround.”
(On the running backs in pass protection this season)
“Fantastic. We’re tops right up there in the league – as good as anybody. Put those guys up against anybody in pass protection. Doug [Martin], Chuck (Charles Sims), Quizz (Jacquizz Rodgers) and Peyton [Barber] is improving.”
(On if he would like Defensive Coordinator Mike Smith to bring more pressure in third-and-long situations)
“That’s a catch-22. You live by the sword. You die by the sword. We definitely got on a bad streak in the second half where we were playing zone and he had too much time. Any play caller in the league, when you have the benefit of time and video tape or digital tape – whatever it is now – you always second guess yourself. I promise you no one second guesses more – even though you guys think you second guess more – the play caller himself second guesses himself the most. I try not to add to that because I know how hard it is. I think Smitty (Mike Smith) is calling it the same way he did last year when we were first in the league in third downs. We have to do better. We recognize that and that’s all of us – players and coaches alike.”
(On how he would evaluate the safety play this season)
“We are playing a three-man rotation and it’s tough to play a three-man rotation. I know the guys that are rotating aren’t happy about that. Then we’ve got a fourth guy in Keith Tandy who I am sure is the unhappiest of them all because he is not playing at all on defense – very little – and he was playing very good for us at the end of the year. I know all those guys care about it because they all come to my office and tell me how much they want to be the man and that is the first step. We’d love for the play to separate. I think good football is easily recognized by everybody, especially by the guys coaching them. We are not disappointed in the play. We thought going into the year we were going to be much deeper at safety than we are, but I don’t think we are playing perfect at any position.”
(On if there is anything he would like people to consider when discussing the Jameis Winston Uber allegations)
“No because I can’t talk about it. That is in the hands of the NFL right now and we’re cooperating with that investigation to whatever extent that is. There is just nothing I can say about it right now. It’s got to run its course and when it does, we will have more to say at that time.”
(On when he first learned about the allegations)
“I learned when we were coming off the field on Friday. I think Greg [Auman] might have asked me about it in the press conference. That is when I learned about it.”
(On if he is happy with the way the team has not allowed the allegations to become a distraction)
“Well, so far so good. That’s all I can really say about that.”
(On if he had a conversation with Winston about whether he would be on the sideline for the game in Miami)
“No. We did not have that conversation.”
(On if the doctors are detecting improvement in Winston’s shoulder)
“Yeah. It’s improving. It’s improving in his strength. It’s improving.”
(On if cornerback Vernon Hargreaves is making progress)
“Yes, he is.”
(On if he was surprised that former wide receiver Bernard Reedy elected to sign to the Patriots’ practice squad)
“When you let a player go, that becomes his option. That is in the collective bargaining agreement that that becomes his option. He exercised that option. You can’t feel bad about that. I feel good about the terms that we left Bernard on and I know what kind of opportunity we gave him. If he feels like he’s got a better opportunity somewhere else that is his option and we wish him the best.”
(On if it is fair to play that safety Justin Evans has played the best among the players at his position)
“It’s fair to say that he is getting the most reps.”
(On if it is normal for a young player in Evans’ position to have big highs and lows throughout the year)
“Yeah, I’d say that is fairly normal. There is a handful – I think probably about six rookie safeties – there are several in the league. I think I’ve mentioned before, he was one of those guys in a group and we’ve played some of those other guys so far this year. I think we’ve played at least three other ones that are starting rookies at safety this year. I think that is probably pretty much the general expectation that they’re going to be some highs and lows, a learning curve, at that position. In college, all these guys play quarters coverage every down because of the spread and now there is just a lot more to learn. And the fact that when they fit the run, they are running into grown men.”
(On if the box safety is disappearing and if there is less of a need for safety T.J. Ward)
“I don’t think you can ever have too many good football players. I don’t think the role of the box safety is disappearing. We are a little bit more of a quarters-based defense, so we ask our safeties to do both.”
(On facing three wide receiver sets)
“Well when you’re in three receivers you are almost always in sub-defense and nickel defense. Normally, your nickel on one side and your box safety on the other side are still playing like linebackers if you’re a single-high coverage team.”
(On what he has heard about the atmosphere of Mercedes-Benz Stadium)
“I’ve heard it’s awesome. I am anxious to see it. I always thought the Georgia Dome was dark and had bad acoustics. I couldn’t hear a word anybody said in there. Any of these dome stadiums, give those teams a huge home-field advantage just because the noise has nowhere to go. They are loud.”
