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01 September 2017

Washington Redskins Postgame Quotes (8/31/17)

(On quarterback Nate Sudfeld’s performance)
“Nate did some good things. He missed a couple throws that I am sure he wished he had back but for the amount of reps he’s received in training camp and all that stuff, to go out there and perform the way he did, I thought he led the team well. Got them in and out of the huddle, good tempo, and did good enough to win the game.”
(On wide receiver Maurice Harris’ performance)
“‘Mo’ did a nice job. He came in here – he’s missed some time with his injury – and he came in here and competed and made some big plays. He had a great catch on the deep curl route and made a big play on the quick strike or deep slant or whatever you want to call it, so I am happy he played well.”
(On running back Mack Brown’s chance of making the roster)
“I think, like all these guys, it’s a process. It is not just tonight, it is the body of work that he’s put in and he has done some really good things, he really has – not only at running back but also on special teams. We’ll take everything into account and when it is all said and done it comes down to numbers, how many you’re going to keep at each position. We’ll have to wait and find that out tomorrow.
(On the play of the defensive line)
“Yeah, [they] did a nice job there at the end, too. I was just happy the way they all flew around on defense, really. These guys were competing and it was fun to watch, I was happy for them. [Nico] Marley did some good things, obviously. Josh Harvey-Clemons had an interception and made some plays at linebacker. [Stefan] McClure made some big hits, [Jeremiah] McKinnon made some big plays at corner. [Tevin] Homer did some good things. I just liked the way they were playing with great energy and great effort and they laid it all on the line and I am proud of them for that.
(On how much he’ll be watching other teams’ roster cuts)
“We have a full staff that’s on board with that and they have been watching. From training camp on, they have been studying other teams. We are not just going to wait for the waiver wire and look at it and say, ‘Oh my gosh, these guys are prepared?’ They are anticipating what is going to happen around the league and there will be a few surprises, obviously, but for the most part they are prepared and ready.”
(On what tonight’s game taught him about his team)
“I just love their effort and their passion for the game. The guys who weren’t playing were involved in the game, the guys that were playing were just competing at a very high level. Defensively, playing their tails off. Kind of felt that already, but people who say this is a meaningless game should watch that film, especially our defense.”
(On the performance of their draft picks since the start of training camp)
“I think all of them – that’s part of the reason we drafted them, for the high character and the motor that they played with in college. Jonathan Allen and Ryan Anderson – him and Josh Harvey and [Joshua] Hosley at Auburn, they have a great passion for the game. Fabian [Moreau] and [Montae] Nicholson, coming off the injuries faster than normally and coming out here and playing and competing and doing well. All of those guys are going to have an impact on our football team, hopefully.”
(On Defensive Backs Coach Torrian Gray)
“He has been great, he has been great. Obviously, Florida Gators and Virginia Tech, so we have had a couple guys that played for him, Kyshoen Jarrett and [Kendall] Fuller both played for him so they had high marks for him and high reviews for him and he hasn’t been a disappointment. He has learned the system. He is a great coach, he is a great fundamental guy and we are happy to have him.”
(On playing in the fourth preseason game)
“It felt good. Early in the game when I jumped, I kind of did something. I don’t know what I did, but it was kind of sore the rest of the game. But I had to get my mind right and tell God, ‘I need to finish this game so I can give myself the best chance to make somebody’s team.’ I’m thankful the Redskins brought me in two and a half years ago and whatever happens, happens. But, I’m definitely going to be playing football soon somewhere.”
(On if he feels like he did enough to make the team)
“You know what, one game doesn’t determine my fate. We go hard every single day going in camp, so whatever happens, happens. I leave my hands in God’s hands, so I’m encouraged. I’m not discouraged, I’m thankful.”
(On what worked well in the run game)
“I just think when you are in a game, you got to have a groove. Everybody’s got to be on one accord. When a guy gets down, they get offside or – like [when] I fumbled – tell the next guy, ‘Let’s get it.’ In the huddle, you’ve got to dap each other up and you’ve got to keep that groove going. That’s the main thing. You play as one team, everything works.”
(On advice from veterans)
“No, not really. I always ask them questions and they tell me ‘You do everything in practice right. You make plays, you just have to get the carries.’ They just told me to run like I do in practice.
(On if this feels like end of the preseason)
“I don’t know. Last year I was the fourth back so every day in practice I’m going like training camp. Twenty carries a practice. I just know how to go hard, that’s it.”
(On his 41-yard interception return for touchdown)
“It felt great, it was a play action pass. It’s something we work on as linebackers all the time. Once you feel the flow of the running back and it’s a play action. I turned, found the crossing receiver and I got up under him. The quarterback, I don’t know if he saw me or not, but he threw it right to me and I had great blockers on the play.”
(On energy between the linebacker group)
“It felt great. Those guys are great competitors, they’re great leaders. They were with me the whole game, especially Zach [Zach Vigil] and Mason [Mason Foster] telling me different reads and keys and stuff like that to be looking for a as a linebacker. Those guys have done a great job all camp with leading and I’m just following that lead and trying to make plays.”
(On his opinion on his last performance before final roster cuts)
“I feel great. I missed a couple of sacks at the beginning. I was kind of down about that, but it’s part of the game. You just have to keep playing the next play. Our defense played great and we held up tonight and that’s all you can ask for.”
(On the defensive performance overall)
 “I felt like we played great as a whole defense. We shut them [Tampa Bay] out the first half and then we gave them a touchdown late in the second half. We held them on the last drive from tying it up, winning or taking it to overtime. So I felt like overall we played together. We made the plays we needed to make down the stretch to win the ball game.”
(On his mental state approaching final roster cuts)
“It’s tough, but just got to pray and hope for the best. Hopefully your film shows that you deserve to make the 53.”
(On team’s performance)
“I thought it was a pretty solid night, pretty efficient for the most part in terms of moving the ball, but disappointed that we weren’t able to get more points. For whatever reason, we were kind of getting bogged down at the end of drives. But we were moving the ball, which is good. But again, we need to finish. So it was a solid night overall, but a lot to improve on.”
(On if he did enough to earn a roster spot)
“That’s out of my control. I’m really not worried about that, nothing I can do to control that. But, I will say that I had a blast competing with the guys I was playing with. They fought their butts off, it was a special night to play with those guys.”
(On his ability to carry out game plan)
“I feel very confident. I’m very prepared and whenever I get an opportunity I feel ready for it. It was really fun to kind of get into the flow of the ups and downs of the game. Seeing looks, coverages, going through drives. I had a blast tonight, it was a good time.”

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