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30 August 2015

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Postgame Quotes - Saturday, August 29, 2015

(Opening statement)
“You have to be ready to go each week – kind of simple as that – and you have to give the Browns a lot of credit. They just outplayed us on all three phases tonight. We talk about starting fast – we didn’t do that tonight. Offensively, turnover of course hurt us. Up front, they beat us up front on the offensive side – our O-line versus their defensive line. We couldn’t establish the run so it put you in a hole a little bit. Defensively, same thing. We didn’t play as well as we played last week. No takeaways on the defensive side, they did. Special teams-wise, when you run a punt back and you miss two makeable field goals its tough duty. So, we didn’t play as well as we’re capable of playing, for whatever reason. We will go back to work and get it fixed.”
(On if the pressure on Jameis Winston was due to assignment errors or physically getting beat )
“I wouldn’t say there were too many assignment errors. They had it up the middle, outside, they had it a lot of places. They beat us up front, so yes, the middle was a part of that.” 
(On how he would assess Jameis’ performance throughout the preseason thus far)
“We like what he has done throughout the [preseason] but tonight he is part of the bad effort that we had as a football team. Didn’t get a lot of opportunity, so it’s going to be my standard answer. There is not much we did well tonight, so Jameis, any other position you bring up – coaching, all of it – it just wasn’t good enough tonight. As far as what the reason is, it happened.”
(On if he plans to play the starters in the final preseason game)
“No, we’re going to stay with our same plan. Same plan – we played the guys into the third quarter, third preseason game. Next week they won’t play an awful lot. But we can still get some good evaluation. Whenever we keep score you want to win but again, we are gearing up for Tennessee.”
(On if he thinks Winston took a step backwards tonight)
“I think we didn’t play as well as we need to as a football team. As far as pointing out one player, no one played the way they [wanted]. You could say did Gerald McCoy take a step back, did Lavonte David take a step back? As a football team we didn’t play our best ball tonight. I think it’s no more than that.”
(On if it is difficult to evaluate Winston given the defensive pressure he faced tonight)
“No, he didn’t play well like the rest of our football team. It’s not difficult to evaluate our play tonight. Everybody’s a part of that. At the same time, it’s only one game and we have played well. We had a quick turnaround; we didn’t handle this week as well as we needed to, simple as that. As a head football coach I’d like to do some things differently to get ready for it. But it’s a learning experience and that’s what you do in the preseason.”
(On if they took a step back as a team tonight following a great performance against Cincinnati)
“Well you don’t feel good about that for tonight but it’s about the overall picture. That’s why we’re not going to change our routine on how we handle the preseason. It wasn’t our night tonight and we had moments where we were close where we could’ve – you know, we were down by 10 and we missed a field goal – we could’ve gotten back in it. But that’s all a part of it, too. We have to be able to handle these situations. If we’re a good football team, we have to be able to play well one week and follow it up with a better performance the following week. We’ll learn from this.”
(On the play of William Gholston as an interior defensive lineman)
“He’s had a good camp, too. It was good to see – that’s the way he’s played, I would say, throughout. It gives you flexibility when you can play on the outside and move inside as he does. And in the past it’s just been passing situations, we had been playing him just in some of our standard situations too, and he’s done a good job with that.”
(On if there were any teaching points from the matchups on the offensive line)
“It’s pretty simple, it’s just one-on-one and the same battles we won last week we didn’t win tonight. There’s only so much you can do; eventually, it comes down to the one-on-one game. We lost the one-on-one game tonight.”
(On the physical presence Kwon Alexander brings)
“When I say we’re disappointed in our performance as a football team, there were moments. That was one of them. You guys have been around and you’ve seen what Kwon brings to the table, but that was a good play. That’s what he’s capable of doing. You just need, of course, as a team, we need more plays like that. That could have ignited us a little bit if we could’ve just gotten something going off of it.”
(On the nature of having rookies playing on the offensive side of the ball) “I think, Rick, it’s hard to… you like to maintain a certain level each week. But normally it doesn’t happen like that and that’s why you can’t get too high after Monday night’s game and you can’t get too low. We’re somewhere in the middle, is where we are right now, and a we become a good football team you have to know you’re going to have some days like that. But now, for us, though, it’s not all bad to have this bad feeling in our stomach right now leading into, of course, Miami. They’re a good football team and I know it’s about Tennessee later on but we have a game to play this week and we’re going to play better, whoever’s in there. For a lot of our players, I mean, this was a big game. Yeah, dress rehersal, but there’s a cut-down coming up so we put guys in positions that we needed to evaluate and we’ll be in the same situation, one more chance for some of our players, next week.”
(On rookies’ growing pains)
“Well, you just realize that with young players, I mean, you’re going to make some mistakes. It’s still preseason, though. No team in the league has peaked yet and we’re in the group. We’ve seen enough, though, to see that we can be a good football team and that’s what we’re going to build on. We’re going to go back, coach up the mistakes, correct them and we’ll win football games this year. We’re a good football team that didn’t play well tonight.”
