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15 November 2015

Dallas Cowboys Postgame Quotes - Sunday, November 15, 2015

(On his interpretation of the goal line sequence)
“Yeah, they called defensive holding.  We made a play where I thought we had turned the ball over and got the ball back.  But they called defensive holding and gave [Tampa Bay] another opportunity, first-and-goal inside the one-yard line.”
(On if he thought the defensive holding was the right call there)
“I don’t want to talk about the officiating.  We played for 60 minutes and they did a good job offensively at critical moments.  They did a good job defensively. We didn’t do enough to win this ball game, so that’s the story of the game.”            
(On the missed opportunities on offense)
“We had the minus run and I think we had a good opportunity there.  After Matt [Cassel] throws the pass to Terrance Williams for a big gain coming out of that hold.  Then we had an opportunity on the third-and-short.  We had a chance one-on-one the outside.  Matt gave Dez [Bryant] a chance, unfortunately we were not able to make that play.”
(On all the close games that Dallas has played in)
“Ultimately you have to do what’s necessary to win the game.  You have to make the stops and make the plays. We all know that.  I think the efforts outstanding, the fight is outstanding.  All those things, but you have to do what winning teams do in critical moments.  We didn’t do that today, and I think if you reflect back on the earlier games that we’ve lost you would probably say the same thing.  We are going to build on the good things and learn from the other stuff.  We are going to keep fighting and keep battling and we are going to find out who we are.”
(On what Tampa Bay did well defensively)
“I thought they did a good job defending the run and a lot of guys down there.  They had line movement and we never were able to get the running game going like we have the last two weeks with Darren [McFadden].  In different times we weren’t able to extend drives on third down.  Whether we were behind the chains, we just didn’t make the play to keep the drive alive.  I thought there were some good things offensively that happened over the course of the game.  Certainly not consistent enough and certainly not the big plays that we need to make over the course of a ball game.  We just didn’t make them.”
(On if the team is focused given all things that are going on in the locker room)
“Our team comes to work.  They work all week long.  We practice hard, we practice the right way. We play hard, and we play with a relentless spirit.  Ultimately we didn’t get the job done.  And that’s what you have to look at as a coaching staff.  We have to go back and look at the reasons why.  We have to look at the specific plays that we needed to make that we didn’t make.  We have to continue to try, as a staff, to put our players in the best position to make those plays.  We didn’t do it this week, and we will get ready for the challenge next week again Miami.”
(On if the distractions make it hard to play on Sunday)
“I think our team has done a really good job staying focused on what we need to do, and our preparation and our play.  Ultimately, we haven’t done what we needed to do to win these ball games.  We need to point to the handful of plays in each of the areas that we didn’t make over the course of the game that really prevented us from winning.  A lot of these plays happen late in the game.  Not getting stops, not making a play here or there.  We have to keep evaluating that and how we can make those plays.  I like the spirit of our team, I like the fight of our team, and we just didn’t get the job done.”
(On Tampa Bay wide receiver Mike Evans)
“[He is a] good football player.  Obviously, he is a big guy to handle in man to man coverage.   He is a matchup problem that way because of his size.  Then they do a good job with him when they are playing in zone coverage, trying to get him into holes.  He is a big target for a quarterback to throw to.  Seam route late in the game against zone I thought was a big play.  A couple of the plays down the sideline he was able to make over the course of the game were big plays for them.”
(On why Dallas stepping in to stop the run did not open up the passing game)
“Oh, I think at times we had some openings.  We took advantage of them.  Some of the plays, Terrence [Williams] caught a couple of those post routes that were big plays for us.  Dez made a couple plays down the field.  [Jason] Witten made a play down the field.  But just not consistent enough, and I think the biggest thing is when they have some success defending the run, you get into some longer third down situations to keep the drive alive and we weren’t able to do that consistent enough.”
(On losing seven games in a row)
“I think you have to dig back in to see what happened in the ball games, and try to understand why that happened.  You have to try to create an environment where those things don’t happen again.  We will continue to do that as a coach.  That’s my job, that’s our staff’s job.  It’s our players’ job to come back on Tuesday and look at this game, clean it up, and get back to work for Miami next week.”
(On how Dallas can salvage the season)
“We just got to bang away.  We have to focus on ourselves and we have to focus on today. We will clean this game up and get back to work on Tuesday with the players.  We are going to try to make Tuesday great.  I believe that’s how we function our best.”
(On if Tony Romo is ready to come back)
“Tony has had a good couple weeks of practice with us.  We anticipate him being able to practice this week.”
(On the Bryant drop in the end zone)
“From my vantage point it was contested catch and unfortunately we didn’t make the play.”
(On if Bryant should have extended to catch the ball)
“It is hard for me to evaluate it.  I just see it as it is happening.  It was man-to-man coverage, it was press coverage, and it happens a lot.  There is nobody on the planet I would rather have then Dez Bryant in that situation, unfortunately he didn’t come up with this one.”