(On if they spend extra time in a new stadium before playing there for the first time)
“Well we try to always get our guys – we did last week in Miami – we try to get our guys to go out. They all have their own routines, but Coach [Todd] Monken is great about getting the quarterbacks and receivers – Coach Monken and Coach [Mike] Bajakian – getting those guys out there – same with Carlos Polk with our return guys – to check those sidelines because they are a little bit different. That was kind of a weird feel to that stadium (Hard Rock Stadium). That was the first time we’ve played there since they finished that roof or whatever that’s called.”
(On the sideline in Miami being in direct sunlight)
“Yeah, it was hot that first half. I had my sunscreen on.”
(On the defense’s struggle to get off the field on third down)
“We didn’t play third down very well at all. It’s been an Achilles heel for us. We did some things well in that ball game, but third down was horrendous. We fought like crazy on first and second down to get them in third-and-long and, especially in that second half, we didn’t do a very good job at all.”
(On the difference in third-down efficiency between the first half and the second half)
“We weren’t able to put a whole lot of pressure on the quarterback. We weren’t able to cover the guys. It was two-fold. It wasn’t just one thing. You fight like crazy to get into third-and-long and statistically you should win – if you are a good defense playing really good ball you’re going to win 90 percent of them when you’re third-and-10-plus. We can’t do that. We’ve got to do a better job and a lot of it had to do with the calls probably because we didn’t get it done.”
(On why the defense was able to generate five turnovers against Miami)
“That’s something if you said over the last two seasons, ‘What have we done consistently as a defense?’ I would say that is the thing we have done the most consistently. Our guys have a really good understanding of the importance of it and attacking the football. They come in bunches. It becomes a contagious thing. I think that’s probably if you said, ‘What is the one thing that we’ve been able to be consistent with?’ [Turnovers would be that thing] because the other stuff we’ve been very inconsistent. Even playing the run – they had the big, long run that we mis-fit and besides that the rest of the day they didn’t run the ball at all on us very effectively. Again, it’s [a] lack of consistency on the defensive side. We all have to take responsibility for that. When I say all, it’s coaches [and] players. We’ve got to get that fixed. Good teams that are going to play on into the second season do not have inconsistency issues.”
(On if defensive end Dwight Freeney would fit into the team’s pass rush)
“Dwight Freeney has had a lot of success rushing the passer. We have not had a lot of success rushing the passer this season, not to be Mr. Captain Obvious right there. We would always like to add someone that can help us. We are always looking to do that.”
(On what was going through his mind in the fourth quarter when the Dolphins tied the game and also when the team stopped Miami on fourth down)
“Obviously, it was great to get the fourth-down stop. If you had to look back and say defensively, what was the most important snap in the game? That probably was. Of course, there [were] a lot of things that we did poorly prior to that and then of course we had to finish off with one long touchdown pass where we jumped a route that we probably shouldn’t have been jumping and we didn’t have a middle-of-the-field player. When those two things happen, it’s going to be hard to get him down. We were all chasing and that’s a bad look when you’re all running behind the guy that’s got the ball.”
(On defensive tackle Gerald McCoy’s effort against Miami)
“I thought he had a very good game, especially there in the first half. When he got the one-on-ones, he was able to produce. In the second half, they did change up what they were trying to do protection-wise. They were making sure that they were going to have more resources on Gerald and we didn’t get the opportunity to get him in one-on-one situations because of what they were doing in terms of the number of guys they were using to protect. But, there were other guys that had one-on-ones that we’ve got to win and we’ve got to cover as well. We had too many guys running free. We had the ball in the quarterback’s hands for too long. There’s a clock that we all know what we’ve got to defend. We’ve got to get that ball out of the quarterback’s hands in 2.75-3.00 [seconds]. That’s what we try to get done. We didn’t get that done and we didn’t cover them once we didn’t get that done.”
(On if Miami changed its offensive game plan once quarterback Matt Moore entered for Jay Cutler)
“Yes, they did in terms of their protection they did. We were able to run at the quarterback a little more. There were more six-man protections [and] even some five-scat protections. There in the second half, it was seven-man protections. When that happens, you’ve got to get guys that can win their one-on-ones or we’ve got to try to over-populate one side of the ball and I probably didn’t do a good enough job in the third-down-and-10 [situations]. We’re trying to get more resources to rush the passer. I had to evaluate my play-calling there in the second half which I do every week. I know you guys do too [laughs].”
