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19 April 2018

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Media Availability (4/19/18)

Below is a selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today’s earlier media availability:
General Manager Jason Licht
Linebacker Kwon Alexander
(Opening statement)
“Good morning. I can’t believe it’s this time of year already again. It seems like it comes around quicker and quicker every year. But this is my probably favorite time to come up here and talk just because it’s the draft and it’s what I love and it’s where my passion lies. We’ve been working really hard this all year and the guys upstairs and John [Spytek] and Mike [Biehl] and all of our scouts, I wish I could list all of their names. We have a lot of people that worked very hard on this year’s draft and our goal is to nail it. I feel like this is a very important one, like all are. But we’re all excited about the opportunity to add some really good players to our roster.”
(On the new tackling rules)
“I think with the college rules, the targeting rule in place, it’s kind of helped us already in terms of the days of Chuck Cecil are over. Those players are now trained and coached to tackle properly and tackle the way of this rule that’s in place. So, it really hasn’t changed. We feel the players that we’re looking at right now in this year’s draft at the positions that you’re talking about, that would be related to, we don’t see any issues. Once again, the guys, we’ll coach them properly. Coach Koetter and his staff, I know they’re going to do their best to coach these guys properly to adhere to the rules. Player safety is the number one thing for us and for around the league. So we’ll adhere to it and the game will adjust.”
(On the possibility of the first four picks being quarterbacks)
“It’ll definitely impact the players that will be available I wish I had a crystal ball and could tell you-you hear a lot of different scenarios. This is the time of the year for scenarios and ‘BS’ and you have to sort through it. Nobody knows what those teams are actually going to do. There’s a lot of misinformation out there. So it’s our job to go through all of the scenarios and to be prepared for every single one.”
(On if he would be surprised if four quarterbacks were taken before the Bucs pick)
“No, it wouldn’t. It wouldn’t surprise me if two were taken. You have to go through a scenario where zero are taken. It wouldn’t surprise me though just because the need of the position, there are a lot of teams and the importance of that position.”
(On if ‘misinformation’ led to tight end O.J. Howard falling to the Bucs last season)
“There were a lot of mock drafts out there and a lot of reports out there in the media of a bunch of teams in front of us wanting him. I don’t know if it was the misinformation that led him to drop. I think it was just the fact that teams had higher priority needs.”
(On if this draft feels more unpredictable than past drafts)
“A little bit, just because of the quarterbacks. I’ll be honest, that’s what makes this a lot more fun for us, going through all of these scenarios. That’s the excitement of the draft. I remember as a kid, watching it, listening to it, reading about it and trying to guess who’s going to go where. We’re doing the same thing right now, going through all of the scenarios.”
(On Head Coach Dirk Koetter’s role in evaluating prospects)
“Dirk’s a grinder. We can give Dirk a list of 200 guys to look at and he’s going to look at all 200. If you say, ‘Here’s X amount of guys, these are the guys you should focus on,’ he’s going to look at everybody. He’s going to give his opinion. His involvement has been the same which is, he and I talk about a lot of different things every day. I find him very valuable. I think he’s a good evaluator so I’m lucky to have him as the head coach because I think he is a true asset to this process and to our staff.”
(On if it gets easier to work with Coach Koetter through the draft process after having worked together for the past few seasons)
“It does. Not that it was ever difficult whatsoever but he knows the process inside and out that I like to operate under. He’s very respectful of it. It’s like a marriage. You start to kind of be able to read each other’s mind’s a little bit.”
(On the physical status of offensive guard J. R. Sweezy and offensive tackle Demar Dotson and on linebacker Kendall Beckwith’s car accident)
“J.R. [Sweezy] is still rehabbing. It’d be unfair to put a timeline on that. I’m sure he’s going to miss quite a bit of OTAs. [Demar] Dotson, it’s already been out there that he had a procedure done which a lot of players do this time of year and we’re going to hold him out of OTAs. We expect him to be ready for training camp. We’re not worried about either of them being able to get back in there once they’re healthy and they won’t have to re-learn the playbook or anything like that. They’re both professionals. They both take care of themselves. So you know, you’re always looking for offensive linemen to somehow upgrade, whether it’s your back end depth or your starters, if there’s one that’s out there. But [does it] affect the draft? Not necessarily. We do have one other injury of note. Kendall Beckwith-while I’m here I’ll mention this-he was involved in an auto accident, a one car accident, last week back home in Louisiana. He was a passenger in a car and had to have surgery on his ankle Tuesday afternoon. Right now, it’s unfair to give a timeline with him. We’re very fortunate that it wasn’t life threatening for him or the driver. We’ll probably hold him. He’ll be out of OTAs and then with training camp, we’ll have a better idea of how far along he is.”
