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12 May 2018

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rookie Mini-Camp Media Availability (5/12/18)

Below is a selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today’s earlier media availability:
Head Coach Dirk Koetter
Cornerback Carlton Davis III
Offensive Lineman Alex Cappa
(On offensive lineman Alex Cappa’s ability to play multiple positions)
“Yeah, definitely. That’s one of the things we liked about him. A lot of these smaller school guys play left tackle for their school, but they’re projected somewhere else. We really feel like he’s a guy that could play across the line. In his college days, he did practice some as a center too and as you know, on game day when we’ve got seven up, they have to be able to play more than one position. So, we’re going to primarily work him as a guard, but we’re going to work with him at everything. So he’d be a right guard/right tackle, center for right now.”
(On Cappa’s football intelligence)
“He’s sharp, very sharp. That’s one thing; when you don’t have the pads on, the thing you can learn about these guys is how sharp they are and how quick they pick up, how naturally football comes to them. He’s one that definitely fits in that category.”
(On Cappa coming from a small school like Humboldt State)
“What most people don’t realize is how many college play football. I mean, we have a young corner here that didn’t even play his senior year of high school and then played at a small school. We have a couple of NAIA guys. There’s just a lot of schools that are playing football that are not on national TV every week. So, that’s where Jason [Licht’s] scouts, you have your regional scouts out there are beating the bushes. Sometimes when they come across some smaller guys, they keep their mouth shut. They’re not spreading the word. It just depends. You never know how it’s going to work out, but sometimes it does.”
(On how cornerback Carlton Davis has looked)
“After looking at the tape last night, Carlton probably had one of the best days on defense of anybody out there yesterday. He did a good job. We already knew he was a good player in press coverage, but we wanted to see him play some off coverage as well. He did a really good job. His form tackling-for football on air-was good. We were fired up about the way he played yesterday.”
(On if you can see Davis’ physicality even without pads on)
“Definitely. Just his body type, his length, you can definitely see that.”
(On safety Jordan Whitehead’s performance in camp so far)
“Unfortunately he had a little hamstring tweak today so he didn’t get to do anything today. But when you watch him on the Pittsburgh film, he is a little bit undersized. He is a little bit more like a corner than a safety. They used him as a halfback on offense. He carried the ball a lot on outside running plays and he really showed toughness. Just because a guy is maybe five or six pounds off for what the ideal positon weight is, that doesn’t mean he’s not tough enough to play. So, we’ll see what happens.”
(If there have been players that have stood out thus far)
“Of course there’s always stuff that stands out. There’s always stuff that stands out, both positive and negative. We’re excited about the draft picks. The guys that we keep on top of the draft picks, they get to stay here for the next five weeks, so they’ll be working with the vets on Monday and this is just kind of the kickoff to that. So, we’ll get a lot more of a look when they’re working with the veterans starting on Monday.”
(On linebacker Jack Cichy’s recovery from a torn ACL)
“He’s doing everything. He’s wearing that big knee brace. He’s still coming off of an ACL, but he’s doing everything. He’s fully cleared for everything and he looks fine now.”
(On if they’ll have four quarterbacks in camp and if one of these rookies will be one of them)
“Yes, probably. I think so.”
(On a forced fumble he had today during practice)
“Yeah, so that is just something that Coach preached in the meetings and I try my best to take what we talk about in the meetings and take it to the field and just make the most of my opportunities out here.”
(On whether he has been nervous or excited during camp so far)
“Yes, it is a bit of both. I was nervous at first coming out here, being my first day not knowing what to expect, but after a couple plays, it’s just like you were playing football when you were younger. Football is still football no matter what stage you are on and we are just out here having fun.”
(On how difficult it is playing without pads)
“You can kind of see that out here some guys not being disciplined to play the right way, but we are in the NFL now. It’s a business, so we have to take care of each other and you are hoping that your teammates are willing to take care of you, so you just have to learn how to practice the right way and that is it.”
(On his plans for his first NFL offseason)
“I am not sure how it will go. It is my first time as you all know. Hopefully, it’s my first experience and it will be an exciting one. We are in a new journey and new things that I will learn, so I am just happy to be here and I am just happy to be able to experience it with these type of veterans around me.”
(On whether he knows if he will be playing on the left and right side)
“Well, to be honest with you, I can’t really tell you how the depth chart works. It’s just getting reps. I am not sure if there is any order in that, but we are all just getting reps and just get it the best way we can with the guys that we have in the room. So, to be honest, I don’t know where I’m at on the depth chart or what side I will be playing on. We are just getting reps.”
(On whether he can play on the right side)
“I can play on any side.”
(On the biggest learning difference at defensive back so far from college to NFL)
“Well, the way I learned DB in college initially was I played on and off, so I played press and off and then my last two years, I played a lot of press-man. So, just coming here, it takes time to just getting back to playing off and get comfortable with it. So, it wasn’t a huge step for me, but I guess I am back acclimated with it and I am comfortable now.”
(On whether he is vocal on the field)
“Yeah, you can ask some of my teammates. I just love the game. I have a lot of passion for it and I feel like when you play corner, you have to have a lot of confidence and you have to always believe in yourself because without that, you are kind of dead out there. It’s a position where you are on your own a lot and without confidence, you might not be as good as you think you are.”
(On if he thinks it's important to play with a ‘mean streak’)
"I feel like it's the most important thing for an offensive lineman. You've got to be able to compete and be physical, but really that's just how you play the game."
(On if he has followed the career of teammate Ali Marpet, who also came from a smaller school)
"Yeah, I've definitely followed his career. I haven't accomplished what he has yet, but I definitely can't wait to meet him and learn from him, for sure."
(On what he knows about Marpet and what he's done)
"It's just cool to see him because he's another guy from a small school and a guy who came in and not only competed quite well but has sustained that now for a few years. So I think I can learn from him."
(On what he thinks of the rookie mini-camp)
"It's been fun. It's a lot of obviously just learning the offense, learning the vernacular and everything like that. Just being exposed to more every day and trying to learn."
(On if it's frustrating to be a physical player in a camp without pads or contact)
"Yeah, I think everybody wants to wear pads. It's good though; it makes it more mental, which is good and you can focus on the details."
(On the plans to have him play all five offensive line positions)
"You've just got to come in and learn everything you can so that way you can apply it everywhere. You've got to be versatile as an offensive lineman. You only carry seven or eight guys; that's just the way it is."
(On everybody now having the same chance no matter how they got here)
"Hey, we're all here, so let's see what happens."

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