(On how difficult it is for a defense to adjust to a quarterback change mid-game)
“Jay [Cutler] has a different skillset than Matt [Moore] – there is no doubt about that. We felt we had a good plan. We were able to execute it and we were able to get the turnovers there in the first half and that was critical. I think those turnovers are huge for us defensively. We did not handle the second half as well as we needed to. The only thing we did in the second half was that one series that we won the third and fourth down. That was huge and that was a big play by our defensive front in terms of winning their gap and knocking people backwards.”
(On if a lot has changed in the Falcons offense this year with Offensive Coordinator Steve Sarkisian)
“No, I think that they have the same guys that have the same skillset. When you have a guy like Julio Jones and Matt Ryan and Devonta Freeman and the guys up front – it’s the same team. Coach [Sarkisian] is going to do what his players are capable of doing. I think they’ve done a nice job. I think Steve’s done a good job. They haven’t necessarily gotten the point production. I think of the areas that shows up is they haven’t been as efficient in the red zone. They’ve gotten down there. If you look at their numbers, their numbers are pretty good. But, their red zone efficiency has not been as good. They’re a very potent offense. We know Matt very well. We know that offense and it’s really not any different in terms of what they are trying to do. I think they have just not been as efficient in the red zone and haven’t had the explosive plays to number 11 (Julio Jones).”
(On if the fourth-down stop against Miami can be a turning point for the team’s defensive front)
“We played the run really well, except for the one snap – the first run of the game. I think the guys did a nice job in terms of their gap integrity and their gap control. It says something about our resiliency as a defense because that was ugly in the second half. There is no other way to describe it in terms of the way that we played third down and the way they were able to move the football in the second half. It shows a lot of resiliency. When you have resiliency and you can show that to your guys, I think it definitely helps them moving forward. There were a lot of coaching moments in that second half prior to that third-and-fourth-and-one.”
(On if linebacker Kwon Alexander played his best game of the year in Miami)
“I think Kwon had a real strong game. He did a nice job attacking his gaps in the run game and those don’t necessarily always show up on the stat sheet, but you’re playing complementary football with the guys up front and other guys are going to have opportunities to make the play. That was an outstanding interception. I would’ve liked to see him score. Scoring on defense is so much fun for the guys to complete it off, but we got the ball down to the offense. I thought he had a solid game. Kwon is one of our better players and he’s got to play well for us. The thing that we’ve got to do as a defense is we’ve got to play for 60 minutes. We’ve got to coach for 60 minutes. We’ve got to get these guys not having those ‘uh-ohs’ that [we’ve had]. We can’t look back. We talk about it all the time, you can’t look back and say, ‘Here [are] six plays. Here are seven plays.’ We’ve got to say there [are] no plays or there is one play. That’s what we’ve got to get doing.”
(On if he saw the video of the Georgia Dome collapsing)
“I haven’t seen the video. Somebody told me there was a bus blocking the view of it. A lot of good memories in that building. I’m looking forward to going up there and competing in this new venue that they’ve built there in Atlanta. When it’s a game against a division opponent, we know what the value of it is. It’s more than one game. It’s one and a half. We’re down two [games to the Falcons] in the division, so for us to get where we want to be we’ve got to go up there and play well on defense.”
(On if he still sees too many rookie mistakes from safety Justin Evans)
“It’s funny I was having a conversation with Justin just today on the field. I like to get in one-on-one situations with him and just talk about, ‘Hey, what did you do good? What did you think about it?’ And not put him in a setting outside of it. He realized he had a play or two that he’d like to have back. His athleticism is off the charts. That interception that he made in the game – there [are] not many guys that can make that play. I’d like for him to stay in the end zone, but hey, if he would have run it back for a touchdown we would’ve said it was a great play. Those are all learning moments for him. He’s had a number of them this year. He’s had a number of big plays. I think long term he is going to be a guy that is going to make a lot of plays. Once he gets the feel of the NFL game and the pacing of it and the pace of the season, he is going to be a really good player because not only can he run – he’s got great hands and he is not afraid to mix it up and put his face in there. He is a physical player, as well.”
(On if Evans gives the defense a lot of flexibility at the safety position due to his athleticism)
“Absolutely. We’re facing more three and four wide receiver sets and when you’re doing that, the box safety is kind of disappearing from our game. There is not a true strong safety in most games – maybe in certain downs and distances you’re going to play with a strong safety. You’ve got to have them interchangeable and they’re going to have to line up and be able to cover wide receivers. Justin [Evans] has the athleticism to do that.”
