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16 April 2018

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Media Availability (4/16/18)

Below is a selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today’s earlier media availability:
Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson
Guard Ali Marpet
Quarterback Jameis Winston
(On his offseason workouts with quarterback Jameis Winston)
“I have. I was able to get down there to his stomping grounds, his roots in Tallahassee. We got a little bit of work done. It was just a part of the process. We had a couple of guys out there that were working as well. That’s definitely some great work, especially when we’re not here in the facility. Any time we can get together and work on timing and [building] comradery, that’s basically what we were doing, extra training.”
(On how long he spent at Florida State with Winston)
“A couple of days, two days. Like I said, offseason is when you have time with your family, chill and do all of that stuff. So, when you’re able to get some work in with your quarterback or your teammates, that’s really a great time to bond and gel together. I was able to do that a little bit. And like I said, I was able to get out and check out their facility at Florida State. I grew up a Florida State fan, so it was pretty cool to go check that out as well. So, it was definitely a nice college town.”
(On what the team needs to do in the offseason to improve)
“Honestly, we just have to build. We have to build on how we finished last year. We finished pretty good, obviously a tough year for everybody in the building and on the field. We had high expectations and we still do. We feel like it couldn’t come any sooner for us to get out there and work together, get back in the film rooms and meeting rooms with the coaches and just learning the scheme more and gelling more individually. I think everyone is excited about that. That period of time we had away, obviously watching the playoffs and seeing other teams play, we felt like we should have been there. But, there’s still a lot of work that needs to be accomplished and that’s still what we have to do here. So, like I said, that’s what the offseason workouts are for. We still have a lot of time to be with our families and have fun and enjoy the offseason but it’s still time to come together and gel and build on whatever it is you guys are trying to work towards.”
(On “near-miss” plays between he and Winston)
“It was frustrating, but it’s a part of the process. Dealing with a quarterback like Jameis, a younger guy, he’s finding his niche and still trying to be everything they’re asking him to be and be accountable for that. With that being said, no one is perfect. I’m not perfect myself. There are plays I could go out and do better myself too, so as a football team collectively, I think everyone has their work cut out for them and as long as we put in the time, which is here on the field and in the meeting rooms, that’s all you can really ask for. Put your best foot forward and just strive to be the best you can be day in and day out. There’s a lot of time and effort put into what we do. A lot of people don’t see it. You guys [the media] kind of see, you guys are around. But, it’s really just getting on the court and getting on the same page. I’m going to do the best I can to continue to get open, stay electric, stay fast and do what I need to do to help this team as far as big plays or whatever it is they’re asking.”
(On a receiver and quarterback building chemistry on deep passes)
“That’s one of those rare things you have to just have in you. It’s like a niche. I’m able to get past defenders with my speed and tracking down balls. So, for a quarterback, it’s just one of things, you just have to have a feel for it. Last year, it was hit and miss. Like I said, hopefully this year we’re accountable as individuals, me and him and everybody else that’s involved in that. Just doing everything we can to take advantage of it because missing those opportunities, they don’t come too often. So, when you have the opportunity to connect on them, you just have to connect on them. I don’t really have the right answer in telling you what it is that needs to be done. It’s just one of those things that you have to have the niche for it to go out and accomplish what you need to accomplish.”
(On how much spending time with Winston in the offseason will help build on-field chemistry)
“I think it will work. Talking to a lot of people, they said that the first year between him and Mike [Evans]  didn’t really pan out as good as they thought and the second year, it kind of got a little better. So, if that’s something in the works that hopefully plays out with us, since last year we didn’t really do too good. This year, hopefully we’ll get a lot better. That’s what you ask for as a professional. We all have a job to do, which is to go out and be accountable and be consistent as possible. Speaking on that, I’m sure he wants to do that and I want to do it as well. There are plays that could help this team win, spark up this team and hopefully get us into the playoffs and the tournament where we all want to go.”
(On him and quarterback Kirk Cousins’ chemistry when both played for Washington)
“It took years. The first year I came in was 2014 with Kirk and he wasn’t the starter but he was in the building, he threw to me. That was the year that RG3 [Robert Griffin III] started and RG3 got hurt and Kirk came in and took over. We had multiple years of playing together and getting the timing down. I say the deep ball is one of the things that you have to hit it right on the money because a lot of the times it’s an inch or if you throw it too far, too short, the defender might hit it. So, it’s one of those things you have to have a feel for. Like I said, we’re going to work at it, we’re going to do what we need to do. We have a lot of time. Time is of the essence as well, so we have to continue to strive for what it is we want to do once the season gets here.”
