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02 October 2016

Denver Broncos Postgame Quotes (10/2/16)

(On injuries)
“Obviously Webster [Kayvon Webster] with the hamstring, Trevor [Siemian] it’s his left shoulder, and I don’t know anything else I can tell you. We felt like we could have put him [Siemian] back in the game, but we will go back and evaluate him. I really like the job Paxton [Lynch] did. He was handling himself and the team well, so we stuck with him.”
(On quarterback Paxton Lynch’s preparation)
“He’s really doing a good job. John [Elway] and I sat down and talked about it today before the game and I said ‘John, I think he’s really growing.’ I’ve been watching him practice and prepare. You never know until he gets thrown into fire. We need to get a little more tempo and we need to get out of the huddle a little better. Those are things a young kid struggles with, but I thought he handled himself well. He made some big third downs for us. He got the ball down the field, and I really liked the way he avoided some bad plays and threw the ball away. I thought that was impressive.”
(On how big it is to have the defense as a safety net)
“I mean obviously they get three turnovers and only gave up like 60 yards in the second half, but the good thing today is we struggled to run the ball but when we got the turnovers, we converted them. I think we were three-for-four in the red zone and in a game like that who plays best in the red zone usually wins. Obviously, the turnovers helped and playing well in the red zone helped us.”
(On how they handled the weather delay)
“Yeah, I don’t really know how to answer that. You don’t practice that as a coach. Our guys, our coaches, and our players handled it like a mature group. We stayed focused. We knew when it was time for us to go back out, we went back to work, knew what we needed to do, and went over the situation over and over again. My biggest concern for both teams was just player safety. You play three hours, you sit around for an hour and 25 minutes, and you jump back out there but it looks like both teams got out healthy and we finished the game, so that’s the most important thing.”
(On cornerback Aqib Talib’s performance)
“He’s playing special. Obviously, he’s having a big year. We’re only one month into it, which is where you got to start. I had him talk to the team last night. Aqib was a hell of a player. He’s really turning into a leader and obviously played big today.”
(On injury status of quarterback Trevor Siemian)
“I really shouldn’t say much. I’ve dealt with so many things in the last hour and a half. I just know we feel fortunate. We’ll go back and see where he’s at. It is his left shoulder, and we’ll see where we go from there. I’ll let you guys know more.”
(On progress made up to this point in the season)
“Obviously, it’s a good month. You divide it up into quarters and obviously we’ve had a good first quarter. There’s so many things we can improve upon as a team, that’s what I’m excited about. We’ve got some injuries we got to work through. We’re working through another one today, but we keep stepping to the plate, playing hard, playing well late in games, and that’s what you have to do in this league. One week at a time, but obviously we got a lot of things we need to improve upon.”
(On if Siemian could have returned to the game)
“It was my understanding with Greek, I asked Greek if he could go back in, and Trevor said ‘Yes I can go back in.’ I didn’t want to, but I was told he felt like he could go back in. We’ll go day to day and see what happens.”
(On if quarterback Austin Davis would be ready to go)
“He’s worked well. He’s very bright, very smart, and knows exactly what’s going on. Obviously he doesn’t have much time with us on the field. He’s working as a three, but he’s played in some games and we continue to get him ready to play regardless. We’ve just been suiting two guys.”
(On if the offensive system can plug in any quarterback)
“In this league, you better plug in good players. You got to have great players in this league and get them in a position to be successful. I think the kid (Paxton Lynch) came in and handled himself really well. We did run the ball better with him in the game, which is important in the second half in trying to keep him out of some tough situations.”
(On injury issues in secondary)
“I feel like we’re beat up there right now. Simmons (Justin Simmons) played with a cast. We expect Shiloh (Keo) to hopefully be back this week. Tavon will take a look at it when we get home.”
(On performance of defensive end Derek Wolfe)
“Derek is playing really well. Just teasing with him in the locker room I said, ‘You waited an hour and a half to go back out there and get one more sack?’. I think he had a sack at the end of the game. I’m proud of all our guys. It was a very crazy situation that we handled very well. We’re going home with a W. That’s all that matters.”
(On how you handle weather delay)
“We try not to let them relax. Just stay on them and tell them what was at stake. We had a six minute game to play with a 20-point lead and we were going to make sure we took care of our business.”
(On how he prepares to be ready as a backup)
“Like I said from the beginning, my thing had been prepare like you’re going to play every game, so when Trevor came out with the injury I was prepared to go in. Obviously I was a little nervous just because it was my first time going in, but I was definitely prepared and ready to play.”
(On if he was nervous on his first pass and if he settled down after his first completion)
“Things were moving kind of fast when I first got in there, too. I could have been probably better getting in and out of the huddle a little faster as well, but after that first pass I kind of settled in and found my rhythm a little bit.”
