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11 October 2015

Jacksonville Jaguars Postgame Quotes - Sunday, October 11, 2015

(Opening Statement)
“OK, this one is painful.  In our locker room, I think that we have to look at, you come into a game and you feel like you are prepared and there are a variety of issues: offense, defense and special teams.  Offense we scored more points than we have in the past, but there are still errors.  A turnover that led to a touchdown and we have to clean those things up. Defensively, 183 yards rushing on 40 carries, whatever it is, 4.6 [yards per carry], we had missed tackles  -and when I say this now, it’s not just to players.  We had substitution errors, some misalignments. We had some things take place that just weren’t characteristic of us.  A third-and-15 where they hit a screen for I don’t know how many yards – it shouldn’t happen.  That’s what I’m saying, it’s on all of us.  Players, coaches, and we have to take full responsibility for what took place out there.  Special teams, 28 yards per return, and punts.  Just unacceptable.  So we have some things to clean up.  I talk about, hey, we’re after victory, we’re after being our best. Well, that wasn’t our best.  And it’s not acceptable. And that is the challenge. We have to dig deep and find out what these issues are and clean them up as soon as possible, because the expectation that we had in that locker room, this opportunity was not met.”
(On if this feels like the bottom)
“No, this does not feel like the bottom, but it feels like something is wrong in how we played.  I think if you ask everybody in that locker room coming into this game, I think everyone felt ready.  But maybe there is a difference between being ready and prepared.  And we weren’t prepared as well as we needed to be and everybody can take responsibility for that.”
(On if Tampa Bay’s run game was tougher than he expected)
“No; like I said, it was a variety of issues.  If I talk, I’m going to direct it toward one, like the defense [where] there was some missed tackles, some missed alignments, there were some calls that we would like to have back.  Just overall some opportunities missed.  A variety of issues.”
(On if running back T.J. Yeldon was hurt on the fumble by returner Corey Grant)
“No, we had some plays for Corey in the offense and that was one of them.”
(On if the fumble a because of poor ball security)
“I’m not sure; I didn’t see it.  It may have gotten punched out.”
(On giving Tampa Bay short fields)
“I know, my emotion right now, defensively, just because I know how we are capable of playing, and we have shown that and today we didn’t do that for whatever reason.  Short field, long field, it just didn’t feel like we played as well as we could have.”
(On how the team responded to the adversity of the Grant fumble)
“Well, they came back.  We scored with the Hurns play.  I thought being down right away in the first half and to come back and get it within seven and then to come out and score again and then get three. I mean, the resiliency, the fight, the effort, all that, I have no problems with. But it’s the play after play – you know, what they call grit, where you do a play after play after play after play the right things. And you do it enough that when a mistake happens, you can overcome it.  But right now we’ve got too many.  We are not showing the grit needed to sustain it.”
(On how surprised they were that he could not force a turnover from Jameis Winston)
“Right, and you know what, if you look back, [the game] was very similar to [Winston’s game against] New Orleans. He had, what, 19 attempts? But the challenging thing was, I think, every completion was over an explosive play, over 16 yards. And they didn’t take many shots, when they did, we covered those pretty good.  But it was the little plays, the things over the middle that we talked about where he’s had some success and he showed success in that. Some of the play passes, we didn’t get very good underneath help to help with the corners.”
(On how much they missed Paul Posluszney)
“I mean any time, he is a strong leader for us, a strong presence.  We have had injuries, and guys have stepped up.  We need guys to step up.  Without evaluating the film, maybe I can give you a better idea tomorrow.”
(On the defensive lines struggles)
“I think, it’s about vertical seams. Sometimes how the d-line plays it, the linebackers fitting in there can take away those vertical seams. We just had too many vertical seams today.  Just reemphasizing, get back at it.  That can be a combination of both.”
(On the team not showing grit)
“I don’t know.  I mean look what happened.  We were down 20-7 then we come back and we score.  We come out of the locker room we score.  We kick a field goal.  So what is that then?  That’s what, resiliency?  The ability to fight back and not judge the situation, and to keep going.  That’s it.  That’s was there in that instance.  A critical third -and-long and they get a screen for I don’t know how many yards.  30 or 40 yards.  Then a fumble in the end zone for a touchdown.  It’s those things that pop up. And we have to find a way to challenge our guys.  It’s not like Corey Grant wanted to [fumble].  It’s not like he tried to fumble.  He had it high and tight, they made the play.  These things that pop up, there are just too many of them.”
(On the momentum going away)
“We had them third-and-15.  24-20, third-and-15 ad we failed to make the play.  Was it the play?  Could we have had a better call?  It was a combination of things. We had guys that had an opportunity to make plays. We didn’t make the play. Could we have been in a different call? Yeah, we could have been in a different call. But we decided to bring pressure on third-and-long.  You still have to make plays on pressure.  We all have to take responsibility for it. There is no excuses for it. I do, I feel bad for our fans.  How many, 7000?  I saw them all in the corner [of the stands], chanting, and we come out and we don’t play as well as we are capable of playing.  This is real, I feel for them. They come down like that, how can’t you?  That’s just disappointing as well.”