(On being present on the first day of offseason workouts)
“It was important to show face and really kind of set a standard. I talked to [Head Coach] Dirk [Koetter], I talked to my teammates and I have a routine that I usually go about training. It’s like training a Ferrari or a Bentley or whatever you want to call it. You know, I’ve had a successful rate on keeping my speed being 11 years in and still being able to run fast. So, I still want to be able to get back to California to do that. But, really just being here and it being the first day, it’s showing face and letting them know my plan moving forward. Perception is reality so as long as I’m able to get here and tell them what’s going on and not be a ‘no-show’ and just call in over the phone. I wanted to be here and be face and show.”
(On the pressure that is put on franchise quarterbacks and his advice to Winston)
“Any time you’re the face of the franchise and you’re that guy as far as the quarterback especially, everything is ran around you. At the end of the day, it’s a tough position because you have to make the calls, you have to be the leader and you have to say the right things. Any time you say the wrong things, it’s pointed on you. It’s like pulling a coattail. I wouldn’t say he was pulled in the wrong direction or whatever the case may be. I would just say he needed to be himself and relax and not put the pressure on his shoulders because being a quarterback, you have the world on your shoulders. If you lose, it goes on you. If you win, it goes on you. Being a wide receiver or any other position, it’s not the same because you’re not distributing the ball, you’re not making the same decisions. That’s my only thing, just be yourself, go back to backyard football and being who got you here, which was Jameis Winston from Florida State that won a championship. He has a lot of upside and a lot of skillset to play in this league and I just feel like if he can get back to just being that, he can definitely be everything he wants to be in this league.”
(On where he sees Winston has improved in the off season)
“His shoulder looked a lot more healthy. He had the injury last year with the shoulder and so you can tell he’s been getting some work in, training on that and getting stronger. Like I said, he’s still a young guy in this league and his physicality is obviously what you ask for because he’s durable and able to go out there and be a strong quarterback that can [prolong a play. As far as what he’s done, I’ve definitely seen it. He’s strengthened up his arm and he’s still got the arm strength. That’s a good thing.”
(On his personal accountability to the team)
“As far as my job, being a professional, all you can do is worry about yourself. It’s a team sport, it’s a team game so as far as taking accountability for anyone else as an individual, you can’t do that. As long as you put your best effort forward and go out there and produce and work hard, that’s all you can really ask for. Throughout the season, I’m sure everybody could do their job better. That’s being human. I feel I probably could have done some things better too. But on the overall sheet, I think I did a good job of going out and keeping my cool, not blowing a fuse from my early days when people probably said, ‘He’s a cancer,’ and things like that. So, I’ve learned a lot. But it’s definitely frustrating if you feel like you’re a guy in this league and you make big plays and you can’t get those big plays. It’s something that I had to deal with last hear but I’ll just say that hopefully we can get back to that this year. Just have fun, just go up there and light up the scoreboard and fire the cannons. That’s what we’re here for.”
(On his versatility as a wide receiver)
“Being a home run threat, a deep threat, whatever you want to call it, in this league, teams’ defensive coordinators and defensive backs, they all key-in on that stuff. Especially when you’ve been doing it for so many years and it’s on film. So, I don’t want to just be known as that. I want to be able to catch underneath routes. I want to be able to get the ball in my hands and make guys miss and take it the distance as well too. I think any way you can get the ball in guys hands that’s able to run after the catch is obviously what you want to have, and a guy like that. It’s just figuring out ways to get the ball in my hands and making some explosive plays. That’s what we thrive on here, getting explosive plays. Statistics show that if you get those big and explosive plays, then you’re winning more games.”
(On how many offseason practices he’ll attend at One Buc)
“It’s my 11th year in the NFL, I don’t know. When it’s time to go, I’ll be ready. It’s not a set number on that but like I said, I have a routine that I’ve been doing my whole career. So, I’ll be here for the time I’m here. When I’m here I’ll give it my full go and work as hard as I can. When I’m gone, I’ll be doing the same thing. A lot of times, people judge, ‘Oh he’s not here, he’s not working,’ or whatever the case may be. When I’m gone, I’m working just as hard. Like I said, it’s an understanding with my coaches and my teammates and anybody else feels any other way, I don’t really care for that.”
