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27 November 2016

Seattle Seahawks Postgame Quotes (11/27/16)

“I thought that was a really good showing by Tampa Bay. They outplayed us and they beat us up front. They did a fine job of getting themselves a win. We had a chance to get back in it a number of times but they just couldn’t open up the door for us and couldn’t make it happen. We did not play like we play and it didn’t feel like it. That starts right with me. If everyone plays a little off, then that’s me. I got to do my part and they got to do their part and we got to get our game back and get a win again. It’s such an oddity to be that far off in the throwing game and have trouble fully shutting down on third down. It just spells for a bad game. Our field position was really huge. They did a great job of managing their field position and keeping us backed up, particularly when we had to get going in the second half. We were ready to mount a comeback and get back in this thing, but they put us inside the 10-yard line I think three times and made it really difficult. They were able to hold onto the field position and did a nice job of that. I’m just disappointed we came out this way and played like that. We didn’t play anywhere near like we thought we would.”
(On trouble up-front offensively)
“They rushed the heck out of us. It wasn’t anyone in particular at all, but they did a really nice job. We didn’t protect like we needed to and they had six sacks. That’s just crazy because we haven’t been doing that at all. We have usually been on the other end of that and that’s a real oddity for us. We got to get back to work and fix it.”
(On if it was all on lack of protection on passing game)
“That was surely factored in. They got six sacks, but they also moved them a lot. Russell (Wilson) was running all over the place back there. We need to be quicker with the ball and get it out and not let that be a factor. We didn’t get on track with that really at any time in the game. We were just out of sync and it wasn’t like we want to be.”
(On Joey Hunt playing for Justin Britt)
“Justin didn’t make it back but he could have played in an emergency situation. He did pretty well in his pre-game but he didn’t practice a snap all week long. We didn’t want to play him. We wanted to see if we could get him right and get him back out there. I can’t tell you how Joey did but we didn’t do very well up front. It wasn’t Joey’s issue at all.”
(On if the defensive performance was acceptable)
“Well as it turned out, we didn’t play very well. Getting out of the chute, they had two huge drives that they executed and looked great. From that point on, 14 points is going to win the game. We understand that. The defense played great throughout the rest of the game to keep us close. A couple of turnovers were huge. We gave them the ball three times today, and I think we gave it to them three times while approaching our red zone. That’s the story of the game. It always is. We give up three (turnovers), we’re going to be in trouble. It’s hard.”
(On playing Bradley Sowell over Garry Gilliam)
“We wanted to see him play, see how he did, and try to make a comparison. In terms of mentality, we want to make that a competitive situation and see what’s best for us going down the road.”
(On status of Luke Wilson)
“He got a first degree knee-sprain they said and we’ll leave it at that. Not to get too specific, but they don’t think it’s bad and they are going to have to check it out and do an MRI. It’s the same knee, but it’s a different issue.”
(On if game felt like one they would win in the fourth quarter)
“Yes it did. It felt like we would. We just didn’t know how to do that. We’ve done it so many times, but the right things didn’t happen at the right time and we weren’t able to pull it off. We had that big fourth down conversion and it felt like, ‘OK, here it is, here’s the magic.’ We were looking at the situation of kicking a field goal down there, knowing we would have to score twice. We were tuned into that. We didn’t quite get there to get that done, but that was one of the options.”
(On performance of secondary)
“I think we held up fine. We did a nice job on the deep ball. They got us one time, but I thought Steve (Steven Terrell) did fine back there. I thought we gave them a little too much room and a little spacing in there. I thought the quarterback (Jameis Winston) was terrific. I’m really impressed with this guy and was all through the week while preparing. He came out and showed us the high end of his game. He’s a really good player and they got a really good couple of combinations with Brate (Cameron Brate) and Evans (Mike Evans). Those guys did really well.”
(On if this loss was a loss of momentum or hiccup)
“I’ve never used that phrase, so I’m not going to use it on this one. We got to get back right. We’ll go right back to work. We got a big finish coming up on this season. The main thing was to admit that this was not the way we want to play. We’ll turn our focus on the way home when we talk about getting ready for next week.”
(On Thomas Rawls performance)
“I don’t know what his numbers were but I thought he looked OK. He missed a couple opportunities when he had big space and kind of lost his footing a bit. I thought he ran hard and came out feeling all right. I think the only guy who got nicked was Luke Wilson, so we came out pretty healthy.”