(On his touchdown pass to wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders)
“Oh yeah, that was very exciting, especially for it to be to a guy like Emmanuel. Got me out of the pocket, moving a little bit down there in the red zone so I could have a chance to run it too. And Emmanuel just popped open and did his cartwheel.”
(On if he got the ball after his first career touchdown pass)
“I think they went back and got it. There was a little confusion going on, but I think it’s back home.”
(On if it is harder to make a good pass when the receiver is wide open)
“You definitely don’t want to miss, for sure. I know whenever I came out of the pocket and saw him open, I just made sure I got it to him and it was kind of spinning vertical like this instead of like that, but he caught it and it was a touchdown.”
(On if his performance meant more being in Florida with his family watching)
“It was definitely exciting to come back here and have a lot of family and friends here to see it happen. I’m glad that they were here for it and I’m also glad I got the opportunity to. But to come in in that circumstance with Trevor (Siemian) getting hurt, you never want that to happen. When the guy in front of you goes down you just got to be ready, but Trevor is a tough guy and he’ll be ready to play.”
(On if there was a point when the nerves went away)
“After that first pass and those guys came to the sideline and were talking to me about, ‘We got your back. Don’t worry about that, just keep moving.’ It gave me confidence in myself and I went out there and played well also. Those defensive guys help you out a lot when they’re forcing three-and-outs, three-and-outs and turnovers and all that stuff, so it feels good to have a defense like that playing behind you.”
(On if his first game lived up to his expectations)
“Yeah, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen just because I didn’t know, so whenever the time presented itself I definitely was going to be ready and I felt like I was. There was some things I obviously could have done better, but that’s what next week and working on that is for.”
(On if he starts preparing for Atlanta on the way plane ride back to Denver)
“I think that on the plane ride you just kind of relax and maybe catch a nap or something on the flight and then when you land, tomorrow we’re going to watch the film of this and get moving forward on Atlanta.”
(On if his preparation would change if he was named the starter for next week)
“Like I said, I’ve been preparing like I was going to go out there from the first snap of the first preseason game. Up until this point, I’m going to just keep preparing like I’ve been preparing and if the opportunity presents itself, I’m going to make sure I’m ready.” 
(On Head Coach Gary Kubiak saying Siemian could have went back in the game) 
"Yeah, I was getting ready to back if I had to – if something happened to Paxton (Lynch), but fortunately he did a heck of a job and stepped in and managed to get a win, so it was awesome.”
(On his injury)
“It was my shoulder. I just have a bum shoulder, so yeah, a little sore know.”
(On if he thinks he will be able to play next week)
“I think I’m just going to take it one day at a time and see what (Head Athletic Trainer Steve Antonopulos) says tomorrow, but yeah, that’s the plan. I’ll be ready to play.”
(On if he will have an MRI or something similar done)
“I don’t know. Whatever (Steve Antonopulos) has me do tomorrow, I’ll give it a shot.”
(On if one of the players landed on him when he injured his shoulder)
“He just kind of grabbed me and then it was like, ‘Oh shoot, we’re going down,’ and he just tossed me down on it. Just landed on it funny.”
(On if it’s safe to safe the injury is nothing serious)
“Yeah, it’s my left shoulder. Obviously, ideally you don’t want to be hurt at all, but it’s my left shoulder so I think if there is a positive that’s it.”
(On if it’s frustrating after playing well the last few weeks to be talking about an injury instead of a win)
“Yeah, I think you can look at it that way, but I mean, that’s part of the game. There’s a lot of guys getting dinged up. That’s part of the league. I’ll just try to get better and take it one day at a time and go from there.”
(On if he knew quarterback Paxton Lynch would be ready if called upon)
“Yeah, he’s somebody who’s done a heck of a job preparing and in practice so I’m not the least bit surprised he came out and had success. I know everybody has a lot of confidence in him, so I’m really happy on the way he came out and got us the win.”
(On if he talked to Lynch in between series)
“Yeah, just here and there. I think the one thing you have to be careful of is too many voices in a guy’s head, so I think (Quarterbacks/ Passing Game Coordinator Greg) Knapp did a good job with him the whole way through. I told him a few things I saw when I was in, but Knapp put him in control, I think.”
(On cornerback Aqib Talib’s interceptions helping him get a touchdown)
“With the assist, yeah. We were really fortunate to turn those into touchdowns. When you get (interceptions) you want to get touchdowns instead of field goals. We were really fortunate to do that there.”
(On the defense taking pressure off the offense)
“I think we have a great team. You obviously don’t want to rely on the defense all the time, but one has to pick the other up when something happens. And I think we’ve shown that a little bit through the first quarter of the season. Hopefully we can continue to do that and go from there.”
