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04 December 2017

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Media Availability (12/4/17)

BUC BIT OF THE DAY: Tampa Bay held Green Bay to just 77 net passing yards, the lowest mark by a Buccaneers opponent since 2009 (Carolina Panthers, 55 net passing yards, 10/18/09).
Below is a transcript of Head Coach Dirk Koetter’s earlier media availability:
(On if running back Peyton Barber’s strong performance was due to individual effort or more of a team effort)
“It was both. We did a pretty good job run blocking – not perfect but we did a pretty good job of run blocking. We left some out there. The best thing Peyton did is he made yards after contact and broke some tackles.”
(On if Barber received the majority of carries because the team wanted to see what he could do and planned for it or if he earned the carries because of the way he was performing)
“Both. It was a combination of both of those. When Peyton has gone in there on a limited basis, he has done okay. That, coupled with Doug [Martin] being out, led to him getting more. We’ve seen it many times – a running back gets into a little bit of a groove and it’s one of those days where he is making yards [so] as long as he can do it efficiently you keep feeding him.”
(On the likeliness of Barber holding onto to the starting role)
“We will see when we get to that point. Right now, we don’t have that option because Doug [Martin] is in the protocol still. If he can go out there and duplicate 165 yards rushing every week, you’d do it. Unfortunately, that’s not guaranteed. It’s not quite that easy, but yeah you’d love to.”
(On the reason for the loss even considering the team controlled possession)
“When you look at the whole game, it really comes down to that stretch in the second quarter where in back-to-back possessions we get the punt blocked [and] it gives them a short field of 45 yards. Now, we could stop them, but we didn’t. And remember now, we were in field-goal range. We were on the 30-yard line, so that – depending on your math – could be a 10-point difference. Excuse me, I’m getting ahead of myself. We get the punt blocked, short field, they score seven points. Then on the next drive we get the sack-fumble [and] we are in field-goal range, so that is three we might have had [and] seven they got. That’s that group. Then both field goals – the one we answered that – that’s two bad things to happen to you. We answered. We had a nice drive right before half. [We] had a good opportunity to get a touchdown right before half [and] didn’t. [We] had to kick a field goal. There is another four points. Then at the end of the game – before the touchdown drive – the drive before that we had to settle for a field goal. Again [we had] a couple good opportunities. Those two back-to-back series in the third quarter and our defense had very little to do with that. That’s how you can have all those numbers – time of possession, first downs, third downs – you can have a lot of numbers. It shouldn’t have added up to 21 points. That’s a game where you need to be scoring in the 30s and then it’s not an issue at the end.”
(On if it was surprising that the defense wasn’t more effective in the fourth quarter and overtime even though they were on the field for less than 10 plays in the third quarter)
“I don’t know if surprising is the right word. You want your defense to stop them no matter how many plays they have to play, whether they play 10 or 50. That’s what they get paid to do. On the day, our defense played good pass defense, but not good enough stopping the run. At the end of the game, we had prepared for zone read [but] they hadn’t shown it most of the game. They did a good job setting it up and then at the end of the game we were committed to stopping the halfback and the quarterback pulled it and we had some breakdowns. There were at least three times where he pulled it out and we let him out. I think that’s probably what [Brett] Hundley does best.”
(On how much of a problem it created for the offensive line to have center Joe Hawley miss the game due to an illness)
“We had to go in different than we practiced all week. It’s not the first time or the last time that will ever happen. It’s not ideal, but we had to do it and that also forced the move of letting a player go and bringing Mike Liedtke up just so that we had seven guys healthy. With that said, I thought the O-line – the lineup that we put out there – did better than we had been doing from a run-game standpoint and then a lesser job in protection. It’s one thing to get beat in pass protection – it’s going to happen. But, we had like three mental errors where we just didn’t block the look right. That’s just the details of the protection, which we hardly ever have those in protection and that’s disappointing.”
(On if the sacks allowed were due to miscommunication)
“It wasn’t communication. It was just that one guy that had the breakdown not recognizing it. We just flat out turned guys loose. [Clay] Matthews on the one coming from Jameis’ left and the other one that came from Jameis’ right – we just flat turned them loose. You just don’t see that and we did it on those two for sure.”
(On if he felt the penalties on safety Justin Evans’ interception return and later in the game on Evan Smith were good calls)
“If I could answer what I really think, would you pay the fine [laughs]? If they call them, they are penalties whether I think they are or not. We turn plays in, they give us an answer back and then I can’t tell you guys what the answer was. Shoot, I could never be an official. The real time that they have to call that stuff in is impossible with the way these guys are. I think going in to last week, we were eighth or ninth in the league in penalties. After this game, we are thirteenth. We are back kind of in the middle. We definitely had some penalties that hurt us. I did not agree with every call, but I’m never going to agree with every call.”
