Head Coach Raheem Morris
(opening statement) “Disappointing loss. They’re a very good team. Some tough breaks. Our football players played their hearts out. I was proud of them, we’ll move on. We’ve got a chance to go play a division opponent at home and finish this quarter 3-1. And that’s the only thing we care about at this point.”
(on his interaction with the ref after the pass interference call at the end of the first half) “I’d call it asking an explanation. I disagreed with it at the time. But it is what it is. My opinion doesn’t matter in that case. The call was made, you’ve got to move on and get ready to play. That’s what we did.”
(on what was said to CB Aqib Talib after the game) “I don’t think this is called an altercation, it’s called people communicating after the game. That’s all they are.”
(on if the official used foul language towards Talib) “I don’t know what language you’re talking about… If an official uses improper language then that’s an official’s deal. The guy I talked with, we had a conversation about what he thought he saw, and we had a healthy conversation on the way out, too. You know me, I don’t talk about calls, I talk to my officials about them.”
(on whether it is a moral victory) “No, we lost the game. You guys hold these teams to higher standards than we do. We respect all teams, but our job is to go beat them. And our job is to come out with victories, and we didn’t do that today.”
(on whether S Cody Grimm’s ankle is broken) “I’m not sure. I have to get detailed information on that as we go. You guys come back home, and I’ll tell you that when we get there.”
(on how Grimm’s injury affected the game) “He’s our starter. You lose a starter in a game, the guy is playing well for you, and now you have to go out there with a guy who played limited reps. And the guy who didn’t have as much opportunity to play this week. That’s always going to be hurtful, so you have to go make up for it.”
(on how the team played) “We don’t make those excuses. We didn’t play well enough to win. Obviously, we did something wrong. We’ve got to go back to the lab. And we’ve got to come out and find a way to be better on offense, find a way to be better on defense, find a way to be better on special teams and win football games like this. There’s no moral victories. Understand, they’re [Ravens] 7-3 and they’re powerhouses, and you guys give them credit for powerhouses. But we’ve got to find ways to win those games. We want to be the best and that’s all we’re looking for.”
(on QB Josh Freeman looking out of sync) “He played the Ravens’ defense, we’re talking about a really good defense that’s really talented. We’re going to have some out-of-sync plays. We have to go out there and make some plays that are outside of the box. He had some attempts to make some plays on a stretch, but just fell short. We lost this game by running out of time. It is what it is.”
(on playing well in December) “Obviously we have to be more detailed with our penalty game. We had a couple of penalties that hurt us today. Not just the pass interference, all the penalties that we had. We had a couple of different ones on special teams, on offense. I believe we had more on defense. We just have to go back and be better at that part of our game. I didn’t get a chance to look at all of the stats, I will. We lost today, so I’ll look at them. We just have to get better. We’re playing meaningful games, we’re a young football team, never lose sight of that guys. You’ve got a young Buc football team that’s hungry, that’s determined, that’s playing their hearts out for their city, and we look forward to going back home this week and playing the champs in our division.”
(on whether there was blown coverage on Todd Heap’s TD catch) “Yes. I’m not going to point fingers at anybody. We went out there, we had a miscommunication between two players, that’s it. The blown coverage is my fault, I’m the coach. It shouldn’t be blown coverage, I’ll take it. I didn’t communicate well enough what I wanted.”
(on Derrick Mason’s touchdown) “A great pass by [Joe] Flacco. It was cover 2, he [Mason] got behind our defender and a great throw by Flacco. That’s what happened on that.”
(on whether the Ravens were going after CB Aqib Talib) “He [Flacco] threw a couple of hitches out there. We were playing some three zones to stop the run, like we did last week. He recognized and threw a couple of hitches. I’m not sure he was going after Aqib. He was in thirds for most of those plays. Anytime he was in man, he really stood up and played well. Whenever you’re playing thirds coverage, you’ll have an opportunity to throw hitches, so he threw a couple of hitches on time.”