(On if it is getting tougher to bounce back)
“No I think what it is, I’m hoping that this setback shocks us to get things right.  I’m hoping that’s it.  I believe in these guys.  The reason I am upset is because they are capable of better. That’s the reason I’m upset. I am not upset because we are not very good; we are capable of being better and we are not showing that.  That’s what is frustrating.  We have enough good players in that locker room to do better than what we are doing on the field today.  That’s a fact. I have always tried to be honest with everybody, the fans and you guys. That’s how I am feeling.  I don’t know, maybe tomorrow it will be different after we look at things, but that’s how I’m feeling now.”
(On if he still has hope for the division since no one has pulled away)
“Yeah, that part, because of that situation.  The script isn’t done yet.  We still have a big part of the journey. But I just think that right now, we need it, we all need it – let’s get this thing right now. We are very capable of playing better than we did on the field today.  And we did, we missed it, again.  And hopefully the shock gets us to where we go, ‘Let’s bow up to it and let’s go take responsibility and let’s really put our mind’s set to get this thing right.”
(On when Julius Thomas was cleared)
“That was during the week.  In defense of Julius, I mean that thing went all week.  So, we really didn’t have a game plan of how we were going to utilize him because it was kind of a last minute deal.  We tried to get him in there and get some reps, and now that he is fully cleared and hopefully healthy, we can get a better idea and go from there.”
(On Blake Bortles having four touchdowns)
“He did. Four touchdowns, and like I said, he had 4 touchdowns, Hurns felt like he had a pretty good day – there were guys with outstanding efforts, outstanding grit, at times.  I guess when I’m speaking to you, I’m speaking [about] the team as a whole. I’m sure I’ll be able to point out individual performances [later]. I think when we talk about racing maturity, we are seeing individuals mature quickly.  We just need to have a race to maturity for our team.”
(On his performance)
“Obviously, not good enough I think. It's a team game, its not an offense or defense-type of deal. Everybody plays together, including special teams. The goal of the game is obviously to score more points than they score, so if they put up 38 we have to put up 39, and that's how you win. I think we didn't do that, we were short of it, so we will try to continue to get better.”
(On his frustration level after the loss)
“Well, it’s tough. I mean, its hard. I thought the guys played their tails off to the last minute they played. It still comes down to cleaning up the little things, stupid mental errors that we made, and just put a big emphasis on that during the week, all week long. And I thought guys did a good job during the practice, but it’s something that continues to show up on Sundays at every position, so I think that's definitely something we’ve got to clean up.”
(On coming back from a 13-point deficit)
“I mean, it's a long game. It's a 60-minute game and you get plenty of opportunities to score points. I think the guys did a good job on the sidelines with staying upbeat, staying positive, and really begging for another opportunity. They believe we’re going to be successful every time we get the ball, that's the type of attitude the guys have and that's the type of attitude they should have. I think they’re good in that sort. Like I said, we have to continue to eliminate the mental errors and quit shooting ourselves in the foot.”
(On the amount of Jaguars fans in attendance)
“It was unbelievable. Anytime you go on a road trip or an away game you expect there to be very little fans, and even though it was in Florida, it was unbelievably impressive the amount of Jaguars fans that were there. They were loud throughout the whole game, I thought they did an unbelievable job and we felt that, we felt their energy. So that just adds to the frustration that we let them down.”
(On if there were any blitz pick-up issues)
“They got us one time, where we couldn't pick it up. I think the rest of them we had the ability to pick up, whether we didn't or whether I held on to the ball too long or whaterver for whatever reason, were contributions to those sacks that took place.”  
(On getting tight end Marcedes Lewis involved)
“I think guys early in the season were talking about how the tight ends didn't have any catches, and it’s been a pretty similar game plan throughout the whole year and I felt this week they gave us an opportunity to take advantage of some of that stuff and get the tight ends the ball.”
(On how it felt to be back on the field)
“It’s exciting to be back out on the field, getting to be out there with my teammates. The result wasn’t what we wanted, but, speaking individually, it was a big step from running around in practice to being back out there with the guys.”
(On when they cleared him to play)
“It’s still an ongoing process trying to get back out there making sure you don’t get to many reps, that kind of stuff, so it was just something that they said that, if you are willing to give it a go today. It’s probably a little bit earlier than the doctors expected, but if you feel comfortable, you can go out there. I just want to go out there and kind of get that first game in.”
(On them giving him the decision if he wants to play)
“Yeah, I mean after coming out of surgery the doctor said that it would be longer, but I was progressing well and I tried it out at practice this week and felt comfortable with it and the doctors pretty much said that, ‘If you are okay with it, then we will sign off on it.’”