(On Russell Wilson’s rushing performance)
“Yeah, it was great. That’s just what we’re counting on. If they give it to us, we’re going to take it. A lot of those carries early in the year, we would hand the ball off and couldn’t do much with it. He put together a real nice showing and that helps us with our run game moving forward.”
(On not converting on short yardage)
“Yeah, we got stopped. Not to be a wise guy, but we got stopped. They hit the line of scrimmage better than we did.”
(On returns of Earl Thomas and Michael Bennett next week)
“Yeah. Earl will have a chance. Mike Bennett will have a chance as well, We’re counting on Mike jumping out and practicing next week. Mike Morgan comes back next week, too.”
(On ruling of Jimmy Graham’s fumble)
“I thought that when the guy has one knee on the ground and Jimmy reaches in to try to get a hit on him, all he has to do is touch him and he’s down. He was obviously on one knee but I would guess that they couldn’t get a definitive look at that touch. It looked like he did and I think he did. They did a really nice job to get Jimmy out of there and it was a good play by them.”
(On if communication caused lack of protection)
“It wasn’t communication; we weren’t executing well. We did a lot of stuff in protection to help us and some of it was OK and some of it wasn’t. We just weren’t on it like we have been. So we have to go back to work and check it out. I don’t have enough to tell you right now, specifically.”
(On if defensive performance was due to shift in momentum)
“I just think we got going and guys played like they know how to play. They played really good football and kept them out of it. I think they converted their first four third downs and didn’t get one after that. Things turned and guys played really aggressively, got after it, and gave us a chance. That’s the group that we know. We still didn’t start well. We started poorly and didn’t start the way we wanted to.”
(On Russell Wilson’s interception before the half)
“It’s a combination of things right there. We need to continue coming in on the route. He gunned it in there kind of counting on it and it didn’t work out right. We didn’t do it as cleanly as we needed to. For the position of the receiver, the choice didn’t work out, but we can do that better.”
(On thoughts of how the Seahawks played)
“We just got to play better and we’re looking forward to the next opportunity. It’s pretty simple. We’ve got to find ways to make plays and we will, we have before. We struggled a little bit tonight, obviously, we’re looking forward to getting back to it. Give Tampa Bay credit, they played a great football team.”
(On where to make changes)
“I’ve got watch the film. We got to see what we can do better. I have to figure out if I can get the ball out quicker and do some more things and find ways. We’ve got to convert on third down, that’s where a lot of the game is. If we can do that and keep us on the football field, we’ve got a lot of great players out there so we’ve got to stay on the football field. Like I said, we have got to find ways to make a couple more plays. I put it on me. We had two turnovers there which, you know, we’re trying to be in attack mode and they found ways to make a couple plays. I take the blame for that and we’re looking forward to coming back next week and coming back swinging.”
(On how he felt running)
“Yeah, I felt great out there running. Obviously I was able to get some big runs in there but I don’t care about the stats or running or anything like that, I just want to win.”
(On plays left on the field)
“Yeah, I think there’s a couple more plays here and there. As a collective effort we just got to play better on offense and we will. It takes one play at a time. Being focused on that one play, not worrying about the play before, not worried about how good it was or how bad it was or whatever. The same thing with the with the possession before, just staying in the moment. We did there, we found a way to come back there at the end of the game, get some big plays and continue to battle on some tough downs in some tough situations. We still converted, we still found ways, that shows that we can do it and we’re looking forward to it. We’ve played some very, very tough teams the past few weeks and we’ve found ways to win and so we’re looking forward to that next week. We’ve got a tough game at home, I believe it is, next week.”
(On third down conversions)
“Well that’s always tough when we’ve got 95, 97 yards to go, its always tough, but it’s nothing that we can’t do, we’ve done it before. We found ways, like I said, we can convert on third down, we had some chances there to get the momentum and we didn’t. They [Tampa Bay] did a great job. Their defense played a really great game. Their players played at a really high level. They’ve got some talented, talented players on their defense.”
(On final play that was intercepted)
“Yeah. We were trying to take our shot, we’ve got to go win it. Their guy made a good play. I’ll take that shot 10 times out of 10 and hopefully they won’t get it next time.’’
