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10 September 2014

Week 2 Conference Call Transcripts: vs. St. Louis (9/14)

(On how disappointed he was in the team’s effort against Minnesota)
“Well I wasn’t disappointed at anyone’s lack of effort – that’s not an issue with our football team. We had opportunities – like I think the other 15 teams that did not win last weekend can say. For example, we’re potentially two plays from going in the locker room at halftime 6-3. Two minutes left to go in the third quarter, we’re down by 10 – we’ve got a chance. Things fell apart late. We’ve looked hard at it, we’ve put it behind us, and we’re looking forward to the next challenge.”
(On the performance of the defensive line against Minnesota)
“Well I thought they got a little bit of pressure on the passer last week. Doesn’t translate into sack numbers. When obviously you have a reputation for being able to rush the passer, people are aware of that and the ball comes out.”
(On the training camp and OTA practice rules that limit contact)
“I think the coaches’ sentiment across the board is that it’s becoming more and more difficult to develop younger players. You also have a situation that we’ve talked about as coaches, if you’re a corner or a wide receiver and you need to refine your skills in the bump-and-run game and release areas, you’re not permitted to do that until training camp. You’re not permitted to do that the entire offseason. So there’s some carry over, but the system is not new now. The system has been in place for a couple of years so everybody adjusts.”
(On if the rule changes for how much access he has to players in the offseason will result in a delayed progression of young quarterbacks)
“I don’t think you can just make a general statement as it relates to young quarterbacks because I think it’s up to really the particular quarterback. For example, you see what a great job Indianapolis did when Andrew [Luck] wasn’t permitted to even be there because of the quarter system at Stanford, and he comes in and leads them to the playoffs. So yeah, generally speaking, there’s less time. There’s only so much time with respect to OTAs and mini camps to develop. But again, we’re in the system and as coaches, we’ve been forced to adjust.”
(On how tough it is in the NFL to bounce back after a Week 1 loss)
“I think, as far as we’re concerned, we’re not going to let Week 1 define our season. Everybody talks and speaks of the opener, about getting ready for the opener throughout OTAs and training camp, but the opener I think should be defined as the start of the season, not that individual game itself. [If] you put too much pressure on an individual game, then I think you have difficulty bouncing back. Those that were not successful last weekend are all saying the same thing: ‘Hey, we’re just stressing improvement early here in the season,’ as well as those that were able to win the game.”
(On guard Davin Joseph)
“He’s done a great job for us. He came in – we signed him a little bit late after the draft – but he came in, in great shape, had a real good camp and he’s doing a nice job in there and I think the longer our guys play together, the better the group will be. As you all know, he’s a first class player and a great teammate that I’m really happy to have as a part of our program.”
(On how the defensive will look to repeat their seven sack performance from last year against Tampa Bay)
“We’re just going to have to play well in all three phases in order to give ourselves a chance to rush the passer. We got up last year and put them in a position where they had to throw it. When that’s the case, most teams take advantage of that.”
(On Tampa Bay’s defensive front seven)
“Just very impressed. Our entire offensive staff is impressed with what they are doing up front. It’s a new system, well-coached, great speed, can really rush the passer and collapse the pocket and play the run. That’s an excellent group.”
(On what pops in mind when talking about a Lovie Smith-coached team)
“Their defense is always going to be very, very aggressive. They’re going to find ways to get the ball back. His teams are disciplined – I think that’s reflected even in the opener by the number of penalties that they had. They’re well coached and they prepare for the different situations, you can see it on tape some of things they do towards the end, there’s always an answer for whatever the situation is.”
(On defensive tackle Aaron Donald and defensive end Robert Quinn)
“Aaron is off to a real good start, he’s been productive for us throughout the preseason and he had some tackles for losses. He’s going to be a very fine player inside. He’s got some strength, some quickness and leverage and instincts and hand use already at this point. He’s only going to get better. Rob just has cat-like quickness and great use of his hands, he can really bend and lean. He makes a lot of plays at the top of the rush.”
(On defensive end Chris Long missing time due to injury)
“It’s a downer. He’s a captain of our team, a great player and we’re definitely going to miss him on the field. We have been facing adversity basically since before the season started, it’s just another one we just have to overcome. We’re going to miss him on the field, we wish for a speedy recovery and like I said the other guys out there have to step up and be ready to make plays. Chris had a great backup with Will [Hayes]. I think Will is ready to fill the role and we won’t have any drop off with him out there.”
(On the mentality of the team going into this week’s game after the disappointing loss last week)
“It wasn’t the way we wanted to start a season. [The Buccaneers] have a good running back in Doug Martin and an improvement with [wide receiver] Vincent Jackson and the young guy in [Mike] Evans and a quarterback that can make all of the throws. We definitely want to of course stop the run, which we pride ourselves in-a-little bit, but we want to stop the run, slow that down and once it’s time to get after the passer, then it’s time to do that. I think the guys are totally getting the gameplan, are working towards our gameplan for Tampa and trying to get this week back started correctly.”
(On remembering the game from last season in which they recorded seven sacks)
“To break Kevin Carter’s record at home is a great thing, especially for the fans. This game I’m a little behind to do that. I definitely want to go out there and just try to be dominant like the previous game I had and take one play at a time and try to each play get better and better. Hopefully that will help our team towards a win, but like I said we’ve got some work that we need to put in this week and come Sunday, hopefully we’ll be ready to go.”
(On the play of defensive tackle Aaron Donald)
“He’s shifty, he’s a very quick defensive tackle, not the typical 6-4 – 6-5, 330 [pounds], but he’s definitely one of the faster ones that can get into the backfield. If you want to make a reference, he’s kind of like [Buccaneers defensive tackle] Gerald McCoy, being so fast off the ball and getting into the backfield. I definitely think he’s got room to grow, but for a player right now at a young age I definitely think he’s shown flashes and that’s all we can ask. As time goes on for all of us and not just him, we’ve got to show those flashes consistently on each and every play.”
(On how disappointing last week’s loss for them)
“I think the score was like 3-13 or 3-10 in terms of almost two minutes left into the third quarter and then whatever went wrong. Like you said, being at home and having a loss, we definitely don’t love that feeling, but for us we have to put it behind us and keep focusing on one week at a time. We can’t take the L [loss] away, guys are preparing to put that behind us and move forward. Like I said, focusing on our gameplan for Tampa and hopefully we can get back on the better track of things.”

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