(On Beckwith’s injury)
“Right now, everything is on the table. I don’t want to get into too many details right now but there was a fracture.”
(On evaluating team needs every year)
“I’ve said this before, every team has needs. If I talk to good friends from teams that either won the Super Bowl or came close to winning the Super Bowl, they think the sky is falling too. I think every year you’re going to have needs. You never go into a year saying, ‘Gosh we’re set at every position, we’re fine.’ So, it’s relative to how big the need is, but you know, I went into this job knowing that every year we’re going to have holes that we’re going to have to fill or we’re going to have to address.”
(On the running back and cornerback positions)
“It’s fair to say that those are two positions that we would like to add some depth or quality to.”
(On unwritten rules concerning where certain positions ‘should be’ picked in the draft)
“I’d say that that’s why they’re unwritten and they’re not put down. I think it’s case by case. I think there’s always exceptions and outliers to rules. There’s guidelines that you try to go by, certain positions [you] put a higher priority on. But just because you have a higher priority on whatever position it is, that doesn’t necessarily you can just go and pluck a player and he’s going to be better than taking a player at a position that’s a less priority in your team-building philosophy.”
(On having the seventh pick)
“I don’t like picking at seven just because it means it’s a repercussion of your season, the disappointment of the season before. But, with Mike Evans it worked out. So hopefully it’s a lucky number seven. There are enough players there, if no quarterback went above us, that we would be very excited about if we stayed put.”
(If offseason acquisitions at defensive line mean that he wouldn’t select a premium defensive lineman in the first few rounds of the draft)
“It doesn’t, but I’m very excited about the guys that we have. It’s nice to see that we have at least eight guys that, right now, we feel we could go into a game with that we could either have started or could start. Watching the Eagles last year, when we were evaluating Beau [Allen] and Vinny [Curry], just to see that the rotation that they had was definitely a key to their success. We’re fortunate to have those two.”
(On picking up quarterback Jameis Winston’s fifth-year option and an eventual long-term contract)
“That time will come. Whenever that time is, that will come. Right now it was a no brainer for us. It’s a formality, if you will. It’s the same situation that all these other players in that draft that were taken in the first round [are in]. Most of them, I’m sure their option will be picked up. Some won’t. But it tells you what we think about Jameis and that we obviously, he’s exceeded expectations, in my opinion. But we have plans for him in the long term and when that time comes, we’ll address that. Right now, there’s no signs of anybody wanting Jameis to walk out of this building so this is the first step in that.”
(On former Alabama defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick)
“The thing about Minkah [Fitzpatrick] is that he’s played a lot of slot this year. He’s played outside corner and in that slot position, you can see some of the things that he would do at safety. He’s a really smart guy and versatility is a great asset of his. We had a great visit with him. He’s very professional. You can see why [Alabama] Coach [Nick] Saban speaks so highly of him. There’s a lot of versatility with him. We have a plan if he were the pick, what we’d do with it, what we’d do with him. We like the fact that he can do a lot of those things.”
(On former Florida State safety Derwin James)
“He’s a very good safety. Same thing with all of these players. I don’t want to make it sound like we’re telling you guys who we’re zeroing in on but all of these players, we have to have a plan with. He’s also a versatile guy but he’s more of a strong safety. But he can also drop down in your sub packages and play linebacker. He’s another good player.”
(On former Penn State running back Saquon Barkley)
“I don’t want to leave anything or take anything off the table but we still have a week here. There’s always scenarios where you never know what’s going to present itself and there could be an opportunity of something that you feel good about moving up. All options are still on the table.”
(On linebackers Adarius Glanton and Devante Bond)
“We feel good that we have Adarius. Bond who was playing well, was starting to come along last year. Adarius was playing really well when he had to fill in and he’s a very versatile guy as well. There could be some guys out there in this year’s draft too. We feel good about those guys which is why we signed Adarius back, for situations like these.”
