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05 May 2017


Below is the list of 56 players that are expected to participate in the Buccaneers’ Rookie Mini-Camp this weekend:
No. Name Pos.   College Status
3 Elliot Fry K   South Carolina Tryout
4 Cason Beatty P   Florida State Tryout
5 Alex Snyder QB   Tufts Tryout
8 Sefo Liufau QB   Colorado FA-'17
12 Chris Godwin WR   Penn State D3a-'17
14 Levi Copelin WR   Pittsburg State Tryout
15 Cole Freytag WR   UTEP Tryout
16 Jordan Westerkamp WR   Nebraska Tryout
17 Riley Cooper WR   Florida Tryout
21 Justin Evans S   Texas A&M D2-'17
22 Tyquwan Glass CB   Western Kentucky Tryout
23 Zach Edwards S   Cincinnati Tryout
24 Chad Newell RB   Montana State Tryout
25 Blake Sims RB   Alabama FA-'16
25 Greg Mabin CB   Iowa FA-'17
30 Maurice Fleming CB   West Virginia FA-'17
31 Jojo Kemp RB   Kentucky Tryout
33 Jeremy McNichols RB   Boise State D5-'17
34 Alex Gray S   Appalachian State FA-'17
36 Quayvon Hicks FB   Georgia FA-'17
39 Isaiah Johnson S   South Carolina FA-'16
41 Jonathan Moxey CB   Boise State FA-'17
44 Richie Brown LB   Mississippi State FA-'17
48 Paul Magloire LB   Arizona FA-'17
49 Riley Bullough LB   Michigan State FA-'17
49 Dax Dellenbach LS   Florida State FA-'17
51 Kendell Beckwith LB   LSU D3b-17
53 Max Halpin C   Western Kentucky Tryout
54 Bret Niederreither C   Mercer Tryout
56 Christian Kuntz LB   Duquesne Tryout
57 Darnell Leslie LB   Monmouth Tryout
58 Christophe Mulumba Tshimanga LB   Maine Tryout
59 Drew Williams LS   South Carolina Tryout
60 Drake Miller G   Ball State Tryout
61 Kyle Avaloy G   Illinois State Tryout
62 Augie Conte G   Virginia Tech Tryout
64 Connor Bozick G   Delaware Tryout
70 Mike Liedtke G   Illinois State FA-'16
72 Cole Gardner T   Eastern Michigan FA-'17
74 Casey Blaser T   Duke Tryout
75 Larson Graham T   Duquesne Tryout
78 Korren Kirven T   Alabama FA-'17
79 Deondre Barnett DE   Southern Illinois FA-'17
80 O.J. Howard TE   Alabama D1-'17
81 Tevin Westbrook TE   Florida FA-'15
82 Antony Auclair TE   Laval FA-'17
83 Thomas Sperbeck WR   Boise State FA-'17
85 Bobo Wilson WR   Florida State FA-'17
87 Derel Walker WR   Texas A&M FA-'17
90 Jamichael Winston DE   Arkansas Tryout
91 Evan Panfil DE   Purdue Tryout
92 Torey Agee DE   Vanderbilt Tryout
93 Danny O'Brien DT   Tennessee Tryout
94 Doug Webb DT   Harvard Tryout
95 Darious Cummings DT   Florida Tryout
97 Stevie Tu'ikolovatu DT   USC D7-'17
KEY: D – draft pick, FA – free agent
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