(On what the team needed to do)
“Yeah, you know, just trying to make a play, you’ve got to find a way. We’ve got to score, time’s running out so we got to go. You can’t play passive in those situations. We tried to make some big shots down the field, we also checked it down, had some big third down conversions there at the end. Those are the positives in this game that we kept fighting. To be a championship team you have to fight. You have to keep swinging. You can’t play with any fear. That is what we were able to do tonight, unfortunately we didn’t win. But the great thing is we get back to work next week. I always say to you guys win or loss, study the game, figure out what we can do better, what I can do better. It starts with me.”
(On third game this season without an offensive touchdown)
“At the end of the day we want to win, that’s really the only focus. They made a couple plays on us, like I said, they played a great game.”
(On the way Tampa Bay played)
“Like I said, they made their plays, we didn’t. It’s pretty simple, you know, sometimes you make your jump shots, sometimes you don’t. Unfortunately today, we didn’t hit ours, but we will next time.”
(On center Joey Hunt stepping up)
“I thought Joey did a great job. I thought that he took the challenge on. I thought he played against a really, really good tough defensive linemen. I think Gerald McCoy is arguably one of the best defensive lineman in the game. I’ve got tons of respect for McCoy and how he plays and I thought Joey worked really, really hard and did a great job of communicating. So it’s good to see that, that he can step in and do his job at a high level.”
(On injured players and how it affects the team)
“Obviously, Earl [Thomas] is arguably, in my opinion, the best safety in the National Football League so you want him out on the field. We’ve had a lot of people get dinged up this year obviously. We’ve battled through some injuries, that’s no excuse. We still got to find a way to win. Hopefully he can get healthy, we’ve got some other guys we want to get healthy too as well. Continue to refresh. The goal is to go 1-0. Unfortunately we didn’t this week. We got to do whatever it takes to prepare at a high level next week. It’s nothing we haven’t been through before, that’s the good thing for us. We’ve been through it all and we’re looking forward, sometimes you’ve got to look forward to the challenges and you’ve got to look forward to the struggle to see what’s on the other side. I think that’s what we will be able to do.”
(On what was discussed in the locker room)
“We were just talking about, like I just said, sometimes you have to have a little bit of struggle to overcome, that’s basically it. I am not going to get into too much great detail, but we’re really positive about what we can do. We’ve obviously shown it in tons of different circumstances this year. We’ve battled, we’ve battled, we’ve battled. Like I said, they played a little bit better than us today, obviously. Hopefully next week we can do a little better job across the board. It’s a complete team effort. I thought our defense continued to fight, even though we were down early we continued to fight, continued to try to find ways to make plays. We continued to fight on offense, continued to fight at the end of the game. That’s the character of men that we have. There is nobody that is down at all, we look forward to the challenge of getting back next week and coming back at home and playing at Century Link and playing for the 12’s.”
(On any nerves from first NFL start)
“No, I came out there and prepared. I prepare every week like I got to get ready to play. That’s how they depend on me so I prepared the same way.  I felt confident, I was ready and knew what to do.”
(On Justin Britt assisting with his first start)
“Justin [Justin Britt] is a great teammate. Just like when he goes he asks anything that I saw. Justin was there for me any time I needed him. Awesome guy.”
(On offense’s inconsistencies)
“You know we just try to go out there and play football. Some things didn’t go our way so we’re ready to get back next week.
(On Russell Wilson’s health when scrambling)
“I was trying to block, so I wasn’t really paying attention to Russ running around. He looks healthy looks healthy so that’s good.”
(On communication throughout offensive line with Wilson scrambling)
“We were communicating well I felt like and we were on the same page. Something we prepare, we prepare all the time by communication. That’s something we’re big on, so we were ready for it.
(On message from Pete Carroll coming out of halftime was to “restart”)
“Exactly, there’s a whole half of football left so as long as we go out there and play football we were still in it. That’s what we did.”
(On loss being a dud or fluke)
“Not at all. The Buccaneers came out here and played, played hard, played fast and they out-competed us today. But we did play hard. At the end of the day someone has to win, someone has to lose. We don’t want to lose, but at the end of the day we’re going to come back and fight harder next week.’’
(On offense trying to find rhythm)
“Just play after play we kept trying to find our energy, that whole Hawk energy and everyone to pick each other up. For some reason, we just didn’t pull through today. We’re going to bounce back and come back next week with even more energy and make more plays next week and get back in the lab and lock into the details.”
(On defensive performance without Earl Thomas)
“I think we did fine. It wasn’t like any big bombs over the middle of the field or anything. Our tackling was good. They got a couple in the first quarter I think and I don’t think they got another.”
