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06 November 2017

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Media Availability (11/6/17)

BUC BIT OF THE DAY: Buccaneers LB Lavonte David leads the NFL this season with four forced fumbles. Since 2013, when David notched his first career forced fumble, he has totaled 16, which ranks second in the NFL in that timeframe.
Below is a transcript of Head Coach Dirk Koetter’s earlier media availability:
(Opening Statement)
“As I told you guys last night, Jameis [Winston] did have an MRI today and as a result of that MRI, he is going to be out for the next couple of weeks. We will be activating Ryan Griffin to the 53-man roster this week at some point.”
(On what Winston’s MRI revealed)
“A lot of medical terms that I’m not an expert on, but that he needs to be off for a couple of weeks.”
(On if there is any thought to shutting Winston down for the season at this point)
“Not right now. That’s not what I’ve been told.”
(On exactly how many weeks Winston is expected to miss)
“Well, right now they are saying at least two weeks.”
(On if he saw anything in the first half that suggested Winston isn’t able to do the things he needs his quarterback to be able to do)
“Jameis [Winston] didn’t play his best, but on that third-to-last play in the half when he got hit on his left side and the weight of the defensive end and Jameis’ weight fell on his right shoulder – that’s when he reaggravated it. That was a hit that most all quarterbacks in the NFL are going to come up with. When you see those, those are not good. Up until that point, I mean, Jameis had practiced good last week. He had one of his best practices on Friday. [He] threw the ball great in pre-game warmups, but after that point he was definitely hurting.”
(On how likely quarterback Ryan Griffin is to see playing time in Winston’s absence)
“Right now, we are going to be going with Ryan Fitzpatrick and Ryan Griffin will be the [number] two.”
(On if a tear showed up in Winston’s MRI)
“I’m not sure about that. They feel like he needs to rest for a couple of weeks and that’s what is going to happen. Their saying this is not structural, but they want to shut him down. I don’t want to say something I shouldn’t say.”
(On how difficult the conversation was with Winston in regard to shutting him down for a few weeks)
“Well, by the time I talked to Jameis [Winston] today he has already had it with the medical staff, so I think by the time I talked to him it probably sunk in a little bit. But of course, Jameis is a tremendous competitor and he would try to play through anything.”
(On the status of defensive end William Gholston)
“Will flew back. He is continuing to undergo some testing here. Their saying that he is neurologically sound and that everything is good that way, but he is continuing to undergo testing. We will see in the next day or so what that means as far as him playing moving forward.”
(On if Gholston was coherent)
“Yeah, he made the trip back with us. He was walking on the plane [and] off the plane.”
(On if he got a sense of what happened to Gholston on the play where he suffered an injury)
“I do not. I mean he was moving his arms and legs when I went out onto the field, but he was definitely in pain. The medical staff made the decision to put him on the board then eventually put him on the cart and felt like he needed to go get checked out right away. With player safety – it’s always the number one issue – that was their call.”
(On if he knows whether there was contact on the play)
“I’m not aware.”
(On if he sees a connection between Winston’s injury and the losing streak)
“Yeah, I mean you could definitely draw that conclusion. The problem with that is there is no way to measure it. There’s no measurement for that. Because Jameis [Winston] played so well in the second half of Buffalo – the first time we came up a week where he didn’t practice until Friday – you think that could be duplicated, as long as he is medically cleared and of course his safety is first. I talked with Jameis about that earlier today that we have been on this losing streak since Jameis was injured somewhere in there, but there is no way to put a measurement on that. As you’ve asked in here, of course we would always want our starting quarterback – most NFL quarterbacks take every rep during the week with the first unit. That hasn’t been ideal, but at the same time, at most positions in the NFL if a guy is cleared to play medically he is going to play and the quarterback is not an exception to that.”
(On Winston taking further hits following his original injuries)
“Yeah, and he was getting MRIs every week. In fact, the MRI between Buffalo and Carolina showed improvement in the shoulder.”
(On the status of tackle Donovan Smith)
“Yeah, Donovan had an injured knee. He wasn’t able to play in the second half and we will be learning more about him in the next couple of days. He’s continued to be evaluated here.”
(On the mood of the team)
“Frustrated, disappointed, confused – the mood that you would expect from a team that had very high expectations and has lost five in a row.”
(On if he sees and changes in how opponents are defending them since Winston’s injury)
“Actually, yesterday – New Orleans had not been playing many split-safety coverages. They had been in almost all load-the-box [and] single-high coverages and they played more split-safety coverage than we had seen them play all year. Now, that doesn’t necessarily hold true across all position groups. I mean we had 13-personnel in the game [and] they were in single-high, but when we were in 12 and 11 personnel they played a fair amount of split-safety which they hadn’t been doing.”
(On the skirmish involving Winston, wide receiver Mike Evans and Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore)