(On if it was too early to throw the ball to the end zone on the final interception)
“Well, we don’t have that much time left and we got a great opportunity.  It’s hard to get that opportunity.  We ran a double move and got Dez down the field one-on-one in the end zone with a chance to win the ball game.  So unfortunately that play didn’t work out for us.”
(On if Bryant should have tried to knock the ball down)
“I thought we had a great opportunity to make a play.  Unfortunately that didn’t happen.  There was some contact down on the other end.  Their guy was able to make the play and we weren’t.  The worst-case scenario is what happened.  You can’t let them intercept it.  I did think it was a great opportunity late in the ball game one-on-one down there with a big-time receiver to win the game, unfortunately we didn’t get it done. ”
(On safety Jeff Heath’s two-interception game)
“Yeah, just did a really good job.  He was around the ball a lot.  He made some tackles then made two signature plays taking the ball away down in the red areas.  Those were huge plays for us and he has done a nice job when he has gotten chances.”
(On cornerback Morris Claiborne’s injury)
“We will see.  We will take it day by day.  But he obviously wasn’t able to come back today. ”
(On the Tampa Bay defense)
“We knew that they were going to be a salty defense, but at the same time we had some opportunities we didn’t take advantage of. You got to give them credit, because overall they were stingy against the run, did a good job on the pass, and then we didn’t do a great job I don’t believe on third down situations with the football.”
(On another close game)
“Obviously, to a man in here, we’re all disappointed, we keep saying that we’re going to get this thing turned around, and we truly believe that, and unfortunately we keep getting these tight games where we’re not able to finish. Somehow, some way you keep plugging away as a professional, and you take great pride on what you do on Sundays, so I think these guys will come out and work hard, and try to get it right, and go out there and try next Sunday to get a win.”
(On Head Coach Jason Garrett’s message after the game)
“He didn’t truly feel anything obviously like I just said we’re all disappointed, when you lose seven in a row, there’s nothing that needs to be talked about, you can’t really say anything else, except we’re going to find out what we’re made of, we’re going to see who responds. We got to go out and continue to play in seven more games. That’s our job, that’s what we got to do to finish and hopefully we take great pride in that.”
(On if the current situation is personally frustrating)
“Of course it’s frustrating when you don’t win ball games. I think it’s frustrating for all of us, not just myself, again, that’s the truth.”
(On if he feels there is some common theme to the team stalling late in games)
“No, I think the common theme is when we have opportunities to make plays, we have to make the plays, and it just seems like at the end of the game they made more plays at the end of the day. Somehow, some way, we have to figure out a way to do that.”
(On the Tampa Bay run defense and if that changed how he was able to play)
 “Well they mix it up and I think they played a lot more man [coverage] than we actually anticipated to be honest with you, but at the same time I think that we had some good chunk plays throughout the course of the day. In the pass game we were pretty efficient, but again sometimes these games come down to the last [play] – the third down like you talked about, that was a very critical third down and we weren’t able to convert and therefore you give them another opportunity and that’s when they took advantage and went down and scored.”
(On throwing to Dez Bryant on the final play, which was ultimately intercepted)
 “That’s what the play was designed for, to get Dez [Bryant] one-on-one with the safety. I was able to buy a little time, and he was running one-on-one and that’s when you like that matchup.”
(On the last play of the game)
 “I didn’t see the end result of the play to be honest, so I can’t comment on that, but, again, the design of the play is exactly what we had wanted to have happened.”
(On the feeling of being so close so many times)
 “It’s mostly frustration, I think that we have a good team here, we have good guys that take a lot of pride in it, and we work hard during the week, a lot of people aren’t able to see that, and there’s been no give-up and nothing were people are trying to say, ‘Hey we’re out of this thing.’ They continue to come to work, they continue to push hard, and I think the frustrating part is not seeing the end result being a win.”
(On if he beats himself up after a loss)
 “No, I mean I’ve been in this league long enough to know that you just have to come back stronger from it and make your corrections, you learn from your mistakes, and you move forward. I have always had that mentality. Does it sting? Of course it stings, but you know what, but that’s why Monday you have to regather your thoughts and go back on Tuesday and get ready to turn the page and move on to the next week.”
(On Tony Romo’s return)
 “I don’t know the circumstances of that, I’m sure that everybody will be informed next week. I do know that he is able to come back this week.”
(On outside distractions)
 “I don’t believe so, I don’t think that anything that’s been going on within the building or outside the building has distracted this team from doing what they need to do on Sundays. I just think the end result needs to be that we got to make more plays at the end.”
(On staying confident)
“You’ve kind of got to think that way a little bit, just keep yourself in the game, keep yourself ready and obviously today, points came at a premium for both teams. It’s kind of one of those things were you got to stay ready and when your number is called you have to get out there and execute.”
(On his missed field goal)
“Just didn’t come back in. Pregame, going that way, the ball was traveling well, but it was bringing it back in pretty good. I thought I struck it well. Obviously, I’m disappointed I missed. At the same time, I thought I put a pretty good hit on it, the wind just didn’t bring it back in.”