(On what it takes to get over this hump that they seem to be behind)
“I think the biggest thing is that it just takes a continuous effort and you can’t be discouraged when the results don’t always come out the way you want. But you’ve seen this team continuously do good things back-to-back weeks. It’s the bounce of the ball a couple times and a lot of people think that it’s these drastic changes that need to be made in the NFL, but each game comes down to a few possessions. Offensively, we turned the ball over twice today, if we’d have done such a great job of not turning it over. If we eliminate those two turnovers, it’s a different game. You have that kind of stuff, and we will start to eliminate that and we will start to see the win column affected by the work we put in.”
(On how quarterback Blake Bortles answered with a career high of 4 touchdowns)
“Blake is doing a great job. It’s not easy switching to a new offense I think that sometimes people forget that everybody is in their first year in this system, including Blake, and it is even tougher to switch offenses when you are a young quarterback. To be five weeks in and to be continuingly building offensively, we are on the right track. We have to continue to do things, take care of the ball, probably do a little better job on third down, but it was good to see us put up more points on the board than we have previously.”
(On how he thought he played today)
“I think we played decent. We just have to eliminate some of our mistakes and stuff down the stretch, but I think we moved the ball, we capitalized on our red zone opportunities for the most part, but we have to eliminate some errors.”
(On what he did during the offseason to prepare for this year)
“Constantly never being satisfied. Just trying to take my game to the next level. I think that’s the main thing as far as lifting-wise. Just trying to all the time trying to improve your craft, I think that continues into the year as far as going into each week of practice because you know you have to put out each and every week.”
(On where he thinks the team needs to improve)
“We just have to just eliminate some of our mistakes down the stretch. I think we moved the ball well, we did some good things, just a few minor things we have to eliminate and I think we will be fine.”
(On how it felt to have tight end Julius Thomas back for his first game with Jacksonville)
“It’s always great getting a playmaker back, with him being out there giving us another threat on offense, it was awesome.”
(On Doug Martin’s performance)
“One of his great abilities is that fact that he’s so short, he can stay low to the ground. You’ve just got to get a lot of guys around the ball. Give him as [little] space as possible and I think all of that will change.
(On what Tampa Bay did well)
“They just executed when we didn’t. We had some good stops. I remember when we had a couple of sacks and then he [Jameis Winston] got out of there and scrambled and threw the ball away. Certain things like that – the fumble that he lost when he was down – things like that we’ve just got to capitalize on them.”
(On never capturing game momentum)
“It’s tough. It’s a team game: special teams, offense and defense all have to work together. To win a game you’ve got to win at least two and they definitely won.
(On defending against screen passes)
“That’s just communication. I think we were set and we would have stopped the play, but they executed when we were in a bad situation. That’s football. You’ve got to be on it every play and today we weren’t. “
(On defensive communication with Paul Posluszny out)
“I think Thurston [Armbrister] stepped up and did a great job. [Dan] Skuta got in there a little bit and he did a great job. [Armbrister] definitely stepped up, being a rookie, his first time in the game. He definitely stepped up and did a great job.”
(On Tampa Bay quarterback Jameis Winston)
“I saw poise. A lot of times when we watched film it seemed like he got flushed and he would throw the ball up. I don’t think we got as much pressure on him and he was able to sit back there and have poise and get the ball to his guys. [He made] key throws when they needed them.”
(On playing in close games)
“I’m tired talking about close. You go out there to win. Nothing else matters. No almost, no moral victory. It’s frustrating. We have to find a way to put it behind us. It’s the only way to get better, is to put it behind us and keep finding a way to get better. Paul Poluszny will be back. Got a bunch of guys hurt that need to come back. There’s no excuses, next man up.  Doug (Doug Martin) is a good back. We’ve been talking about him. We’ve been talking about the screens. We’ve been talking about what he does and we just didn’t execute.”
(On his sack on Jameis Winston to potentially change game)
“I was excited obviously for the sack and I look up and I see that there is a flag. At that moment I thought it didn’t count. Moments later when I saw the film, I was hoping it was a fumble, but it wasn’t, so there’s plays like that we got to capitalize. We talk about run reach all the time. We talk about just running to the ball and things like that. Today was a day where the inches, the small details, got us. You got no choice but to put it on your back and figure out how to fix it.”
(On not being surprised of load placed on Doug Martin)
“They put a lot on Doug. That’s what we we’ve been doing all year, stopping the run. Physical wasn’t there today. We weren’t in the right gaps. Doug is a guy that can stick his foot in the ground and if you are undisciplined, he’s the kind of guy that will burn you. He’s a great back, there’s no doubt about that. The other running back [Bobby Rainey] has a lot of speed. Those guys you can’t mess around with. You got to be on the details every single week. It’s frustrating that we weren’t.”
(On not starting strong with 1-4 record causing concern)
“Concern is consistency. It’s one thing if you were getting blown out every single week. That’s one thing. To be in these tight games like this and fight till the end and come away with a loss because of details. That’s the alarm it takes. For us we keep fighting, but the only thing that matters is a win. But with that being said, all the talk about everything, all the positives are still a negative. Twenty-four hours we will find a way to get past it.”

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