(On draft depth at running back)
“I’d say there’s good depth at that position. There’s always a relative drop off when you have guys ranked and that’s why you have them ranked. But, there’s good depth and there’s running backs scattered across the draft that we feel could help us. With that said, the talk of running back comes up a lot, but we do like Peyton Barber and we do like what Peyton brings to the table. He’s a big guy that can grind it out in your four-minute offense and also when he was given the opportunity, he played really well. Really he’s still young and on the rise.”
(On his first draft)
“My first draft, taking Mike Evans would be the most memorable. I remember being on the phone and right before our pick, being offered a fairly high, significant pick to come up not too far. We wouldn’t have had to drop back very far and having to make a decision with everybody staring at me and hanging up the phone and saying, ‘No,’ and taking Mike. I’m glad we did that.”
(On what grade he would give himself in previous drafts)
“I’m not going to evaluate myself, that’s not my job. I’ll give my staff an A.”
(On how many calls he’s gotten from other teams about trading picks)
“That’s a tough question because like I said, there’s a lot of ‘BS’ going on right now. You don’t know which ones are serious and which ones aren’t, so we’ll figure that out soon. This time of year, we call each other and feel each other out [with questions like],’ If there would be an opportunity, would you be willing depending on who’s on the board?’ All those types of things, there’s a lot of different factors involved. The phone is ringing quite a bit, but I don’t want to say that they’re all serious phone calls.”
(On the biggest draft lesson he’s learned in his four years as Bucs GM)
“If there’s a plyer that you really like and you feel very very confident in, you shouldn’t hesitate to take the player. Sometimes getting cute, moving back, can cost. It goes back to how are you going to feel in bed at night after the first day, the second day? Are you going to feel good or are you going to feel bad that you passed an opportunity to take a guy that you really liked? So, lessons, you learn lessons every year. Sometimes you can fall in love with a player too much too and mortgage your future and give up picks. We haven’t done that, but I’ve restrained from doing that. So maybe, lessons, there’s a lot of them, too many to mention probably. But you learn every year. You grow, you try to get better.”
(On the uncertainty at the top of the draft and whether it makes the process more difficult)
“Once again, it depends on who’s going to be there. You have to go through a ton of scenarios, I don’t want to say more difficult. But sometimes in drafts like these where there is uncertainty, like you said, you have to wait until draft day and be ready for any call that could come.”
(On Penn State’s ability to develop quality players)
“I’m not saying that other schools aren’t developing good players but Penn State does have a pretty good track record of just well-coached [players]. They’re in an area of the country that’s kind of its own state up there. Football is everything. They’re typically very passionate guys that love the game and you come from a program that’s well coached, James Franklin and Bill O’Brien before him, for the guys it’s usually an easier transition. So, we’ve had easy transitions with those players.”
(On last season’s disappointment and how that carries into this year)
“Last year, there’s no sugar-coating the disappointment. I feel like we were a much better team than our record suggested and we’ve talked over and over about the close games that we were in and the ones that we couldn’t find a way to finish. I feel like we’ve added some really quality players that have been in those situations. Not that that’s always the answer but I just love this locker room. I love the heartbeat of this locker room. I love the vibe and I think we’re a lot closer than some people think. I think we have a chance to do something really good.”
(On having a locker room that’s fought through adversity)
“I think any time you can add great character guys it’s going to help you but I think the experience of going through [losing close games helps]. Personally I like guys that hate to lose more than they love to win. So, I think that’s the mentality I kind of can sense throughout this building.”
(On the 2018 schedule release)
“I’m very intrigued with the schedule and then you start playing the game and go, ‘Here’s this team, they didn’t do well last year.’ You can kind of throw that out the window. It never goes like you think it’s going to go. But I like to see who we’re playing. Do we have a stretch of home games? When is the bye? Are we playing on national TV and against who and when? The fan in me comes out when I see it. So yeah, I’m excited to see it.”
(On first round picks that end up not having successful NFL careers)
“I do a lot of self-scouting and a lot of studies on guys that didn’t make it, not just with our own team but with every team. Sometimes it can come down to the location of the team or the environment where he’s at. A guy that’s been on the West Coast going to the East Coast, he’s not really equipped to be that far away from his family. Not all players are like that. Some players want to get away from their family. So, I’ve said it time and time again that most of the time, it comes down to the mentality, the passion, the work ethic, the drive and those are things that get missed.”
(On why the NFL draft is still an inexact science)
“First round, 50%. Second round, about the same. That’s a good question. Trust me, we do a lot of research and studying and try to come up with [answers]. We’re not unlike any other team trying to find that magic solution to be able to look into the mind and soul of a player. If I could figure it out, or someone could figure it out, they’d make a lot of money.”
