Below is the list of 56 players that are expected to participate in the Buccaneers’ Rookie Mini-Camp this weekend:
No. Name Pos.   College Status
2 Griffin Oakes K   Indiana Tryout
5 Trevor Moore K   North Texas FA-'18
6 Joe Zema P   Incarnate Word Tryout
8 Austin Allen QB   Arkansas FA-'18
10 Riley Ferguson QB   Memphis Tryout
15 Devin Lucien WR   Arizona State FA-'17
17 Justin Watson WR   Pennsylvania D5-'18
22 Ronald Jones II RB   USC D2a-'18
23 Van Smith S   Clemson Tryout
26 Darius Price S   Siena Heights Tryout
27 David Rivers III CB   Youngstown State FA-'17
29 Mark Myers CB   Southeastern Tryout
31 Jordan Whitehead S   Pittsburgh D4-'18
32 Jordan Huff RB   Northern Illinois Tryout
33 Carlton Davis III CB   Auburn D2c-'18
34 Godwin Igwebuike S   Northwestern FA-'18
35 Ryan Wolpin RB   Boise State Tryout
36 M.J. Stewart CB   North Carolina D2b-'18
38 Shaun Wilson RB   Duke FA-'18
38 Josh Liddell S   Arkansas FA-'18
41 Jack Cichy LB   Wisconsin D6-'18
44 Alec Dhaenens FB   Boise State Tryout
46 Eric Nzeocha LB   Wyoming INTFA-'17
48 Drew Ferris LS   Florida FA-'18
50 Vita Vea DT   Washington D1-'18
52 Drew Williams LS   South Carolina Tryout
56 Jeff Knox LB   California (Pa.) FA-'18
57 Nick McBeath LB   Holy Cross Tryout
59 Shaheed Salmon LB   Samford Tryout
60 Brad Seaton T   Villanova FA-'17
61 Jake Bennett C   Colorado State Tryout
62 Austin Pratt C   UTSA Tryout
64 Cole Boozer OL   Temple FA-'18
65 Alex Cappa OL   Humboldt State D3-'18
66 Devin Farrior G   Southern Miss Tryout
67 Josh Cardiello G   Chattanooga Tryout
68 Ruben Holcomb G   Indianapolis Tryout
69 Nathan Theaker G   Wayne State Tryout
70 Tristan Nickelson T   Texas Tryout
72 Demone Harris DE   Buffalo FA-'18
75 Jerry Ugokwe T   William & Mary Tryout
78 Evan Perrizo DE   Minnesota State FA-'18
80 Chris Murray WR   Arkansas State Tryout
81 Jason Reese TE   Missouri FA-'18
83 Sergio Bailey II WR   Eastern Michigan FA-'18
84 Brian Bridgewater TE   LSU Tryout
85 Jaylen Zachery WR   Central Missouri Tryout
86 Donnie Ernsberger TE   Western Michigan FA-'18
88 Tanner Hudson TE   Southern Arkansas FA-'18
89 Ervin Philips WR   Syracuse FA-'18
90 Robert Stanley DL   Fresno State Tryout
92 Dante Sawyer DL   South Carolina Tryout
94 Sean Wilson DL   Tulane Tryout
95 Antonio Simmons LB   Georgia Tech FA-'18
97 Nathan Bazata DT   Iowa Tryout
98 Christian Johnson DL   Memphis Tryout
2 Griffin Oakes K   Indiana Tryout
5 Trevor Moore K   North Texas FA-'18