(On how they prepare for Devonta Freeman, not knowing whether he will play)
“He is a great player, but they’ve got two other running backs that are really good as well. [Tevin] Coleman last year – he made a spectacular catch in our first game up there for a touchdown on a pressure throw. Matt [Ryan] threw it and he threw it back behind him and he grabbed it with one hand. He is a very good running back. I wouldn’t feel bad if Freeman didn’t play don’t get me wrong. [Terron] Ward had a good game there running the ball in the second half against the Seahawks. They’ve got three good running backs. They’re very similar in style and stature. I think their interchangeable, but Devonta has had a great season.”
(On the key to forcing Matt Ryan to struggle)
“That is what you’ve got to do to every quarterback is you’ve got to try to make him feel you in the pocket. If they can sit back and survey the field and be able to go to a second and third read, they are going to complete some passes and you’re going to look up and he is going to have a completion percentage that you’re not going to like or a quarterback rating. The thing we have to do is – like all good quarterbacks that are very cerebral – we’ve got to make sure that we don’t let him know what we are doing before the ball is snapped and we’ve got to get pressure on him.”
(On the key to playing a complete game with no turnovers)
“I thought two weeks in a row we had good weeks of practice and really prepared and understood what we were trying to do with our game plan. I think when you have a lead that happens less and less in terms of the turnovers. That’s something we preach every single week. If we don’t turn the ball over, we’ve got a good chance to win every week. I think last Sunday was definitely an indication of that and proof of that just in terms of the way the game went for them and us.”
(On the increase in three-step drops and if that is a better fit for his style of play)
“I don’t know if that’s necessarily the case. Obviously Jameis [Winston] has a much better arm than I do in terms of throwing the ball downfield and stuff. But, the offense hasn’t changed a whole lot since I’ve been in there in terms of what we are trying to get done.”
(On the atmosphere in the locker room compared to when he took over the starting role)
“It’s changed a little bit. [It’s] a little more upbeat, but it’s still [a] business-like attitude. We know that we’ve dug ourselves a big hole and there is a long way to go. It’s definitely a little more upbeat after a couple of wins – that will do that to you. But we know we’ve got a great challenge this week and we’ve got to put our best game out there.”
(On if his experience helped him in the end-of-game situation against Miami)
“I think everybody has been in situations like that. It was business-like in the huddle. We knew what we had to do. We knew in the second half we didn’t really carry our weight in terms of scoring any points. That’s a situation you love to be in. As a quarterback, even just as anybody in the offense, where you can control the outcome of the game with that last drive and it’s all on you – that’s why we play. Like I said after the game, my favorite part of it was how confident everybody was even before the drive started. To go out there and execute and do the things we did and for Chris Godwin to step up and have a couple big catches, hopefully that is a confidence boost for everybody.”
(On how he has seen tight end O.J. Howard grow throughout the course of the season)
“O.J. is just getting better and better. Obviously, physically he is as talented as they come. [He] does a great job in the run game in protection. He blocks his butt off. In the pass game, he can obvious create some explosives for us and we’ve seen that this year. He’s continuing to get better every week. He really takes what is being said in the meetings and all the coaching and all of [those] things. The great thing about him too, if he makes a mistake it usually doesn’t come up twice. He’s done a great job with that all year and he is just going to continue to get better and better.”
(On if there is something he does as a veteran to keep everyone happy with the ball distribution)
“That’s a tough thing as a quarterback. Everybody always wants more balls, especially with this offense and the way we get things going. The ball is going to be spread out and we are going to try to get it to a bunch of different playmakers. Some weeks you see a guy with two catches. The next week you see the same guy with eight catches. You just never know. That’s a difficult thing for me as a quarterback, trying to keep everybody happy, spread it around and make sure when the look is right that you’re making sure your playmakers are getting the ball.”
(On if the players in the huddle are accepting of the distribution or if there are certain guys that are always asking for the ball more)
“Guys want the ball. The great ones, if they are sitting back not wanting it and [are] passive about it, then normally they are not the great ones – normally they don’t fit in that category. I think we have a lot of guys on this team that think they can really affect what is going on in these games, so especially when you are not winning or when things aren’t clicking on offense, those are the guys that we need to get the ball to get things going. That’s just something that occurs on every team with every quarterback and receiver and tight end and running back – everyone wants the ball more. We’ve just got to do our best to continue to try to feed our playmakers as best we can.”