(On how much he interviews prospects about their opponents)
“I can’t give you a percentage. Of course we ask them about their teammates. I would say that most of them aren’t going to throw their teammates under the bus- I know I probably wouldn’t. It’s a little bit of a fantasy world that you think that just bringing a guy in to talk to him about a teammate would give you a whole lot of depth. Sometimes it works. Sometimes you get some good stuff. It’s more trying to catch these guys off guard. The interview, that 15-minute interview, is just one small slice of the whole thing that we’re doing. We meet with them informally too. We go meet with them at their pro day. We bring them in here for a full day and we put every guy that we bring in here through the same exact process from the time he lands to the time we take him back to the airport. So, we get a lot more out of those full day visits than we do the 15 minutes.”
(On his relationship with other general managers)
“My job here is to make the best decision possible for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It’s not to help a buddy out somewhere else or it’s not to do what’s best for them. So, I’m not saying I would ever lie but sometimes you don’t need to answer questions. So, we talk occasionally, different guys because I’m friendly with all 31 other GMs or head of the personnel departments. So sometimes you get something out of it and sometimes you don’t. But at the same time, we’re all guessing what’s going to happen in the draft.”
(On Sean Payton’s comments regarding this Draft’s quarterbacks)
“That might be his opinion. He’s been in this for a really long time, he’s a really sharp guy.”
(On how often he evaluates different draft scenarios)
“Quite a bit. I was doing it a couple of times today before I came down here. So, often.”
(On running back Saquon Barkley’s visit to One Buccaneer Place)
“We had him in, so there’s some news for you. We don’t broadcast everybody that we bring in but he’s a great player. Everybody I know that’s not even working in football knows that he’s a great player. He’s a great kid, checks all of those boxes but he’s not the only great player in this draft.”
(On why he’s found success with college free agency but not in the last few rounds of the draft)
“Some of those players that we’ve drafted have gone on and made other rosters. Those late round picks, there’s a very small percentage chance that they’re going to make it. Of course every time we make one we don’t say that, that we’re going to take this guy and he doesn’t have a very good chance to make the team. But, you have to make the call. There’s been some of these undrafted guys, like Antony Auclair last year who we came very close to drafting. We just thought that there was a better chance we could get him as a free agent and we could get another guy in the seventh round, Stevie, and get both of them. I can’t really tell you why that has worked out that way. We’re working endlessly to try to fix that and try find more diamonds in the rough down there. Of course I’d love to. You always hear about the ones that do make it. I was a part of a scouting staff where we drafted Julien Edelman in the seventh round. So, that one worked. But for every one that works, there’s a hundred that don’t.”
(On the Tampa Bay Lightning)
“I love it. If it is this Saturday, I might be able to go. I am going to go.”
(On attending the USF spring game)
“Yeah, I went out there to go check those boys out. I am not going to be able to make it to the LSU one this week, so I decided to go out there and check them out, support them a little bit.”
(On Kendell Beckwith’s car accident)
“I really don’t know what happened in the accident. I just know that it was a crazy, freak accident, but he is doing fine. We just talked to him before we went to meetings, his spirit is high. [Since we] are getting back around now, so we are going to go see him, go check him out, keep him up, keep him lifted.”
(On Beckwith’s mindset getting back and healthy)
“His mindset, I know he is trying to fight for the regular season and camp too. So, I know he’s going to be fighting, we are going to be pushing him, keep praying for him. We have his back regardless of what the situation is. We are just going to keep him up, keep him lifted and just let him know that we are here for him.”
(On what he said to Beckwith when he heard of the accident)
“You know, God [doesn’t] make mistakes. Just know you’re going to be back. I broke my ankle too, so I told him it would be fine. Just rehab hard, keep his head right, stay focused and he will be back.”
(On whether Beckwith feels fortunate with the outcome of the accident)
“Kendell is a great guy. What happened is not going to hurt him. He is going to fight through whatever. Whatever he has been through, he has been through an injury already like that before. So, he will be back better and stronger and bigger.”
(On linebacker Adarius Taylor)
“He brings a lot. [Adarius] is coming back from his injury too, so he’s back, he’s healthy. He’s going to be out there playing hard. You all saw him last year when me and Lavonte [David] got hurt. He came in and did a great job. He was on top of everything that he needed to be on top of, so he is going to do a great job. Him and [Devante] Bond are going to be out there together, so we are just going to see what happens.”