(on whether this game was a litmus test) “Not for us. I told my team at the beginning of the year, we’re not going to let ourselves be judged on anything other than playing fast, smart, hard and consistent. And right now, I’ll go back and look at that film, to see if we did that. To see if we did it enough, did a good enough job. Obviously we didn’t play smart, we had too many penalties. And with how consistent we played throughout the game, we’ve got to go find out there too as well, particularly on offense and special teams. We played consistently on defense, but you’ve got to go back and play smarter, play harder and play faster. And those are the things we judge ourselves on. We don’t consider litmus tests. We don’t hold in anyone in the National Football League in a higher regard. Fortunately enough, we don't play in the BCS. We don’t play lower opponents. This is the National Football League, where everybody comes out to play every single week.”
(on the level of disappointment on the last possession) ”That was an excellent execution by their team [Ravens]. That’s a four-minute drive. They have to execute. We have to execute in that situation. And it’s frustrating always when you can’t do what you try to do there and get off the field and give your offense opportunities. Get Josh Freeman opportunities, like he’s been able to do for us, as far as comebacks and things of those natures. But that’s the nature of the beast of our game and that’s why we love to play.”
(on his summary of the offense) “We weren’t able to get our rhythm going, move the ball and drive it down the field like we’ve done, get our run game going, like we’ve been able to do the last couple of weeks. That’s the result of when we play a really good Ravens’ defense. They [the Ravens] did a nice job today and our offense didn’t play well enough to win the game. We didn’t give ourselves an opportunity. We could have gotten the ball back. I’m not pointing the finger at those guys either. I’m just saying as a team, we have to do all those things better.”
(on defining the season) “I only define seasons by one thing. I tell you this every single day back at our house. There’s going to be 31 unhappy teams and if we’re not in Dallas playing for the chip, then we’re going to be unhappy, period.”
(on whether a young team can overcome a bad call) “I think they did overcome. We came out in the second half and we fought. We went inside at half time and scored a touchdown after the pass interference. But you’ve got to come back and keep fighting and keep playing. We scored a touchdown to cut the lead to seven. We had the opportunity to get the ball back and they out executed us in a four-minute drive.”
QB Josh Freeman
(on how the offense played) “I played extremely poorly. There are a number of balls I usually hit that I missed. I felt like I really had an off game. I just wasn’t getting it done. When you pass as many times as I did, you’ve got to complete more balls.”
(on the Ravens’ pass rush) “I can’t say it was really that bad. I felt like I had enough time. The offensive line did a great job. We had a couple of opportunities, but we didn’t get it done.”
(on how well the Tampa Bay defense played) “They played really well. Our defense shut them out in the second half. They had a great challenge playing against Joe Flacco and an excellent running game. I’m just sorry I couldn’t do more to help us.”
(on facing the Ravens’ defense) “That defense played us really tough, and they did it with class. We have so much respect for the Ravens’ defense. It’s really tough playing against Ed Reed. He’s one of the best in the league, and it showed today. It seemed like he was all over the field. Every time I was trying to pass, I had to look for No. 20. There was one play when I was throwing completely away from him, and by the time the pass got there, he was there making the play. He’s very instinctual, and he’s one of the best.”
(on whether the Bucs are getting better) “It’s no question we’re getting better. Today we had a really good game plan, we just didn’t execute. In a game like this, you never know when your opportunities are going to come, and you need to take advantage of them. A disappointing thing is, we didn’t play as well as we can.”
TE Kellen Winslow
(on facing the Ravens’ defense) “We knew this would be a battle. We just got behind, and when you get behind against a great defense like that, it’s hard to come back. I’ve played them so many times. They are just like the Steelers. It seems like they get a lead and you almost come back and come up short. That’s just how they play. The way they play pass coverage is that they dare you to beat them with their front seven.”
(on his TD pass) “That was a big play, but I should’ve had another touchdown earlier. Ed Reed just got his hand on the ball at the last second. He changed the angle of the pass, and it was just out of my reach, but I should have made the catch.”
(on whether the Tampa offense was out of sync) “(laughter) That’s what the Ravens do. It was just like that in Cleveland. They’ve been doing it for years. They almost dare you to run the football. If you get behind them early, it’s a tough hill to climb.”
WR Michael Spurlock
(on the pass in the end zone that he didn’t catch) “That’s a ball I should’ve caught. Nobody is a harsher critic on me than I am. It was one of those situations where it would’ve been a highlight film play, but you’ve got to make that catch. If I had caught that pass, we would’ve had a lot more time on the clock, and they couldn’t have controlled the clock at the end.”