(On the Bucs signing his former teammate Vinny Curry)
“Vinny Curry, I remember him being a young guy in Philly when I was a little older. He was like a little brother to me. It was great when he signed here and called me. He said, ‘Man you’re the only guy I know on this team so that makes me feel a little uncomfortable.’ But we have a great relationship. He’s a heck of a player. He’s going to help out tremendously on that defense. It’s going to be scary, him and JPP (Jason Pierre-Paul) and [Gerald] McCoy. Defense is going to be nice. So hopefully we can beef it up a little more in the draft and be ready to go. I’m excited about that defense.”
(On further off season work with Winston)
“Like I said, I have my time when I’ll get with him for us to get the work in so that’s all I really have to say about that.”
(On his transition back to guard from center)
“It’s really exciting. Obviously, I did two years at right guard, so I feel pretty comfortable playing guard, just switching over to left side is going to be new. But, it is going to be a lot easier when you’re playing next to good players, so playing next to [tackle] Donovan [Smith] and playing next to [center] Ryan [Jensen] is going to help out.”
(On how difficult it is to change positions so frequently)
“Playing in the NFL is hard, so it’s a new position, it’s always a new challenge. I kind of just look forward to it actually.”
(On his reaction when told he was moving to left guard)
“It’s a new challenge. If it helps our team, then I am all for it and I think it helps our team.”
(On whether he ever envisioned playing next to Donovan Smith)
“I never really thought about it – it was always kind of a cool thought, but I never thought it would actually happen, so now that we are actually doing it, it is going to be a lot of fun.”
(On what Donovan Smith’s response was to the news)
“He is excited too. He is fired up.”
(On how he believes Ryan Jensen will fit in with this team)
“I mean, I think he will fit great. I think that is why we brought him in. He is the kind of guy that helps our mentality as an offensive line and we are all excited about that.”
(On his biggest challenge moving from right guard to left guard)
“It’s just getting reps at it. It’s going to take time. I think I’ll get all those reps during training camp and I’m going to work on it now during the offseason. Moving from right to left [guard] is less of a transition than guard to center, so I think I can do that.”
(On new defensive lineman that were brought in)
“I think it’s great because it helps us as an offensive line too, obviously, it helps us as a team. It is going to help everyone play at a higher level, which is awesome. It is something that [General Manager] Jason [Licht] addressed in free agency and that’s great.”
(On Donovan Smith and him taking Ryan Jensen to dinner during the recruiting process)
“I like to think it went pretty well, obviously. Tampa is a pretty easy place to sell, so it was a nice, easy dinner. It was more of a get-to-know-you kind of thing.”
(On his health)
“I feel good. I am cleared. I am doing everything, participating in everything. I feel really good.”
(On if there was excitement starting offseason conditioning)
“Yeah, I think there is a lot of excitement today, which is good to be around. I think it starts with [Head Coach] Dirk [Koetter] and then the coaching staff and then us. There is a lot of excitement. A lot of guys are happy to be back.”
(On what the highlight of his offseason was)
“I went to Australia, that was pretty cool.”
(On what his trip to Australia was like)
“Different. I went with [quarterback] Griff [Ryan Griffin] and [linebacker] Cam Lynch. It was through an independently contracted company that that sends entertainment over to U.S. troops in different places, so we went to Australia.”
(On the highlights of his trip to Australia)
“Dived in the Great Barrier Reef, explored Sydney. It was a cool time.”
(On whether he saw any sharks)
“I did not see any Great White sharks, thank God.”
(On whether there are any specific left guards he has been watching film on)
“No, so I actually haven’t. I know of the left guards in the league, obviously, but as far as right versus left, most of the guys that can – even as a left guard, you watch some of right guard’s, so it’s not that much different.”
(On whether he sees a difference in quarterback Jameis Winston on the first day back)
“For me, Jameis is Jameis and he seemed the same [to me]. I mean, I have seen him this offseason, so it’s usually gradual progression if there is one.”
(On tackle Demar Dotson)
“Dot [Dotson] is a phenomenal player. He is one of the best right tackles in the league, so he helps us a lot and also, he brings a lot of experience to the offensive line room and a lot of experience to the team. So, he will be missed during OTAs, but we are going to be excited to have him back when he is healthy.”
