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30 November 2014


(Opening statement)
“I’m pleased that we overcame ourselves and won the football game today. We obviously had the turnovers offensively, led to scores. We had penalties on defense that kept drives alive and those are things we overcame today. They’re going to show up once in a while, but we seemed to have them all today. Had penalties in the kicking game. There was a lot we didn’t do right and we were able to overcome it and come out with the win. I thought the quarterback [Andy Dalton] came back and played a good second half. He only had a couple dropped balls in the second half. And we had the ball we get the penalty on. We really had more plays, but we kind of got in our own way all day.”
(On how he knew Tampa Bay had 12 men on the field at the end of the game)
“The guys [coaches] upstairs were saying it right from the start, before they snapped the ball.”
(On if he felt the referees would have seen the 12 man on the field penalty at the end of the game if Cincinnati didn’t challenge the play)
“No, well, I couldn’t challenge it. I should have just called timeout and made them look at it. That’s a big, big miss. We were trying to match up the personnel and there was one too many.”
(On his thoughts winning three road games in a row)
“That’s obviously a thing when the schedule came out, the fact that we had to play three on the road. Come down to the heat today, which obviously took its toll on us. But we got it done. Now we have to go back and just go back to work. Go back to work one week at a time. ”
(On quarterback Andy Dalton’s health)
“He was a little down, he had the flu or something. He was up all night, throwing up, diarrhea and everything. We tanked him up a couple of times today. We just have to throw the ball better.”
(On his thoughts about calling the onside kick play)
“Anytime you do anything like that, you’ve seen what we perceive is an opportunity to do that. It’s not just we’re just going to do it. We’re going to do it because of the look. Good credit to 45 [Tampa Bay linebacker Orie Lemon] because he did a great job. He came from the back-side and recovered the football.”
(On his thoughts about putting the defense in a bad position if the onside kick play failed)
“We’re going to onside kick if we feel like it. We’re going to do anything like that in the kicking game if we feel like the look is there.  We had a couple of times to kickoff and the look was what we were looking for and they made a great play.”
 (On winning three straight games)
“We have to win wherever we play. I don’t dwell on that call. We just have to go do what the schedule says. And now we’re through that. We get to come back and now we have a big game against the [Pittsburgh] Steelers.”
(On if he felt Cincinnati should have called a timeout on its last drive of the first half)
“Well, we didn’t want to call timeout because we wanted to get the ball up and snapped and then have the timeouts to use if we get the drive extended. Obviously, we don’t want to throw an interception. There was no chaos. We just have to go. There was no chaos. I don’t want to give them the chance to lineup. There are two reasons to use timeouts. We wanted to keep them on edge as well. We wanted to keep attacking.”
(On his thoughts about using the trick-play with wide receiver Mohamed Sanu throwing a pass)
“Again, we have to make sure, anything like that, that a gadget-type play has been part of our offense all year. We just have to make sure we get it executed throughout. We were able to get a field position play out of it, which was good.”
(On his illness prior to kickoff)
“I’ve felt better. As the game went on, I started to feel better but it was a long night for me last night. I was going to try to play through it regardless, so it is what it is and hopefully I won’t have to deal with that anymore.”
(On how being sick affected his game)
“I’m not going to make any excuses for the way things started out. It obviously isn’t something you want to deal with, but I’m not saying that’s the reason the way things came out the way they did.”
(On the feeling in the lockerroom after an ugly win)
“Anytime you get a win, it’s big. Obviously, you want to play better but a win’s a win regardless of how you get it. The ultimate goal is to win by one and we’ll take the win any way we can get it.”
(On watching the Buccaneers’ final drive)
“It was a crazy drive; kind of stressful. They did have 12 guys on the field and that’s not something you see all the time but fortunately for us it happened. That drive did seem like it lasted forever.”
(On the third-and-long conversion to WR James Wright late in the fourth quarter)
“We felt as the game went on [if] we got that look, we were going to be able to get it to [Wright]. He made a heck of a play at a big time and it was exactly what we needed to have happened to help us chew the clock. He made a big play at the right moment.”
(On the interception before halftime)
“I was just trying to throw it away. I’ve got to do whatever I can to get that ball out of bounds. I’ll have to look at it but that was just a bad play. I was just trying to throw the ball away. Obviously, that one sucks.”
(On his first interception)
“I just think it was missed timing on our part. We had the look that we wanted, but I got to do a better job of getting it to [A.J. Green]. The timing just wasn’t the same for us on that play.”