(On the new defensive offseason acquisitions Vinny Curry and Jason Pierre-Paul)
“I’m very happy. I am just waiting to see in camp how it’s going to work. I want to see when those pads come on. That is when I am going to know what is going to happen. I know those guys, they have a lot of energy that is going to get after that quarterback, which we need. So, I just can’t wait, I can’t wait.”
(On LSU draft prospects)
“All the LSU guys, I am rooting for all those guys. It’s big, it’s nice to try to take care of their family and stuff to get drafted. It’s a new life, actually. I am just ready to see what team those guys go to, especially the guys that play on offense. If we play against them, they have to see us. I am just excited for them. They are blessed. A lot of people don’t get drafted, so I am waiting to see who will get drafted and those who don’t get drafted, they are going to do their thing too. I know it.”
(On his goals for the offseason)
“My goal this year was eating healthier. I have been eating healthier. I have been eating healthier for three months now, no sweets, no nothing. So, I feel way better than I ever felt. Just being smarter in the game. I have been watching a lot of film, way more film than I have been. I have been sitting in my room just beating myself down in film just watching, especially my bad plays more than my good plays. My great plays actually, excuse me. I would get in trouble if I didn’t say that. I have just been watching my bad plays, seeing the things I need to work on and that’s what I’ve been doing. We have been evaluating ourselves in the meeting rooms, so everything is going to be better.”
(On the hardest food for him to give up)
“Sweets, I love sweets. I like dessert, red velvet cakes, I like cakes and cookies. I see them in the [dining room] and walk right past it. It has been a great mindset for me though. I have been working hard at it. It is hard. I like chicken wings, fried chicken wings, so it has been hard, but I have been going through it.”
(On overcoming injuries last season)
“I kind of felt like myself the second game I got back. I had to get that first game back under me, especially not being able to, for contact and running my feet and all that tackling. So, that second game I got back. That is not anything for me from an injury. I come back from that. I am a soldier regardless. I am going to go out there and play my hardest. I don’t even worry about the injuries anymore. After it happens, it happens and I just put it behind.”
(On new NFL ban on head-on approach tackling)
“It is going to be a change. Nobody wants to be hurt or not be able to play the game again, so obviously we have to change the way we tackle and keeping our head up. That is what we are supposed to do anyway; more grabbing instead of trying to go through somebody, just trying to wrap them up. That is going to make you wrap up better. That is how I feel. It is going to help. It changed the game. It is going to be soft a little bit, but I am still going to bring that thunder like I usually do. I am just going to do it in the right way.”
(On what he believes the defense could benefit the most from in the draft)
“The best player – I just feel like if we get the best player, we are going to surround ourselves. Right now, we have so much energy on our team. It is going to be contagious. Everybody is happy. I have never seen this many people so happy. In the weight room, we are out there running. Everybody is jumping around. It is going to be contagious. That is what we need and we need some more dogs on the team, so whoever comes on the team has to be a dog because I am going to turn them into one if they are not. That is how it is now.”
(On whether LSU running back Derrius Guice has reached out to him for information on the Buccaneers)
“He doesn’t know who is going to draft him. So, whatever team he goes to, he is going to do a great job. He is an animal, he’s a dog. He has fun with the game. If we can get him on our team, I would love it too. He will bring a lot of energy to our team too.”
(On Defensive Coordinator Mike Smith)
“Smith is a great coach. It is up to us to play. He just calls the play. We have to be where we need to be and that starts with communication. We have to get that down pat. That is what we are working on right now is communication and once we get everybody on the same page, we are going to be hard to beat. So, that is the first thing. We are just going to take it one day at a time though and make sure everybody is on the same page. Everybody is just learning the playbook like the back of our hand now. So, we are getting people on the board, people have to go up there and talk to people now on the board and make sure they know what they are doing. So, we are holding a lot of people accountable. So, that is going to help us and be big for us this season.”
(On whether him and Gerald McCoy have talked about holding the defense more accountable)
“Yeah, that’s the first thing that we talked about as soon as we got back in the building is holding everybody accountable. Everybody needs to know what they are doing and being on the same page and like I said, communication. That is one of the biggest things for us, so we are going to do that. As long as we do that, like I said, we are going to be hard to beat.”