(On whether he believes having played center will help him playing at guard)
Yeah, I think it actually will. I think I will be able to play faster, be able to see everything a little bit better - the defense - anticipate things better. If anything, I can help Ryan [Jensen] out and he can help me out. He has played guard, so he knows it from a guard perceptive, so I think just more perspectives is helpful.”
(On the backfield situation)
“Losing those guys [running backs Doug Martin and Charles Sims] is tough. They are great players. I don’t know what is going to happen with Chuck, but [running back] Peyton [Barber] is a great player and we are 100 percent confident in him. Whoever we add or if we add anyone, I am sure they will help us out.”
(On whether he views the draft differently now since he can look at it as a “fan” now)
“It is kind of exciting actually. My brother and my dad will keep me updated on all the draft prospects and stuff like that, but it’s cool. You have a chance to pick someone who is going to help you out and I know Jason [Licht] and the scouting staff do a phenomenal job in the draft, so I think at [pick number] seven, you have a chance of bringing in a game changer and that’s exciting for us.”
(On whether he has watched film on Notre Dame OG and draft prospect Quenton Nelson)
“A little bit. I think he is a really good player and he plays tough too.”
(On whether time has gone by fast as he enters his fourth season)
 “Yeah, really fast. It is weird, really fast, but it’s been fun.”
(On the key element for him making a successful transition from college to NFL quickly)
“I don’t know. I was kind of just thrown into the fire and it worked out. I wish I could tell you why it worked out. It just worked out.”
(On the importance of “nasty” play that Ryan Jensen brings to the offensive line)
“It’s important for anyone who plays football, but especially on the offensive line and the more you can have it, I think the better we will be as a team. I think it is going to help us out.”
(On the development of offensive lineman Caleb Benenoch)
“Caleb has gotten a lot better in a short amount of time. He is a really good player and he wants to be a really good player and that is the key. If he has an opportunity to play, he will make the most of it, no question.”
(On whether he gave former Buccaneer Joe Hawley any advice before he embarked on his van excursion across the country)
“No, I think he is the expert now. If anything, he will be giving me the pointers, but we wish him well and obviously, it is so much fun watching him doing what he is doing.”
(On what it means to be back in the building with teammates for the start of the offseason program)
“It means everything because it’s back to football. It’s back to that team, get that camaraderie right, and it’s the start of a new season, so it’s very exciting.”
(On if he can describe the emotions of walking into One Buc Place and seeing the team again)
“You can’t really describe it. I think everyone is just anxious. Everybody just wants to get out there and give it a go. Like I said, we’re just happy to be back playing football.”
(On if the team’s offseason moves are ‘so far, so good’ in his eyes)
“Absolutely. I think upstairs, they continue to do a great job. It’s our job as a team to come together and put those pieces together, but we’re definitely excited for all the new additions that we have and we’re definitely looking forward to the draft.”
(On the status of his health)
“I’m just excited to be here. I’m excited to get a chance to work with our guys. As I say, I’ve got to get better every single day, so I’m feeling good. I’m excited to be around my guys and I’m ready to play.”
(On how much more comfortable he now feels playing with receiver DeSean Jackson)
“I feel great about it. Obviously, we’ve got to continue to grow in our chemistry. Same thing with me and Mike [Evans] from year one to year two. I think it’s going to be an exciting year for [DeSean]. I think me and him have had a bunch of conversations – we got a chance to spend some time together this offseason – so we’re excited. He’s happy, I’m happy.”

(On the importance of time with teammates during offseason workouts)
“I think not just with DeSean, but with everybody. Everybody getting here and being around and working together as a team. One or two guys don’t make up a team, but getting everybody together, even getting a chance to see my offensive linemen with Ali [Marpet], meeting Ryan [Jensen], it’s just fun to have that team atmosphere.”
(On the addition of defensive linemen Beau Allen and Vinny Curry from the Philadelphia Eagles and bringing a ‘Super Bowl mentality’ to the Buccaneers)
“That’s what we need and I’m happy to have those champs on our team. I haven’t let them know that I’m a huge fan of the Eagles, but it’s time for the Bucs to make that step and be a playoff contender and be a Super Bowl contender.”
(On what type of research he has done on remaining healthy as an NFL quarterback)
“Just typical research. You watch ‘Tom vs. Time’ and you see how he maintains his body. You read articles about LeBron and investing a lot of money into his body and you see how he’s been prolific throughout his career, you see Floyd Mayweather and how he continues to train and continues to keep toxins and stuff out of his body. So, you just learn from the guys that are very successful at it and the guys that are doing it and you try to apply it to your regimen every day.”