(On his overall game today)
“Obviously, I got to play better, especially early on in the game. I thought we did some really good things in the second half but still can play better. We still left a lot out there, and we’ll watch the tape. We’ll look at it but at the end of the day, I got to play better.”
(On if this was the worst he’s ever felt heading into a game)
“It definitely is. It was not a fun night last night. I didn’t get much sleep at all. I didn’t puke on the field. Coming in from warmups [and] right before we went out there for the game, I tried to get everything out as much as I could. I got some [IVs] this morning though. I’m feeling a little bit better [now] but that’s one of those things that would be a 24-hour thing and sweating helped.”       
(On the key to stopping Tampa Bay’s offense)
“We had to settle down and stop their run and handle the sudden change. There were a couple of times we had bad field position, but we didn’t want to make the [situation] worse and we just held them to three.”
(On stopping Tampa Bay on their last offensive drive)
“We were trying to get them down and get that walk-off sack, I wanted that real bad. We got some good pressure and fortunately that call that they reviewed came back our way because they had 12 [men] on the field.”
(On if they knew Tampa Bay had 12 men on the field)
“Yeah, we told them that they we saw 12 on the field and they didn’t [substitute] anybody and then they went back and reviewed it and he was like ‘Oh, you’re right.’ The coaches on the sidelined made us aware and I told the first referee I could see.”
(On getting a win on a day when the rest of the NFC North lost a game)
“You just broke news to me. I didn’t know the whole division lost, but us winning three in a row on the road is huge and that’s going to do wonders for us down the season because these three games are going to be critical. Just like that tie is critical and it’s hurting us now, but now we have them on the flipside, we won three on the road, which is a tough part of our schedule and now we’ve got some division games. We’ve got to take care of business.”
(On challenging the play with Tampa Bay having 12 men on the field near the end of the game)
“No one really saw with the naked eye. Our coaches and other people in the [press] box – all of our coaches up there – they have a better eye for that stuff and they saw it right away. That’s kind of how Marvin [Lewis] threw the [challenge] flag. If they had gotten that play off, no telling how the outcome would have been – they probably would have gotten a chance to kick a field goal for the game. So great job to them, and like I said, it’s always a team win – it takes everybody. So stuff like that that goes unnoticed – coaches in the [press] box getting that down to Marvin – that’s huge. So that kind of won us the game today.”
(On coming away with a victory today)
“A win’s a win. We didn’t play really well. We had a lot of key plays that we should have converted on. We didn’t – including myself. We’ve just got to get those out of our system and just be able to bounce back this week and play better than we did this Sunday.”
(On if the team is worried about their subpar performance in today’s victory)
“I wouldn’t say it’s worrisome. We’ve just got to look at the film, know what we’ve got to fix and we’ll play better.”
(On quarterback Andy Dalton’s performance today despite having flu-like symptoms)
“He was able to just keep fighting. He wasn’t feeling well at all. He threw up at least 20 times that I [saw]. He threw up so many times. He just fought it out, toughed it out and we rallied around him.”
(On the sideline’s reaction to the final drive)
“I honestly still have no clue what happened.  It was a tough break for them [Tampa Bay], but our defense played a hell of a game.”
(On the win)
“It’s huge.  I don’t remember the last time we won three in a row on the road, if ever.  Anytime you can get a win in the league, I don’t care what the performance is, you don’t apologize for it.  Thank you to them for making a mistake that gave us the win, but you go on the road, you fight your tail off, and you try to get the win.  You can never take those for granted because down the stretch that will be the most important thing.”
(On the defensive match-ups)
“The way their defense has played over the last four or five weeks I knew it was going to be a tough match-up.  I think I heard a coach say they were second defensively in the league since their bye week so I knew it was going to be tough.  Also, with Andy Dalton sick, I knew it was going to be a tough day.  Hats off to him for just gutting it out.  Most guys would chalk that one up and not play, but he did good.”
(On whether he is worried about how his team played)
“No, in the NFL I don’t care how good a team or bad a team, the last five weeks of the season everybody is good.  We’ve been 2-8 or 1-9 and all of sudden turn into a team that is hurting people’s dreams.  At this time of the year, everybody is on an even playing field and you better show up and play lights-out and be able to win.  That’s part of the NFL and that’s why we are here.”
(On if his 30-yard reception on third-and-11 was the biggest play of his rookie season)
“All of the moments are pretty big to me. Any time we win the game, they’re all equally as big, but I enjoy the victory.”
(On if this is a gut-check win for the team)
“Yeah. Any win is big, but these last couple of games – every W is great. They all matter. It’s definitely a big win.”

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