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31 May 2018

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Media Availability (5/31/18)

Below is a selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today’s earlier media availability:
Head Coach Dirk Koetter
Cornerback Carlton Davis III
Center Ryan Jensen
(On practice without pads and contact)
"It's just underwear football. There's certain rules that govern us this time of year. Guys can't really go all-out; they can go close. We do the best we can under the rules and we find out – we do definitely find out what guys know and, some of the young guys, what they don't know. But it's just part of the process."
(On two-minute drill periods in practice)
"We had officials with us here this week. So we've had a full NFL officiating crew here all week, so we wanted to take advantage of that and we got a couple two-minute offense sessions in. Yesterday we had to go in the indoor because of the weather. It was great having the officials here. We'll practice two-minute without officials but it's just a lot more productive when they're here, throwing their flags and they're spotting the ball and all that stuff."
(On how helpful it is for the young players to have NFL officials around)
"Well, I think [it's helpful] especially for the college guys to kind of get used to the rules. We had the officials in our meetings today; we had film clips; we talked about the new helmet rule; a lot of talk about OPI, DPI, illegal contact, offensive holding, defensive holding. Some of the rules are just different than they are in college. It's a chance to get interpretations on the new rules and then for the new guys to get adjusted."
(On the value of joint practices with another team during training camp)
"I think the main thing that people try to get out of those joint practices is – training camp is a fairly long process and it doesn't take too long for the players to get tired of going against each other. I mean, even out here, you're going [against] the same matchups every day. When you're the right guard for the Buccaneers and the two guys you're going against are Gerald McCoy and Vita Vea every day, you want to go against somebody else. As an offense and defense, we want to go against different schemes. The Bucs' 'O' playing the Bucs' 'D,' we sort of know each other's tendencies. So you want to see some different things, and then we also get officials so we play some situations. It's just good crossover work and we're thankful that the Titans are going to let us work with them, and I think there will be an announcement coming pretty quick on the details of that."
(On the new helmet contact rule)
"Right now, they're putting out a series of videos. We've only seen the first series, and as you might expect, the first series are clips – a couple of those clips went back as far as five years ago and they're the most violent ones that everybody with the naked eye could see. We don't want those plays in football. I think that everybody kind of assumes that they're going to call every single bump every time a guy's helmet touches somebody, and it's still football. Like the officials told us, they're still working through it. So this series of videos that we're getting, I'm sure that's going to continue all the way up to the first game. That's what's great about having preseason games, that there's a little bit of a feeling-out period. But nobody wants the violent helmet-to-helmet shots in football. Those are the ones we want out. When they showed us those at the owners' meetings, there might have only been eight or 10 of them all year. Like I said, those are the ones that are easy. Everybody wants those out of the game."
(On what he has seen from center Ryan Jensen)
"Ryan has fit right in, number one. He's fit right in with our other guys. You can tell that he's a gritty player, and that's something that we were looking for in all the guys that we added. Because he's got experience, he's a smart player, even though he's adjusting from the Ravens' system to our system, he's really picked things up quickly. You can just tell that he's going to make us pretty – with him and Ali [Marpet] inside and however it ends up at right guard, it's going to make us pretty solid inside."
(On rookie cornerback Carlton Davis)
"Yeah, Carlton again – I get asked about it almost every time – Carlton, he's off to one of the fastest starts of the rookies. He gets thrown out there a lot just because of who's here and who's not here at corner. He's getting a lot of reps. He's getting a lot of reps against some good receivers. What he's shown is that he plays the ball probably better than I thought he did coming off his tape. We knew he was a good bump-and-run player. You can't really play true bump-and-run during Phase 3, so he's having to play a little bit more off and I think he's getting better."
(On it not being as oppressively hot now as it will be during training camp)
"It was oppressive today. Really, add six or seven degrees, this is training camp today. I think the guys adjust pretty fast to that. In training camp, we practice in the morning, so today's as tough as it gets. It was warm out there today."
(On if the cornerbacks will do more press coverage in training camp)
"Oh yeah. Yeah, absolutely."
(On if he's had any contact with cornerback Brent Grimes and defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul)
"Yeah, all kinds, all kinds. Brent Grimes was here two days this week; he just wasn't here today. And I've talked to those guys quite often. Brent Grimes has been here off and on and, yeah, we're in contact."