(On if offensive lineman Kevin Pamphile was limited in his performance due to an elbow injury)
“We have several guys that are banged up and are playing through it, which that’s a positive and a negative. The positive is that they are playing through it. The negative is they can’t play as well as they are probably capable of playing. Kevin [deserves] major props because he’s got more than one thing bothering him and he is a guy that every time we have to flip flop somebody, he is usually the one that is penalized. He was playing right tackle all week in practice and then back to left guard without practicing, although it’s not like he forgot how. We have multiple guys that are in that situation. Kevin can play better than he did, but at the same time, you wouldn’t want to be without him either.”
(On what defensive end Will Clarke did well against Green Bay that allowed him to pick up two sacks)
“He was just in position. More than anything else, he was just in the right position. Will is a guy that came to us as a street free agent and he has worked his way up. Due to injuries, he is playing more. The guy goes out there and tries to do things right and sometimes it shows up in the stat sheet and sometimes it doesn’t. He also was very close to blocking a punt. He is on our punt-return team and he had two nice rushes. The one that they got on us – he had one very similar on their long snapper that he almost got.”
(On the performance of quarterback Jameis Winston)
“Like we said last night, he was under more pressure than normal. [He] did a lot of good things and [had] some plays you want to have back. The drive that you are referring to when he crossed the line of scrimmage – that was one of the craziest drives ever. You get it on the three, they jump offsides [and] it’s first-and-goal on the one. The running back falls down, we fumble [and] Jameis recovers. Then he scrambles on second down, throws it and we get another penalty and we end up somehow scoring on third-and-11 on a really nice throw and catch. The sack-fumble was an example of Jameis – he’s got to just eat it. And he did eat it a couple times yesterday and that’s where he’s just got to get better at [knowing] when the play is not there, you’ve got to protect the ball first and go down. It’s not his fault, but that hurt us. That was a 70-yard and seven-point turnaround. Jameis did a lot of good things in the game. He had a 112 passer rating, didn’t throw any interceptions, threw two touchdowns, did a good job on third down [and] made some nice scramble plays.”
(On the reason the team went to the screen game often against the Packers)
“Well if you noticed in the game, their game plan so to speak was that they played a lot more two-deep-five-under zone and two-deep-man-under zone. Usually when teams do that, in essence, they’re trying to double your wideouts, so you’ve got to do something else. We got O.J. [Howard] down the middle once. We got Cam [Brate] a couple times. The other thing in zone coverage is your screen game and on your outside screens – we got a third down on an outside screen to [Adam] Humphries. We got two first downs on outside screens to Chuck (Charles Sims). We always have somewhere between five and eight screens in a game plan. I thought we even left some out there. In that drive right before the half, we had first down on about the 17 or 18-yard line and man, it was set up nice. They were in zone and we got like one yard out of it and we had two guys out there to block one. That’s the best our screen game has been in recent weeks and we work hard on it. We try to be a good screen team, but that is one of the byproducts of them trying to take away your wideouts.”
(On if there was something he saw in Green Bay’s defense that allowed tight end Cameron Brate to grab two touchdown passes or if Brate is just a good target in the red zone in general)
“On the 28-yarder, that was one of those times when they were playing two-deep-man-under. [In] two-deep-man-under the middle of the field is open and we had it. The target of that play was Mike Evans, but because of the coverage, Jameis read it in the middle of the field [and] Cam had a double move, ran a beautiful route and made a nice play on a nice throw. The second one was just – it’s third-and-11 from the 11 [yard line] – there is only so many plays you can run. So, no there is nothing about Green Bay in particular. There is something about Jameis and Cam in the red zone. To be honest, that drive right before the half when we had to kick the field goal, we had a great chance of hitting Cam on another touchdown and Jameis overthrew it a little bit. There is just something – Cam and Jameis have a good feel for each other down there.”
(On playing well enough to win and losing on the scoreboard)
“Any time you are watching TV and they show, ‘Here are the teams that are in. Here [are] the wild cards.’ It’s easy to go back in your head and say, ‘Well, what if we would have done this in this game and this in this game and this in this game and then we are sitting here with this record.’ If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, but they are not. That’s just not how you are judged. The scoreboard is how you’re judged and we understand that. You can play good, but the scoreboard – that’s why they keep score. We came out on the short end and we didn’t do enough – playing or coaching.”

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