(On if he knew he was injured immediately)
“Not right away. I ran another play and figured something was up. I went over to (Steve Antonopulos) and he said probably take five at least, so that’s how it went.”
(On catching quarterback Paxton Lynch’s first touchdown pass)
“It felt good. Obviously we didn’t do with the ball what we were supposed to do with it, but he came in and threw his first touchdown. I remember him coming in the huddle and telling me, ‘I got to go at it, I want to throw a touchdown pass.’ We were able to connect on a five-yard pass. That’s the first of many.”
(On the team’s perseverance)
“At the end of the day, you see all these undefeated teams – you look out at Minnesota, Teddy Bridgewater went down, you look out in Philly, they got a rookie quarterback and these teams are [winning]. It’s not about the quarterback position. A lot of people put emphasis on that position, but really it’s about the team, it’s about the chemistry, it’s about the locker room, it’s about the comradery. We have that here. We got guys that play confident, play for each other and that’s what it’s about.”
(On if he had the same confidence in Paxton Lynch that he does with Trevor Siemian)
“Of course, of course. At the end of the day we got one goal no matter who is in there. We could lose me, we could lose DT (Demaryius Thomas), we could lose offensive lineman, defensive players, it’s always all about trying to go out and get the win. That’s what we prepare for, that’s what we play for. So when Trevor [Siemian] went down, you don’t want to see that, but at the end of the day we got to move and we got to go and get the win. We were able to do that”
(On how it felt to get two interceptions in Tampa Bay)
“It was special, man. I got a warm welcome off the plane, into the hotel, on the field. Got a warm welcome, and to be able to put on show like that in front of the fans that I still have in Tampa, man, it was special.”
(On setting the pace defensively)
“That was the goal, to start on defense today – we haven’t started on defense all year – and to start early. We definitely got that accomplished.”
(On what happened on his first interception and if he was on wide receiver Adam Humphries)
“Vincent Jackson was my man. He ran under, he got cut by the inside guy and I knew they were going to run a ‘follow’ – it’s a route concept called a ‘follow,’ I knew they [were] running ‘follow,’ so I kind of waited for Chris [Harris, Jr.] to run it and jumped it. Good call by coach, man. We had a good idea what they [were] going to run. Good call by coach. We capitalized on it.”
(On Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston’s confidence)
“Definitely, man. We were watching tape, we [saw] how confident he was in his arm so we knew we would have five to six opportunities today to get our hands on the football. I think we capitalized on three of them, so we’ll take that.”
(On what Winston does that offers the defense opportunities to make plays)
“He throws the ball into tight windows. He throws the ball out [of] guys’ breaks so while they’re breaking, he’s going to throw it out of your break so you better win. If a guy [doesn’t] win, if a defensive back wins, you’re going to have a chance to make a play.”
(On team winning despite losing its starting quarterback and having a weather delay)
“That’s the main thing, just finding a way. We knew when Trevor [Siemian] went down, Paxton [Lynch] is going to come in, get some snaps and he came in and did a great job. It was mainly just giving him confidence if he needed someone to talk to. He came in the huddle and took over just like any other quarterback would.”
(On Paxton Lynch’s performance)
“He delivered the ball well. There could have been a couple more completion, but he did what he was asked to do. Come in and help us win the game. He took care of the ball, no turnovers. He delivered the ball and everyone was able to get some catches from him.”
(On throwing away Paxton’s first touchdown pass to stands)
“I’m usually throwing all the balls in the stands most of the times, even my balls. They went back and got it for him because you know his first touchdown pass. I was going to give him my touchdown [ball] because I actually kept it, but he’ll be all right. He’ll throw a lot more in his career.”
(On having a strong defense to rely on)
“It’s amazing. They always got our back and whenever we can, we got their back. They fuss about how many yards people put up on them and stuff like that. It’s good to have guys like that because you work with them, and you see how hard they work and it pays off on the field.”
(On teammates stepping up and performing)
“It says a lot. We have a great team, we have a lot of guys that work hard. The coaches put us in great positions. We just go out and do our job. We don’t ask too much from nobody. Emmanuel [Sanders] does his job, I do my job, C.J. [Anderson], from the offensive line to the defense. Not one guy is going to win the game for somebody. It’s a team and that’s why we are so good.”
(On Aqib Talib’s performance)
“I told him he was going to have two picks and he did. I don’t know if he believed me or not, but I said, ‘you are going to have two today’ and he did.”
(On cornerback Aqib Talib’s performance)
“Aqib [Talib] is a great player. He had a point to prove coming back here. This is where he started and I’m glad he had the game that he did.”
(On the team winning with four different quarterbacks in the last eight games)
“Yeah, it has something to do with how we prepare. Everybody prepares like they are going to play. Paxton [Lynch] prepares all week long like he is going to play. So he was ready to go.”

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