(On what it means to him to receive the game ball and where he keeps them)
“They’re kind of in big bins somewhere. They are all spread around. It means a lot just in terms of being recognized by the coaches. But getting the win and getting the ‘atta boy’ from your teammates, that means a lot – much more than the actual ball. My kids will probably take those and go play with those in the yard or something, but I definitely appreciate it when they come. More so than anything, I’m just out there trying to do my job. If that stuff comes it’s great. It’s fun for me to get one, but it’s a lot more fun for me to see like a Chris Godwin to get one or somebody to step up and make some big plays that maybe doesn’t have many.”
(On if he has learned that being efficient at his position is typically good enough to win)
“Every team is different. Every game is different. I feel like over the years, the more that I can get the ball out of my hands and to our guys that can actually make plays, that benefits us as an offense and as a team. Part of being a quarterback is avoiding the negative plays – that is a big part of it, whether it’s a turnover or getting out of a bad play, or just throwing the ball away sometimes. Sometimes that’s the best thing [to do]. Even though you are [zero] for one [passing], it’s a positive play. Avoiding the negatives almost comes before some of the other stuff. I think Dirk [Koetter] has done a good job over the last few weeks of just kind of – the offense hasn’t changed a whole lot, but we’ve had good communication on stuff I’m comfortable with and not comfortable with.”
(On how difficult it will be to beat Atlanta without an effective rushing attack)
“That’s something we definitely need to get going. We love running the ball. As a quarterback, it makes your job easier. As a lineman, run-blocking instead of pass-blocking every play – those guys love that. We need to get our guys going a little bit and that stuff comes, but every game is different. Sometimes it’s pass to open up the run. Sometimes it’s run to open up the pass. I think we’ve had a decent balance and you can’t just point to one thing as to why we haven’t been great some games and have been really good some games. That’s something that we’ve got to continue to work on and we will improve with that.”
(On how his mentality changes when the defense is creating turnovers)
“It’s definitely different. You can’t rely on five takeaways every week, but [we] got the four takeaways in the first half. We’ve got to do a better job – we had a couple penalties come up [and] a couple third-down decisions by me – we’ve got to do a better job of touchdowns. Touchdowns off those momentum-changers just to continue to build it and we could’ve done a better job of that, especially in the first half with Miami. It’s a good feeling to be able to do some stuff on offense and then see the defense do well and vice versa. We feed off each other. It just helps with the vibe and the feeling on the sideline.”
(On if takeaways change his mindset in the pocket)
“I think when you’re getting turnovers or when you have a lead, you can really stick to your game plan and what you thought you were going to do going into a game. Sometimes when you fall behind a lot – such as the Arizona game – you’ve got to get away from what you schemed and planned a little bit because it is much more of [the mindset to] get the ball down the field [and] get some completions. We are trying to play catch-up, so obviously you see a lot less runs in that situation [and] a lot more balls down the field. I think more than anything you just get away from your game plan when that happens.”
(On facing Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan)
“Well we’ve got to corral him and keep him in the pocket. He is an MVP – not everybody gets to say that, but he is. He’s been talented and one of the elite quarterbacks in this league for a long time. We’ve got to make him uncomfortable early.”
(On if the past two wins have helped the team turn a corner)
“We haven’t turned a corner yet. It’s just two wins. We turn a corner if we win out – that’s turning the corner. Two wins is taking a couple steps toward the corner. We haven’t turned it yet. That’s how we feel. We are not on our high horse because we won two games. There is a lot of work to be done. How the defense played in the second half was terrible. We can’t be feeling good about what just happened. It’s a win and that’s the only number that matters, but we are going to play elite teams and compete [against] the top teams in this league [and] we can’t allow stuff like that to happen. We haven’t turned the corner yet. We’ve got a lot of work to do.”
(On if it is easy for him to look forward to the upcoming game rather than look back on missed opportunities)
“Yeah, of course. You have to. You have no choice. [If] you look back, what is that accomplishing? You can learn from it in that moment, but you don’t look back. You never look back. You always look forward. Atlanta is coming off a big win against a very talented team, a playoff team year in and year out, and they got a big win. We have to go in their house and last time they [were] at home some history was made, so we’ve got to make sure that [doesn’t] happen this week.”
(On what has improved about the defense of late)
“Stopping the run. [They] only had that one big run early in the game, but after that they had like 18 rushes for 14 yards or something like that. We’ve been doing better stopping the run. We’re getting them in third-and-longs. Now, we’ve got to get off the field. We did it great at home against New York (Jets) and went to Miami and had them in third-and-eight-plus so many times and [couldn’t] get off the field. That’s not good. We’ve got to be more consistent, especially against this team because Matty (Matt Ryan) is going to let it fly and they’ve got a lot of receivers that can run.”

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