(On the pace of the NFL investigation)
“I know the NFL has a process that they have to go through and I respect that process. It’s not my job to speculate on that process. My focus has been with this organization, with getting the guys back in here and focusing on what we can do to become a better team this offseason.”
(On if the pace of the investigation has been frustrating for him)
“Like I said, the NFL has a process. My focus is with this organization and becoming a better player.”
(On if it’s hard not having a timetable on the investigation)
“You know, it’s not my job to speculate on that process. And I do respect it, but again, guys, I’ve been focusing on getting better this offseason and being the best teammate I possibly can be.”
(On what that process has been for him)
“My process: I’ve been focusing on this offseason and just working hard, getting guys together. Went to Texas A&M recently, went to Florida State, had some good work with our guys and just getting better like I do every single offseason.”
(On what it meant for Buccaneers Owner/Co-Chairman Joel Glazer to endorse him during the NFL meetings in March and talk about what Winston means to the franchise and community)
“It meant a lot to me because I know my work ethic for this organization and for this team is unparalleled. Every day I walk in this building I’m trying to be the best I possibly can be and be a great leader for this organization so to have the support of ownership, it really inspires me to continue to work hard and continue to be the leader that I am.”
(On the process of developing chemistry with Jackson, particularly on the deep ball, through offseason workouts)
“I think it’s great. I think it really is just me understanding who DeSean is and me understanding how DeSean is. You don’t get a chance to play with that electric-type of player often, so I knew I had to make it intentional to reach out to him and try to build that connection with him.”
(On if he and Jackson can still improve on their chemistry if they are not always together at One Buccaneer Place)
“Yeah, absolutely. Me and DeSean, like I said, we have spent a lot of time together this offseason whether it was on the phone, Facetime or even at his house. He will be in Tampa – not necessarily in the building, sometimes – so we’re going to find times and slots where we can work outside of the facility to help build our connection.”
(On if he feels a personal change as he and his girlfriend prepare to become parents)
“Yeah, absolutely. And the main thing is just the respect and the growth that I see in my girlfriend. Just seeing what she’s going through on a day-to-day basis and hearing from different fathers and different mothers on what it means to be a parent has really changed my perspective on life. It’s just getting me anxious and excited for that moment because I know that I am going to be a father to a beautiful son and it is going to be my job to teach him how to do everything.”
(On if he feels like he’ll soon be ‘playing for something bigger than himself’)
“Absolutely, and that’s what I mean by ‘perspective.’ You’ve got to take the back seat, and I’m a server – I’ve been a server my whole life – but having a son, like I hear from all the fathers, there’s nothing like that in the world. Having a child, there’s nothing like that in the world. So I’m excited. I’m excited for that, I’m excited for my girlfriend and our family, man. It’s been a long road but in July our world is going to change and I’m ready for it.”
(On what advice he would give a quarterback preparing for the upcoming NFL Draft)
“Just continue the work throughout the process. Get around some older guys and learn from them. I think the biggest thing that helped my learning curve was having guys like Ryan [Griffin] who’s been around Drew Brees and having guys like Fitz [Ryan Fitzpatrick] and Mike Glennon who helped me grow as a quarterback and try not to be standoff-ish. Try to get in there and learn from everybody that you can.”
(On if the team will use last year’s record as motivation or not even mention it moving forward)
“We go by year-to-year so we’re focused on what we need to do this year to become a better team. This is actually the toughest time for us players because we’ve got to watch the bad cut-ups and the good cut-ups and things like that, so we’ve got to compartmentalize that and focus on what we need to do to be a great team this year.”
(On what the biggest change is for him in his offseason workout program)
“I think it’s just a process. When you look at success, it’s not just a straight line, it has some bumps in the road and it’s a little curvy. So I was a little curvy last year but year after year I’m trying to find new things, I’m trying to find my diet, I’m trying to find my workout regimen and I’m growing, I’m learning and it’s becoming more consistent.”
(On his reaction to the business-side of the game with certain players receiving new contracts and other players no longer on the roster)
“My job is just to lead my team. I can’t really focus on the business-side of things. My job is to go out there and play football and that’s what I love doing. After my career, whenever that is, that’s when I’ll be more in tune to the business-side. I’ll let the agents and people handle all that stuff.”