(On if Pierre-Paul has been at team headquarters)
"He has been here. Yeah, he's been here, and I'm sure he'll be here for the mandatory mini-camp."
(On if the NFL and players should agree on mandatory offseason practices)
"Well, that's not for me to say. Right now, it's not mandatory so that's what the rule is. I know you guys find it hard to believe that the NFL doesn't come ask me to make the rules for them, but they don't. So I've got to live with the rules they got."
(On wide receiver Bobo Wilson)
"Yeah, Bobo's having one of the best offseasons of anybody. I said at the end of last year he was one of the most improved players. Two guys, receiver-wise, that stick out almost every day are Bobo Wilson and Freddie Martino. They're going with the second group because we've got four guys going with the first group. So they get to go with Fitz [Ryan Fitzpatrick] and with Griff [Ryan Griffin], whoever's working the second quarterback that day, and they're getting a lot of balls thrown to them. Bobo has gone from a guy that could only play one position to a guy that could play all three, which helps his chances. He's just become so much more coachable. Part of that is knowing what you're doing, it makes it easier to play fast, and he has no problem playing fast."
(On rookie guard Alex Cappa getting the system down and being more of a ‘brawler’ type)
"He is, but like you said, training those guys – back to the Ryan Jensen question, there's a handful of guys on both sides of the ball that are going to play better in full pads than they play how we're playing right now. In real football, that plays to his strengths more. But as far as picking it up and being a sharp guy, being the right kind of guy, he's off to a good start."
(On what he's seen from DT Vita Vea so far)
"What we've seen is a guy that his weight definitely has not affected him. He's got an excellent motor and he is a very strong human being. You can ask those guards that are playing against him… It's impressive, his strength."
(On if defensive end Will Gholston has lost weight)
"He's lost weight. He's down somewhere between 10 and 15 pounds from last year. We thought he got too heavy last year, he agreed and he did a really good job of slimming it down. He looks good out there. He's another guy that fits into that category, better in pads than in underwear."
(On if defensive end Noah Spence has gained weight)
"Noah has gained a lot of weight. Last I checked, Noah was 257. He was down in one point at training camp in the 230s last year. He looks good."
(On if that weight is a target weight for Spence)
"He's pretty close to where he needs to be. He's going to be somewhere between 253 and 259, probably."
(On his comfort with the playbook)
“I’m a lot more comfortable just as far as the schemes. Every day I feel like you get more comfortable with the playbook. With the installs we’re putting in, we kind of went over them during rookie minicamp so the second time around is a lot more comfortable.”
(On the caliber of players he is guarding during practice compared to college)
“In the SEC, there’s a lot of great players, but nothing compares to the NFL. We have some great receivers, not even on the first team, but also on the second team. I really enjoy competing against those guys every day and I look forward to competing against those guys to get better with every rep I take.”
(On if his energy on draft night was because of excitement or part of his personality)
“I can say both. As you know, [draft night] was a really emotional time for me. I was hyped up and thrilled to be a part of this organization. A part of that is me, especially on the field. That’s kind of my game. Just to play with energy and play with confidence and passion.”
(On adjusting to the NFL)
“It’s a dream come true. Not everything is peaches and cream, but it’s definitely a dream come true for me and I’m happy to be here. It’s a huge help for me not to go to school and concentrate on football. Just being able to focus on football all day and all night is a good thing for me. I’m going to be able to really up my game this way.”
(On rookie offensive lineman Alex Cappa)
“Alex, he’s a smart football player. He’s in his playbook all the time. Every time I walk into the meeting room, he’s been in there for five or 10 minutes already going over the day’s install and stuff like that. He’s really into it.”
(On offensive line chemistry)
“With everything, it takes a little bit of time. Going into our sixth OTA today, we’re starting to mesh better and the communication is big in the way we communicate with each other. Having a couple of new pieces in there makes it a little tough but we’re getting there.”
(On personalities of the offensive linemen)
“The chemistry with personalities and stuff like that, we’re all a younger group. We can relate with each other really well. We hang out outside of football and stuff like that so the chemistry is very big on the offensive line and we’re really starting to click.”
(On what it’s been like working with quarterback Jameis Winston through OTAs)
“Jameis, it’s been great. It’s been a little bit different. Jameis takes a little bit more control of things, mic points, etc. where I was used to doing everything. Getting that chemistry with Jameis is really starting to come along. He plays off of me and I’m starting to play off of him and it’s been good. We’ve been getting that chemistry down.”

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