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26 December 2017

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Media Availability (12/26/17)

BUC BIT OF THE DAY: At Carolina, Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston completed 21-of-27 passes for 367 yards. Winston’s 13.59 yards per attempt are the second-most in a single game in franchise history (Vinny Testaverde, 14.52 YPA vs. Green Bay, 9/13/92) and the second-highest single game mark by any NFL quarterback this season (Jared Goff, 14.14 YPA at N.Y. Giants, 11/5/17).
Below is a transcript of Head Coach Dirk Koetter’s earlier media availability:
(On shouting in the locker room after the game against Carolina)
“Well, I just think when you lose a hard-fought game like that – that’s why they call it a cooling off period. Emotions are running hot and that game – we had a lot of nice opportunities to win. We couldn’t do it. Nobody is happy about that. A shouting match – I don’t think that would be the first or last time that has ever happened.”
(On if he has been pleased with the production and effort of defensive tackle Chris Baker this season)
“I think [a reporter] asked that the other day. As far as for the year, we will do the evaluations for the year at the end of the year with every player.”
(On if it is up to the players to confront a teammate if they believe he is not pulling his weight or if that falls on the coaching staff)
“I’m not sure what you are asking me. I don’t know what the issue was, so I don’t know. There [are] a lot of plays in a game that influence the game. I’m not sure any one play influences a game. We could name off 10 or 12 plays in that game that, had they gone the other way, would have certainly helped our cause more. You’re talking about a situation like you have all the facts. I don’t have all the facts and I wasn’t in the locker room when it happened, so I would just say there [are] two sides to every story. I don’t know the sides, so it would be unfair for me to comment on that.”
(On if he is worried quarterback Jameis Winston got too emotional at the end of the game)
“Any time your emotion leads to a 15-yard penalty, yeah that is getting too emotional. Jameis is a fighter and he is a great competitor. He felt like he recovered the fumble all the way. They (the officials) went up and waved it Carolina’s ball right off the bat and then it sure took them a long time to un-pile them. When they came out of the pile between Jameis and Julius Peppers, Jameis had the football and he told me he had it the whole time. But the fact that he got a penalty on it – the game was over at that point, so it didn’t matter, but obviously, you don’t want unsportsmanlike penalties.”
(On if he fears that he has lost the locker room)
“No, that is not a fear of mine.”
(On the reason for giving running back Doug Martin the bulk of the carries in the second half)
“We didn’t run the ball very much in the second half of the game. We didn’t run the ball – other than one run that was blocked perfectly on Peyton [Barber’s] long one – we didn’t really run the ball very well the whole game. The plan going in was to start with Peyton, rotate Doug in there and then if somebody got hot we would stay with them. We stuck to that plan. We just didn’t run it very much at the end. We were trying to run it there when we had the four-point lead and we got across the 50, [but] we jumped offsides twice. We were having more success in the passing game than we were in the running game. We just weren’t moving it consistently at all. Peyton nor Doug – neither of them other than that one play – really had any outstanding runs. They ran hard, [but] we didn’t block for the run as well as we have been blocking the last few weeks.”
(On if running back Peyton Barber ever got injured during the course of the game)
“Peyton was not injured.”
(On if the fourth-and-1 spot was unreviewable because it was inside of two minutes)
“[It was] inside two minutes, so when I was asking the [official] on our sideline about that, I kept saying, ‘Are they looking at that? Are they looking at that?’ They can hear on their headsets. I’m not sure what the communication was, but he said if they were going to buzz down they would have buzzed down. Where I was, when they measured, I couldn’t even see [if] they needed to get the paper out there. I couldn’t see it, but even when they measured some of our D-linemen were pointing the other way, but there [were] too many bodies between me and them. I couldn’t see the sticks and the ball.”
(On if there was no way he could have reviewed that play even if he would have had a better view)
“Inside of two minutes you can’t challenge it.”
(On how much the additions of running back Alvin Kamara and cornerback Marshon Lattimore are to the success of the Saints this season)
“Well, they’ve got six Pro Bowl players and that is two of them. [If] you look at our division – our division is pretty darn good this year – Carolina has one Pro Bowl player, I think Atlanta has two, we have one [and] they have six – four on offense [and] two on defense. The two running backs (Kamara and Mark Ingram) have had great years. You look at the quarterbacks in our division and [Drew] Brees is the Pro Bowl quarterback and the receiver [Michael] Thomas has had a heck of a year. Then Lattimore has definitely made an impact and then Cameron Jordan has I think had his best year of his career.”
(On the statistic that Winston has completed 77 percent of his passes over the previous two games and if he attributes that to getting healthy, him getting in a zone, making better reads or hitting open receivers)
“All of those things, but I think the one you mentioned on the front end is probably the biggest one. There [are] a million ways you can slice up statistics. I think if you look at the games Jameis was healthy this year, his statistics are pretty good. It’s hard to say exactly which games he was entirely healthy and which ones he wasn’t, but we know there was a part there in the middle where he wasn’t. I think health is the number one thing with Jameis’ recent performance and then he has been making excellent decisions. Again, I would attribute it to health, but he has been really throwing the proper type of pass based on the route and the coverage. By that, I mean he is not trying to throw too hard, he is throwing with excellent touch [and] when he does have to put one in there, he has done that as well. That would lead me to believe that he wasn’t able to do those [things] in some of those games, but there is a lot to that. There is defenses involved and routes and who is open and who is not and reads, but Jameis has played pretty darn well here these last few games since he has come back.”
(On wide receiver Chris Godwin’s performance this season and if he showed his capabilities on his 70-yard catch)
“Yeah, he did. That was a beautiful throw by Jameis. We had him in the right coverage that we were looking for for that ball to go to that spot. Jameis put it right on the money and then Chris spun out of that tackle. Chris has done everything we have asked of him all year. We’ve asked him to be a backup – he has gone in as a backup and done a good job. We’ve asked him to play special teams – he has been a standout on special teams. That’s one of the things when we first met Chris in the draft process, I remember him telling me that that was one of his strengths that he was a guy that was willing to do whatever it took to help the team and he has definitely lived up to that. I think he has proven that he is going to be a real solid player in this league.”
(On if he has conversations with the Glazer family regarding his job status)
“I do not have discussions with them about that, no.”
(On if the speculations about his job cause any sort of distraction for him)
“Well of course – it’s your life. It’s what you do. Just flip it around and of course it is. But we all, coaches and players, get paid to do a job. You try to do it to the best of your ability. That is all you can do.”

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