(On expecting to win but any outcome is possible)
“Yeah, it’s another example of that. Any week, they’re pros. They can win the game. Anytime we score five points it’s going to be difficult to win the game.”
(On Mike Evans touchdown with no offensive interference)
“Well you know he grabbed my jersey early and pulled me down. I thought maybe you get that call and then I thought maybe a push off at the end and you get that call, but it’s the league and they’re not going to call that.”
(On defensive adjustments after first few outings)
“We just ran our stuff and made the plays that we needed to make.”
(On having pressure to make plays to help offense)
“That’s our mentality at all times. We always feel like we should make them pay and put our offense in position with a short field etc etc. We’re always opportunists thinking that way.”
(On if this game was a “dud’’ and moving on from that)
“I mean, it happens. You go through film we’ll watch it, we’ll discuss it and then we’ll move on just like every other week.”
(On Mike Evans’ matchup)
“For the majority they started to motion him across and things like that. Whenever we could get it done, we got it done.”
(On thoughts of Jameis Winston’s performance)
“I thought he was all right. He made some unorthodox throws. He also made some throws that we should have capitalized on. We missed a few, but it will be all right.”
(On feeling confident on a comeback late in the game)
“We always feel like we’re going to pull it out. We continue to believe till the last second. Unfortunately we weren’t able to pull this one out.”
(On the frustration of not being able to sustain long drives)
"It’s just frustrating. We drive down there a couple of times, I felt like we finally got it going, swinging at the game and then we turn it over, get a penalty, something happens. Just one of those weird nights, just couldn’t get it going out there. Just when I thought we were, all day something crazy would happen.”
(On if teams can have a ‘dud’ of a game every once in a while)
“I don’t know. We felt good. We traveled well. The attitude felt right. It’s just we got out there, they scored early on us. They put us behind the eight ball and I don’t know if we were pressing or what we were doing, but it just didn’t feel the same.”
(On the second offensive series)
“Everything felt smooth. We were picking up stuff early on. Obviously, I’ll have to see the tape to see what all was happening, but everything felt like it was going smooth communication-wise. I’ll have to see what it looked like.
(On Seattle’s performance)
“Some things didn’t go the way we had planned and it’s not always going to go that way, but we have to respond differently and just bounce back and be our best. We can’t dwell on this and we’ve got to get ready to go next week because this is a season where things happen very fast. You can’t let anything happen and dwell in it. You have to move forward – you have to learn and correct, but there are some things out there that we definitely have to correct moving forward, so we’ll be better for it next week.”
(On what the defense did to keep the game close)
“We just played normally. We played our type of ball – responsibility, gap-sound, technique-sound, physical football. That’s who we are. Early, sometimes, a couple things got away from us right there and we didn’t have attention to every little detail and in this league if you don’t have attention to details you’re going to get burned and we did right away, but we tightened it up. We have to continue to build off that and get ready to go for next week and not look back at this one. We have to correct and move forward.”
(On his first career NFL start)
“It’s a blessing. It’s everything that – you could ask anyone here – that everyone works for. You want to be a starter, you want to have the most responsibility as you possibly can and whatever responsibility [is] given to you, you have to do your job and do it very well. It’s awesome, it’s a blessing and you’ve got to use it as a starting block. Being only a third-year player you have to continue to get better and better and better, so one day maybe you will have more of a starting role and that’s what everybody is like in this league. You just want to do as much as you can to help your team to win.”
(On the play of the defense)
"(We) started off real slow. Their offense started fast. Throughout the whole game we had a couple moments where we looked good, we looked normal, but overall we just have to play better. We were in a little funk there throughout the game. It happens sometimes. We’ve got to find a way to stay focused, lock in and find a way to win.”
(On if the team just ‘kind of had a dud’ of a game)
“That’s what it is. We were just in a funk. You saw both phases weren’t themselves. We didn’t find a way to complement each other – offense, defense. Our offense started backed up, way too much. We’ve got to put them in better positions to be successful.”
(On free safety Earl Thomas not playing)
“Earl is a heck of a player, but we can’t say that missing Earl was the reason why we lost. Steven [Terrell] did a fantastic job out there. We’ve just got to play better – all 11 guys just have find a way to stop the run, first of all. We did a good job getting turnovers, but we have to find a way to win.”

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