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28 April 2017

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2017 Second Round Draft Pick Conference Call (4/28/17)

(On the level of interaction he had with the Buccaneers during the draft process)
“I talked to them at the combine and then I had a meeting with them, with me and Coach [Brett] Maxie and then I took a visit up there. So, I had some contact with them. It wasn’t overly aggressive, but I definitely had a lot of contact with them.”
(On his strengths as a safety)
“I definitely feel like I’m an all-around safety that’s playmaking, tackling, instincts – whatever comes with that, I feel like I’ve got all the tools for that.”
(On attending junior college and the path he took to get to the NFL Draft)
“Coming out of high school I had no offers so I went the ‘JUCO’ route. Obviously, it was a different route than a lot of kids take, but I believed in it, I trusted in myself, trusted in God and I always felt like I could accomplish my goals. So at the end of the day, that’s what I was trying to accomplish.”
(On if wrapping up with his tackles was something he tried to improve on last season)
“Yeah, definitely. I had a lot of missed tackles so that will be one of my main focuses, is being a better pursuit tackler. I know if I do that then my game will go even higher, so that’ll definitely be the main part.”
(On if he’s disappointed he wasn’t drafted in the first round)
“No. I mean, you look at yourself, you always think very highly of yourself so obviously, I would think I’d be a first rounder. But first round, second round or further, skip to the third or fourth round, on the inside I would’ve just been blessed to have had that opportunity because I’m going to give the same work ethic. I’m going to make the same plays than if I went first, second, third, fourth or fifth, so to me, it’s just a blessing.”
(On now being a teammate of tight end O.J. Howard instead of facing him in the SEC)
“He’s definitely a very talented guy. When we played them I was matched up on him a few times so we’ll be on the same team this year. We’ll still be going against each other, competing in practice, but I definitely think he’s a great, great athlete.”
(On how soon he thinks he can crack the starting lineup at safety for Tampa Bay)
“My focus point, I’m coming in right away... I’m just coming in with a humble mindset, working hard, learning the scheme, the playbook… but I definitely view myself as a starter.”

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