(On whether he feels comfortable calling someone out if needed)
“Yeah, I am a leader of this defense. I am the middle linebacker. I speak my mind regardless of what it is and I feel like I should open my mouth more, so I have been doing that more since I got here and that is what I am going to keep doing.”
(On what he learned from his first Pro Bowl)
“Just being able to go. There are a lot of players – I know of some dogs who were supposed to go, especially Lavonte [David]. He was supposed to be there, but I felt great being there, being around. I felt the part. I learned a lot from those guys. Those guys are very smart. It was crazy. People were calling out plays at the game that we had not even studied. They just called them out, especially [Arizona cornerback] Pat Pete [Patrick Peterson]. He is very smart, so he’s calling out plays, he is picking the ball. We are like, ‘Dang boy, you are smart for real.’ There are a lot of smart players in that game and a lot of good players that I learned a lot from.”
(On becoming a more vocal leader)
“I will do it more if I have to. Obviously I don’t’ think we’re going to need that this year. Like I said, everyone is being held accountable for what they need to be doing. So if they’re not doing it, then I’m going to get on their butt regardless of whoever it is. I’m going to be a leader of this team and I’m going to let people know I’m a leader of this team. I feel like everybody is behind me 100% and I’m going to be behind them 100% too. As long as we’re on the same page and if I have to get on somebody’s butt, I ‘m going to say it in a respectful way, not in a disrespectful way. I don’t want it to be anything else. I’m a man, he’s a man too, so as long as we’re cool, everything will be smooth.”
(On defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul)
“I don’t know. I only know about the players that I’ve played with. I know he’s a great player, he’s going to get at the quarterback, he’s going to stop the run. I just can’t wait to get out there. I heard he has a lot of energy out there on the field and that’s what we need on the D-Line, a lot more energy. I just can’t wait for whatever he brings to the table. I’m with him 100 percent.”
(On growing maturity on the defense)
“We have a couple of young guys on the defense. I feel like all of our young guys on that defense are going to come back. I feel like they’re ready now. After that first year you get everything under your belt and that second year, it’s a lot different. It’s a little smoother, a little slower. They did a great job last year. They had a couple of mess ups but you’re going to do that as a rookie. They got smarter and when they go to the board, they know what they’re doing. When they get to that board, they know what they’re going to be doing too.”
(On defensive end Noah Spence)
“That man got swole, he got swole. He’s going to be ready. He looks very powerful. That’s what he wants to be, powerful. He hasn’t lost a step. He’s eating healthy and doing everything he’s supposed to do. He just can’t wait to get back on the field. He hasn’t been on the field so he can’t wait. He’s going to go out there and dominate, I know he is.”
(On not listening to ‘outsiders’ and taking the offseason one day at a time)
“Like I said, I’m going to just take it one day at a time because everyone wants to see how close we are and this and that. If we just take it one day at a time, we’re going to get to where we need to be. That’s what I think our goal is, to take it one day at a time and not listen to the outsiders. We believe in each other and hold each other accountable and we’re going to do our thing.”
(On if the team listened to ‘outsiders’ last season)
“I don’t know, man. I can only speak for myself. I’m not in anybody else’s body so I can only speak for myself. I didn’t. I believe in my team regardless of if we lose or win but we need to have more wins than losses. I believe in us and I feel like we’re going to do a great job.”
(On comparisons between defensive tackles Gerald McCoy and Warren Sapp)
“Gerald and Sapp are two different people. Sapp is more of a trash talker and he’s going to get in your face. Gerald is more of a guy who is going to dog you and he doesn’t have to be mean. He’s going to hit you. He might help you up because he’s just Gerald, he’s a great person. I feel like this year he’s going to put a lot more dog into it. I already talked about it. I said, ‘Hey I need you to have a little more dog,’ but he’s going to get to it. He’s a great player, as y’all know. He’s All-Pro, always going to the [Pro Bowl] so, he’s going to do a great job. Just wait and see, you’re going to see him.”
(On encouraging McCoy to be more of a trash talker during games)
“He’s already a dog, but he’s just not a talker. I’m a talker. I’ll talk trash every play. That’s what I’m built off of. I’ve been doing that since little league. So, everybody is different, everybody plays the game different. He’s just a different guy, man. You can’t just change somebody because you want them to change. He’s still going to get at the quarterback and make big plays. I’m just going to try to get him to talk more smack. Do a little something. He’s a great player, man. He’s going to do an awesome job this year.”

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