(On his perspective of the NFL Draft and how big of an event it has become)
“I’m always excited when you’ve got people like [Florida State safety] Derwin James in the draft that’s going to be in the top 10 picks and he’s a ‘Nole so I’m always excited for our ‘Noles, but I trust our guys upstairs. Jason Licht has been bringing in player after player and I’ve got trust in him and I’m going to make it work no matter who we draft. This team is one of the best teams with men that I’ve been around so we’re very accepting of everybody and we’ve got to make it work because one guy can make us better but we know that teamwork makes the dream work.”
(On if he watches the draft as a fan)
“Absolutely, absolutely. I’m happy guys are taking advantage of going to the draft. I took the initiative to stay at home with my family because I had my grandmother – my grandmother couldn’t go. So guys that go to the draft, enjoy it. Guys that want to be with their family to make sure that they put their family first, enjoy it. It’s an awesome time for them in their lives so take advantage of it.”
(On tackle Demar Dotson’s offseason knee surgery and what he means to the team)
“Actually, me and ‘Dot’ have been talking a lot and I’ve been making sure I keep up to date with him. He means a lot to this team. Dot was an All-Pro right tackle last year – he would’ve easily been in the Pro Bowl if he didn’t get injured, so my main thing is for everybody to get healthy. We need Dot healthy, we need him playing at his best so he knows that and he knows that he’s going to be doing everything in his power to get back to 100%. But from what I hear and from our conversations, he’s really excited about this. He’s happy to get everything cleaned up and he’s going to be back and play good for us.”
(On if he has any connection to any of the top quarterback prospects in this draft)
“No, no I don’t have any connection with any of them. I’ve just got my ACC guy in [Louisville quarterback] Lamar Jackson. I hope he gets a shot. I believe he is an outstanding player. I mean, any guy that puts up numbers like that in any conference should get some looks so I know he’s a baller and he wants to be a quarterback. From what I see, he’s a great quarterback.”
(On what the key is to being more efficient in the red zone this year)
“The key to being efficient in the red zone is scoring touchdowns in the red zone. You’ve got to score – that’s how you do it.”
(On if he agreed with Lamar Jackson’s decision to not run the 40-yard dash leading up to the draft)
“I can’t really talk about that. He is who he is. I’m just excited for him as a player and as a quarterback and I know he’s a great quarterback.”
(On what he thinks about Lamar Jackson wanting to play quarterback in the NFL)
“I love my position and I love playing quarterback and he’s been playing quarterback too, so I know he loves his position, too.”
(On if his first three years in the NFL have gone by fast and if the ‘clock ticks a little louder’ to accomplish his goals and make the postseason)
“It’s exciting to start the fourth year, especially with my teammates, my class coming in. Donovan [Smith] has a big year coming up, Ali [Marpet] has a big year coming up, and obviously, I have a huge year coming up. And seeing guys like Cam [Brate] and Mike [Evans] – they reap what they sow. I mean, they got huge contracts but it’s what you said at the end. It’s about that postseason, man. It’s about getting some wins together, it’s about bringing this community behind us, it’s about really changing this culture around here and we’re taking strides to that but now it’s time to get it done.”
(On if he’s excited for the Tampa Bay Lightning’s playoff run)
“Yes. I think it’s so good. Like, look at the [Philadelphia] 76ers. They’re playing so good because the Eagles won that Super Bowl. Any time that you have a team that’s the best team in your city, yeah. I texted their ticket guy, Jim, over there at Amalie [Arena] this morning. I said, ‘Man, I’m back in town, I’ve got to get to some games.’ I’ve got to get to some Lightning games because winning is contagious. I want to be a part of that so I’m very excited about the Lightning. They’re in New Jersey right now, right?”
(On his interactions with Todd Monken, whose role will be focused as the offensive coordinator)
“Coach Monken has been one of my favorite coaches since I’ve been here. His work ethic and his intensity is unmatched on that football field so I’m very excited to get to working with him. The main thing I like about him is he’s a realist. He’s going to come at you straight, he [isn’t] going to lie to you, he [isn’t] going to try to beat around the bush. He’s going to be real about you and he’s going to find a way to teach you. He’s a great teacher so I’m looking forward to working with him more.”
(On if he has been interviewed by the NFL yet)


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