(on the Ravens’ defense) “All of the defenses in the NFL are tough. The Ravens have always hung their hat on their defense. But, we did make them change some things during the game. Our offensive line did a great job. We were right in the game. It was just a play here and a play there, and we didn’t capitalize. I know we are getting better every week. But, the difference is good teams find a way to win games like this, and we’ve got to find a way to do that.”
RB Carnell Williams
(on the offense not being in sync) “No doubt. Basically, it turned out that we didn’t make enough plays on offense. We had our opportunities and the plays we usually make, we just didn’t make. First of all, you have to tip your hat to the Baltimore Ravens, they did a good job to come in and stop our run. There were still plays out there to be made, and we left them on the field.”
DT Gerald McCoy
(on the game) “We had too many missed opportunities. Sometimes, we had to get off [the field] like the last drive. We needed to stop them and get off the field. We played well, but just not well enough. We can learn a lot from this game. We didn’t play smart enough tonight. We have to learn from that and take that into the next game.”
(on his sacks) “I’d give all that back for a “W.” That doesn’t mean anything to me, I’m a team guy. It’s not enough that we didn’t get the “W.”
(on the defense’s play) “When it counted, we didn’t get off the field. We’ve got to learn from that because if the same thing happens again, we’ve got to change the outcome.”
(on FS Cody Grimm’s injury) “It was tough. He’s a great player. He plays really hard for us. We got together and said a prayer. Our prayers go out to him. I can’t wait to have him back.”
WR Mike Williams
(on the offense) “We’ve got to get better. We came out with a loss. Anytime you come out with a loss, you’ve got to get better, and those are my feelings.”
(on playing the Ravens) “Every time we come out and play a game, we want to win – we really want to win. This was one of those games that we really wanted to win, and we fell a little short. Today, [the Ravens] were a better team.”
CB Ronde Barber
(on their defense) “This is a defense that I think is especially coming together, and I thought we played pretty well. We have to eliminate some plays here and there, and then you’re talking about a different outcome here. It’s always disappointing to lose, but at the end of the day, you find a way to learn from it and keep moving. This was a big game for us. I think we all know that our most important game is the next game. We have to get onto Atlanta as soon as possible.”
(on if there are any positive) “There are no positives. I said this all year long when we were winning with last minute comebacks, the ultimate outcome of the game is the only thing that matters. There are no positives, you find a way to win, or you don’t.”
(on their track record against teams with a winning record) “That doesn’t factor into anything. We are just playing. You like to win them all, regardless of who the opponent is. You give yourself a chance to win every week, and you’ll be pretty good at the end of the season.”
(on if their season will be defined in the next five weeks) “That’s a good point. I think it has to be defined in the next five weeks. It will determine if we keep playing or if we go home. I said it last night, there are always 31 disappointed teams at the end of the season. You just want an opportunity to not be one of those teams. So for five weeks here, this team has to find a way to win and get ourselves in.”
(on their coach’s part in this team’s turnaround) “We play like he coaches. The personality of this team and the pulse of this team reflects on him. When he has fire in his, we have fire in our eyes. That’s just the way this works. I think we all embrace him as a guy for always being just him, and we are hoping it works for us. So far it has.”
LB Barrett Ruud
(on the defensive performance) “We actually played fairly well except for two or three plays. We had one with a miscommunication that resulted in an 80-yard touchdown. That kind of broke the game open. Then they kind of got a cheap one on us at the end of the half. When you play Baltimore, it’s always a field position game, and we gave up a couple big plays. It was hard to get back into it. We didn’t play bad. We just didn’t play well enough to win.”
(on the game plan against Baltimore’s offense) “We knew they’re a run and deep throw team. The biggest thing we wanted to take away was the deep shots. That’s kind of how they make their plays, throwing up top. That was our thing, to take away the deep threats and make them earn everything. Unfortunately, they hit us with one big play.”
(on moving forward) “We have no choice. We have as big a game as we’ve had all year coming up against Atlanta. It’s a division game, and they have a two-game lead on us right now. We definitely have to get back and find a way to win.”