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07 June 2018

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Media Availability (6/7/18)

Below is a selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today’s earlier media availability:
Head Coach Dirk Koetter
Tight End Cameron Brate
Defensive End Noah Spence
(On this week’s practices)
“The defense got the better of it today. We got a lot of red zone this whole week. This is our only week where we work for four days and we did a ton of red zone work. The way it worked out is defense got the best of it today but I think offense also got some really good work this week.”
(On trying more of the run-pass option)
“I think everybody in the league is probably going to do more of it this year. The success that Philly had, it’s a copycat league.”
(On what he wants to see from defensive end Noah Spence during mini-camp)
“I’m pretty sure Noah’s ready to go. Nothing in next few weeks, it’s when we put the pads on. Noah’s just had a hard time staying healthy, two unfortunate injuries. He did all he could do, he got them fixed. So, he’s taking care of his body. He has his weight where it needs to be. Physically, he looks great out there.”
(On Defensive Line Coach Brentson Buckner addressing the defensive line before the ‘individual’ period of practice)
“Coaches coach, players play. It’s football. Guys get yelled at sometimes and guys get praised other times. There’s nothing unusual about that. When I started playing little league it was like that and it’s still like that in the NFL. So, there’s nothing unusual about that.”
(On Gerald McCoy’s comments that this year’s practices feel “different”)
“Gerald, I can’t comment on something I didn’t hear him say, but the guys are working hard. There’s no question, they’re working hard. You can only do certain things in OTAs and we’ve got a long way to go. But, the guys are definitely working hard. I like their attitude.”
(On wide receiver Bernard Reedy)
“I talked to him a little bit about it [his last season with the Patriots]. Bernard made our team last year so him being back, I would just say for the rest of the receivers, that just puts one more guy in the competition. Competition at every position is good.”
(On if he senses a different feeling in the practices this year)
“Definitely. Coming off of a disappointing year last year, you can definitely sense something different in the facility. Maybe there’s a little more sense of urgency. Everybody knows how big this year is for everyone in the building. All of the players can feel it, the coaches feel it. So, I think there is that sense of urgency. It does feel a little bit different this year, for sure.”
(On if the extra work the offense put in during the offseason was planned or organic)
“Probably more organic, I’d say. That does usually fall on the leaders of the team, on the captains. Speaking for the offense, we did get together a couple of times this offseason. It was definitely very organized compared to the past and that was spearheaded by Jameis [Winston]. That stuff, that goes such a long way, putting in time in the offseason, getting that head start on the spring training. I really think it has paid dividends so far. You guys aren’t out here every day but Jameis’ deep ball, I will say, looks pretty special so far this spring. That’s just a testament to him and the receivers getting together this offseason.”
(On what he likes about the run-pass option)
“We did kind of steal some of those concepts, or at least some of those ideas, from the Eagles, the Rams - some of the offenses that did have a ton of success last year. [We’re] just kind of watching what they did on film and seeing what was successful for them. That’s just coming from the college game. They took it from someone else, like you said, a copycat league. We’re trying out different things, seeing if we can spread out the field a little bit more, put a little more stress on the linebackers whether it’s going to be a run or a pass. So, that will only help our offense, I think. We’ll see how that goes.”
(On how his shoulder feels)
"I feel great, man. It's a blessing that I got the surgery I got, with the Latarjet. It's a lot different. It's a lot different. It's a little more intense but it's a lot better, though."
(On what he can do with a healthy shoulder)
"I can do a lot more moves. I can hold the edge a lot better – just a lot more power stuff."
(On how the recovery process was different this time after the Latarjet procedure)
"It was a lot longer and a lot more intense. I had to stay still for a lot longer because it was a big surgery. It went great, though."
(On having surgery during the season last year rather than after it)
"I think that was a blessing. I think that was the biggest thing, that it happened during the season and not after the season so I wouldn't be struggling to get back for the next season. Since it happened during the season I had all of the rest of the season to get healed up and a whole offseason to stay right, keep rehabbing and get ready for the season."
(On having some new veterans on the defensive line to help him learn)
"I grew up watching JPP [Jason Pierre-Paul] and Vinny [Curry] a lot, and it's crazy that I'm on the same team as them now. It's just a blessing to be able to learn from them, talk to them in the locker room and just get little tips from them to play defensive line better."
(On having depth on the defensive line)
"Like I said, it's a blessing. I feel like them dudes bring a different type of energy. Like, Vinny's always talking; he's a new type of animal for the defense and he just gives us all energy when we get on the field. You've got dudes like that are just talking all the time and telling us to get better, get better – you can't lose."
(On if he has something to prove this year)
"You've always got something to prove. I mean, it's the NFL."
(On what he's done differently to add weight)
"Just eating habits, working out a lot more. I eat like 10 meals a day now, and like seven different shakes throughout the day. Last year I got down to 228 during camp. Now I'm at 257 so I'm feeling a lot better."
(On his meals)
"I've got Meal Prep, so it's like different stuff every day. Like a starch, steak, vegetables, I don't know. Big portions, though."
(On new Defensive Line Coach Brentson Buckner)
"Yeah, he's more intense but you need a coach like that. You need somebody to push you all along and tell y'all when you're doing wrong and not so much what you're doing right. Keep trying to be the best person you can be. He's like a big blessing for us. He's different, but he's a great coach. No favorites, no favorites. He's real, like, straight-on."
(On a deeper defensive line rotation potentially reducing everyone's number of reps)
"I think it's going to make us better, though, because with less reps we're going to be not as tired when we get out there so we can play our best. It's going to be better, I feel like – less people tired, less injuries, so it's going to be good."
(On a different atmosphere at One Buccaneer Place this year)
"There's definitely more energy. I feel like everybody knows what's expected now. We feel different. We feel like more of a team, I feel like. We're talking more, everybody's trying to help each other out. I just feel like last season was a blessing for us because it showed us what we didn't want to be anymore."
(On how it felt to watch the Buccaneers rank last in the NFL in sacks last year)
"You know that hurt. You know that hurt, but it pushed me to be a lot better this season. It pushed me to step up my eating habits and step up my study habits and try to be the best person I can be on and off the field."
(On what he means when he says it feels like more of a team this year)
"Like I said, we're talking more, we hang out outside of the facility more. We're just more of a team atmosphere, more of a family now."

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