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26 November 2014

Week 13 Conference Call Transcripts: vs. Cincinnati (11/30/14)

(On the edge their special teams gives them)
“I think our guys have done a good job thus far this season of ball placement by our specialists and I think our guys in the return game have done a good job of making positive gains and we’re just trying to gain a little bit of field position through that every time.”
(On being able to be with the same team for 12 years as the head coach)
“Obviously I’ve been blessed to be able to basically to have worked here for 12 seasons and I’ll continue to work on our number one goal and that’s being world champions. Mike Brown and I have had a great relationship over that time and we have come to a great working relationship through things and times. It’s been good and it has worked well.”
(On the changes at head coaching positions throughout the NFL)
“I can’t comment on their things. Obviously none of our jobs are promised beyond that particular year and even if that. It’s a win at all cost, all the time situation, but you’ve got to have at some point, somebody thinks when you continue to change philosophies and coaches and personnel, I think you’re going to have some setback.”
(On why they haven’t been able to win in the postseason)
“The other team had more points at the end of the game. That’s the only reason and that’s what you have to do, you’ve got to figure out a way to get them stopped and you not turn the ball over and score more.”
(On if he’s thought about the playoff losses)
“Actually, I don’t sit and reflect upon those games. I get ready for what’s important now and that’s this week against the Bucs.”
(On if he’s sees Tampa Bay improving on film)
“You see a football team that’s improving all of the time. Unfortunately, you’re right, we don’t always get the wins and season that you want and the way it’s going to end up. It’s hard when it doesn’t work that way, but you see them laying the foundation of what Lovie [Smith] was doing and it’s working out that way. I know if you go back to 1996 in Tony [Dungy]’s first year, they ended up winning the last five games of the regular season and that continued to be the foundation that they were built upon. You’ve got to start to build and Lovie’s trying to put his plan in place and build upon it.”
(On Tampa Bay tackle Anthony Collins and defensive end Michael Johnson)
“They were great guys for us and they were guys who grew up here and helped us and did a lot of great things here. We were happy for them and unfortunately at some point I think that’s why the NFL system is so good. Guys have an opportunity to test the market and see what happens. Both guys chose to move on and we would have loved to have had them back here, they moved on, we lost Clinton [McDonald] earlier. They have three guys that started their career with us and we feel great about all of those guys. I’m so happy for them and their careers because when they were here with us, they busted their tails.”
(On Tampa Bay defensive tackle Clinton McDonald)
“He is a high motor guy, high intelligence – he’s what you want, he’s like a rock. It’s ironic that he and Michael [Johnson] were best of buddies. When we ended up trading Clint from here to Seattle and it was like Mike lost his best buddy. It’s interesting that they’re reunited again.”
(On coaching Tampa Bay Defensive Coordinator Leslie Frazier)
“Leslie is really an excellent coach and he was one of the first people that I reached out to when I got the job here and he’s gone on to do great things. He has a very calm demeanor and a guy that guys are going to get ready to play for.”
(On defensive tackle Geno Atkins)
“He’s working hard at it, he’s coming back and he’s doing things well. He hasn’t necessarily had the pass rush production that he would like to have or that he would like to have, but people still pay a lot of attention to Geno. We’re happy with his progress and ready for him to continue down the road as more time on task.”
(On how the return of wide receiver A.J. Green has helped the offense)
“He’s one of the best guys on this team and one of the best receivers in the NFL, so when you get a guy like that back in the offense and get him going early, it’s big. It’s nice having him back and he’s definitely helping us out.”
(On what Tampa Bay’s defense has recently shown that gives him cause for concern)
“They’ve been playing well. Some of those things, they’re really sound in what they do. Whether it be the drops that they’re taking – they know what they’re doing, they know how to play certain routes. You’ve got to be sharp. You can’t wait too long for things because they play their guys to the quarterback really well. You’ve just got to be smart with where you’re going with the ball.”
(On if he would say he is hitting his groove after coming off two wins in-a-row)
“We’ve been playing better, but we still have a lot out there that we can do better. We feel like we’ve just got to keep improving and keep getting better each week.”
(On what makes the combination of himself and Green work so well)
“We’ve played together for a while now. Just got a good understanding of where he’s going to be and the way he’s doing things, and just giving him a chance to go make plays. He’s got such a wide catch radius that you can kind of put it anywhere around him and he’s going to go make the play. It’s just understanding that. We’re trying to be good at what we do and we’re trying to do everything how we’re coached. It’s why we’re making plays.”
(On how it feels to have both Green and wide receiver Mohamed Sanu)
“It’s been good. When A.J. went down, Mo [Sanu] really picked up and kind of filled that role. That was big for us to have a guy do that. It’s nice having both those guys. I mean, if all the focus is going to be on A.J., then Mo is able to get some single coverage and going to get him open.”
(On how the competitive NFC North serves as motivation for the final stretch of the season)
“We know every week is important. So you don’t want to have any slipups, because if you do, like you said, you can go from first to last really easily. We know every week is so important so it just brings that extra focus to the game.”
(On the emergence of rookie running back Jeremy Hill and how he stepped up after the injury to running back Giovani Bernard)
“He’s been playing well. He’s got a lot of talent. When Gio went down, it gave him a chance to be in there more and he really has been playing well. So now, getting Gio back, we’ve got a really good one-two punch with those guys.”

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