“Well totally unacceptable behavior first by Jameis and then by Mike. Jameis cannot, under any circumstances, come off the sideline when he is not even playing in the game. Trash-talking is trash-talking, but to go out and tap another player – whatever you want to call that – touch another player at all on the field, that is inexcusable. The Saints player responded and then Mike reacted and that’s not acceptable either. That’s not having your teammates’ back. That is just wrong. During the game, what I saw by the time I looked over there, I was looking at the field [and] by the time I looked over there the second DB (defensive back) for New Orleans was going over there to pull his guy out. When I talked to the officials – not one of the officials saw it. So, when they eventually threw the flag, the official that threw the flag on our sideline told me – I said, ‘Why are you calling it now?’ He said, ‘They told us from upstairs that 13 (Evans) started the whole thing.’ So that’s the knowledge that I had at that point. Well that’s not true. 13 did not start the whole thing. If I would’ve known what I know [now], Mike probably should have been ejected. Maybe Jameis should’ve been ejected. I don’t know exactly how the league looks at that and I’m sure there could be some league action to follow. I talked to the entire team about that today and that cannot happen. That is totally unacceptable.”
(On if he would have considered benching Evans if he had known exactly what went down in the moment)
“Well, I didn’t have all of the facts so I’m not going to speculate on that because that’s just something that happens in the split-second time right there. Like I said, I didn’t have the facts and the so-called facts that I was given weren’t the right ones come to find out.”
(On what he was looking at when the skirmish transpired)
“If you look at that play, we had a double-move on to DeSean [Jackson] up our sideline. The ball was incomplete and you can see [Marshon] Lattimore comes over to our sideline. At that point, it’s fourth down. I’m looking at our punt team. I mean, we had a punt blocked earlier in the game, I’m looking at our punt team, making sure we have enough guys. I don’t even know how many seconds –we are talking about seconds now – how many seconds it took for that to transpire, but I was all the way down on the right edge of our bench close to the line of scrimmage looking at the punt team.”
(On how concerning it was to see two of the team’s captains getting involved in the skirmish)
“Yeah, of course it’s concerning. It doesn’t matter if it’s two captains or your 45th and 46th men on the roster – that’s not professional. That goes against everything that you would want your team to stand for and those guys know that. I thought Mike [Evans] said the right things after the game and I’m sure Jameis [Winston] will take his responsibility next time he gets a chance.”
(On if he saw progress from the cornerback group against New Orleans)
“Yeah, we did I thought except for a couple of plays. We were inconsistent across the board, you know, too inconsistent throughout. I think Ryan Smith continues to make progress. Vernon is playing solid at nickel [but] would like to have a couple plays back. Robert [McClain] did some good things outside. Again, as a team, we have guys playing fine in spots and across the board, but we are just making too many mistakes – too many self-inflicted mistakes [and] too many things that get your team beat in the long run.”
(On the decision to increase safety T.J. Ward’s snap count)
“Well we’re trying to get into a three-man rotation right now between Chris Conte and Justin Evans and T.J. T.J got shorted a little bit the week before and it went a little bit more in his favor in this game. I thought T.J. probably had his best game since he has been here.”
(On what he expects out of quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick against the Jets)
“We are just starting to look at the Jets, so that will be based somewhat on what we know Ryan can do and then what we see from the Jets. I have not looked at one second of film on the Jets yet.”
(On how much he looks to use running back Peyton Barber moving forward)
“Yeah, we are going to consider everything. Peyton did do a good job of breaking tackles and running after first contact yesterday. But when you really look at the carries, Doug [Martin] didn’t really have great opportunities. He had a clean-hitter on him way too often. I’ve seen Doug be an excellent after-contact runner, but yesterday Peyton did a good job of that. We’ve been wanting to get Peyton in there for a couple of weeks now and it worked out that way yesterday and we will see what happens here moving forward.”
(On if he is noticing a pattern of teams showing the Buccaneers looks that they weren’t expecting)
“That happens every game in the NFL. Teams are going to call some un-scouted looks. Teams are going to do some things that you haven’t seen before, or play more of one coverage than they had been. They’re game-planning just like we’re game-planning – that’s offense, defense and special teams.”
(On if that’s nothing different from last season)
“As far as the amount, no.”
(On if he has been notified about any possible suspension regarding wide receiver Mike Evans)
(On if the suspension would be handed out today)
“I’m not sure. I think Jason [Licht] in the front office, has been in contact with the league so there has been contact. I just don’t know about the timing of it.”
(On what he sees in his team when he watches them play and if he sees a lack of effort)
“When you’re a coach, usually what you’re looking for on that is change in speed. Does a player, is he running a certain speed and then he either speeds up or slows down? That’s typically what every defensive coach I’ve ever been around [looks at]. Did we have some? Yes. We do in every game. You’re looking for every body to sprint to the ball, but they especially have a tendency to show up on screens that are down the field a little bit and they did. Those are also plays that we missed tackles on, so that’s a bad combination.”
(On New Orleans’ special teams play, in which, they had a player lying in the paint in the end zone)
“That’s one of those un-scouted looks we were talking about.”
(On if that was something they had identified on the field before the kick)
“We were aware that [Ted] Ginn was in the game. That’s something Nate [Kaczor] is always talking to those guys about is awareness of having a second returner in the game. If you look at the tape, Jacquizz [Rodgers] headed straight in that direction. I haven’t talked to Jacquizz. I don’t know if he saw the part about him laying down in the paint or not, but when the ball is kicked off – when you see it from the end zone view – Ted Ginn is standing right back there. Ted Ginn was one of our game-wreckers on special teams last week, so yeah, they were aware of it.”

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