(On being proud of making 21 consecutive field goals)
“Honestly, I wasn’t too aware of how many in a row it was, but that’s the goal. Try to stack good kicks together and if you do that, you usually are going to have a little bit of success. Obviously it’s putting points on the board, so it’s going to help the team out. But at the end of the day we have to have more points than they do to win the ball game and unfortunately we didn’t do that today.” 
(On getting a win with Tony Romo returning next week)
“I hope the same, apparently Tony is a big part of why this team runs and having him back is going to be great for us. Hopefully we can stand up next week when that time comes.”
(On having to watch the final drive from the bench)
“I was very disappointed. Any time you can’t out there helping your teammates and you are on the sidelines it’s just one of those things. It hurts, but it was out of my hands – nothing I could do. If I was out there furthermore, I would have hurt them furthermore trying to play hurt. We have good guys that come up behind me to try to get it done but we just didn’t get it done tonight.”
(On losing close games)
“Speaking on myself, it’s just frustration. You know during the week, you put in so much work, you work so hard each and every day, and you come out on Sunday and you feel you are doing all the things that are necessary to get a win and at the end of the day you fall short. It’s a tough pill to swallow.”
(On his feelings after losing)
“Its frustrating right now, but me being a professional you got to turn the page when you come in on Tuesday.”
(On having a negative mentality)
“We can’t think like that. As an individual player I just have to try to get better as myself. My reads weren’t as good today, so I’ve just got to try to get better as a player and hopefully everyone else is doing the same, so we can try and get better.”
(On if his ankle gave him any problems during the game)
“No, not really, it’s just a little difficult tackling when you have one foot. You usually want to bring your feet when you tackle. I was doing a lot of lunging when I was tackling and that’s why I missed a few today. “
(On the defense getting turnovers today)
“Yeah, I think the more turnovers you get, the better chances you give your team and we had two I think today so we just have to keep building from there.”
(On a common theme in the fourth quarter in losses)
“We just have to find a way to get it done. We aren’t doing that right now. We will work on it throughout the week, so we just have to find a way.”
(On whether he thinks the final play should have had defensive pass interference called)
“I thought I was going to get it. It’s unfortunate me as a player, and the attitude that I have, I felt I was so more caught up in that little quick moment of I know the ref sees it, I know he is going to call it, but he didn’t. I’m not trying to make any excuses. It just threw me off of my target. I wasn’t focused on it. I just knew I had the PI, but it was just an unfortunate situation.”
(On how to bounce back from seven-game losing streak)
“I’ll say this, I know everybody is going to be against us. But that’s OK because we are going to stick together in this locker room and we are just going to continue to keep fighting and you going to see what happens.”
(On having a tough week overall)
“I’m going to be really honest about that situation. Yes, but I’m not going to say that [the earlier situation during the week] had anything to do with my performance. Like I said, we were in a lot of unfortunate situations and today we were not favored.”
(On if he should have caught the ball on third-and-1)
“Yes. At the same time, I am not trying to make any excuses. I felt like I adjusted back quickly very well. I’m thinking down the field and I think it just threw me off a little bit, but, either way, that’s what I perfect, that’s what I do. I should have had that.”
(On the number of close games Dallas has lost)
“Like I said, it’s just unfortunate. A lot of situations that we are in are unfortunate for us. We got to continue to stay strong and keep on believing and fighting together.”
(On quarterback Tony Romo coming back)
“I’m extremely excited to have him back, but at the same time we still have to get to work regardless. We are going to continue to keep fighting, we are going to continue to keep pushing. Really have no choice so nobody is quitting here. We’re going to keep going.”
(On his individual performance)
“It’s hard to tell. I played a lot of positions. I think I should have had an interception on a PBU as a safety. Just trying to find ways to take the ball away. I think we did a better job this week than we have in the past. But there are more opportunities out there for us.”
(On teammate Jeff Heath’s interceptions impacting the game)
“That was huge. That something we have been struggling on. It’s nice it finally paid off. We work on it every day after practice we are doing weird tip drills to get the ball some way, somehow – diving drills, stuff like that. It’s good to see it pay off.

(On playing corner for the first time in a while)
“It’s the first time since I think camp. First time since camp I was out there. Coaches are putting you out there to get the job done, so there is really no excuse out there just get the job done, play ball.”
(On Dallas’ losing streak)
“It’s tough. These last seven have all been tough. Especially the last couple, I feel like they have come down to one drive at the end. As a defense we haven’t been able to make the plays that we need to when it mattered the most. We work on that a lot as a team, playing those situations out, fourth quarter, last drive two-minute situations. It’s just we got to find a way to make a play that wins those games.”
(On defense not playing well in fourth quarter)
“It’s hard to pinpoint a specific thing. Just seems like every game – I don’t know, it’s something different every game. I don’t know. If I had a different answer it probably wouldn’t happen anymore.”
(On Head Coach Jason Garrett’s message to the team)
“That’s between the team. Nobody is going to feel sorry for us and we don’t want anyone to feel sorry for us. We just have to come in we are grown me we just got to come in and work and find a way to win one game.”

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