(On improvements made in the special teams return game)
“We have seen improvement. We would like to see even more. It’s tough with Kaelin [Clay] going down [with a rib injury], but we wanted to take a look at some of our other players too. And tonight – punters, kickers, returners – that part was good, to just get a good evaluation, to make our jobs a little bit easier as we choose [which players will remain on the roster].”
(On what the defense did that allowed the 16-play touchdown drive by Cleveland)
“Missed tackles, just some missed plays, missed opportunities. First off, third down. We have to be good on third down – we weren’t tonight. Critical situations where you have to make a play and it seemed like they made most of the plays tonight.”
(On facing former Buccaneers quarterback Josh McCown)
“You guys know my feelings on Josh. Josh is a good player. He kept some drives going with his feet, scrambling. [He] made some good decisions tonight. It was his day today.”
(On being under pressure tonight)
“I felt like the offensive line did [well]. I’ve got to get the ball out faster. They brought a lot of pressure. Sometimes we got different types of looks and we didn’t want to show a lot of our ‘get it outs’ and stuff like that.”
(On if he thinks he took a step backwards tonight)
“I never focus on that. I’m going to have to see the tape and stuff. My goal is always to get better every day, not step back.”
(On if his ankle had any impact on his play)
“No. Not at all. My ankle’s good. Obviously, just got to get better. It’s definitely a learning thing.”
(On the preseason experience thus far and if he can get better)
“I’m never satisfied, so there’s always a way you can get better. No matter if [you] win or lose, you always can find a way to get better. This game, I got another thing to learn from, from the blitz protection standpoint. I’ve got to see things and get us in the right protection call. This is definitely a learning experience.”
(On if Cleveland’s defensive pressure got him confused)
“Not at all. Obviously, they came with a different game plan than what we were expecting. We had to end up changing it to another formation, go into 11-personnel during the game, so that was different. But other than that it was good. It’s just a learning experience.”
(On if he wants to play in the final preseason game)
“It’s not up to me. Obviously, any time it’s football, I want to play. Obviously, it’s going to be Coach’s decision.”
(On if he should have taken a sack on the play he was intercepted)
“Yeah, I just didn’t want to take a sack. In that situation I’ve just got to throw it around him more  or maybe throw it away. That’s one thing about panic sacks, they hurt you.”
(On his sync with the offensive line that played tonight)
“Well you know, the way this game started out with a quick three and out and a punt return, obviously [it] kind of shifted momentum but I believe we bounced back fast. We got in the case where it could’ve been a seven point game where we had two back-to-back drives that were good. When we got going and everything, you’ve got to think about how many times we had the ball that first quarter alone. In games like that when we don’t have the ball a lot we’ve got to make the times when we do have [it], we’ve got to execute.”
(On how he felt about the pocket tonight)
“The pocket was good, they just pressured us a lot. We got different types of ways to get the ball out and stuff but tonight we just kept it simple.”
(On if the team has to battle not getting too high or too low from week to week)
“Last week was great to get a win and then you come out - we had a short week so a lot of guys were probably sore and things, but like I said, this is a learning experience for our team. For us to be able to fight that whole week, we just played a Monday night football game at the highest level possible and got a win here that we [haven’t] had in a long time and then came back home again so guys are exhausted and things like that. But I tip my hat off to them just for coming back in a short week like that.”
(On if the short week affected their play)
“I said I tip my hat off to my teammates because I believe we battled, I believe we fought. Obviously, the goal as a team is to get better every single day, and I believe if we do that and if we learn from this game, I believe this game right here is going to be a lot for us.”
(On if he wants to play in the final preseason game)
“Absolutely. As a competitor, as a football player, absolutely. But at the end of the day, I don’t run the show. It’s up to Coach.”
(On how many 3-4 defenses he saw in college and if that had an impact on him tonight)
“They did a lot of under front stuff. You’ve got to tip it off, they’ve got two linebackers/defensive ends that play both with Kruger (Paul Kruger) and I forget the other guy’s name, but they’ve got guys that can put their hand on the ground and guys that can play actual linebacker so that’s tough. That’s the first time we’ve seen that in preseason. We can’t just look at ourselves; like, they have a great defense, and I believe it was a privilege to play against them. We did some good things against them. We’ve got to build on the positives and eliminate the negatives. We can watch the film. Every time you watch film it’s not always as good as you think it is and it’s not always as bad.”
(On dealing with the defensive rush)
“When they bring more than you can block, you’ve got to get it out. And they did a couple things where they picked our offensive guards where they couldn't slide to get to the guys that were coming late. Like I said, it’s a learning experience and there’s a lot of teams that we’re going to be playing in the future that got those same type of blitzes. So when you make a mistake, especially on my part as the quarterback, I’ve got to put us in the right protection. Like, when I make a mistake like that, it’s always a learning experience. I’m like, I know I’m not going to make that mistake again because I can’t get hit like that.”
(On Doug Martin’s performance and his confidence level in him)
“When you’ve got a guy that you know when you put the ball in his hands he’s going to make an explosive play for you, it’s always [great] to have a great guy on your team like that. Just like I know Doug would say, ‘The offense, I mean, we blocked our tails off,’ especially on - It was a two-play drive but he had some other runs that sprung us out.”
(On his take on the game)
"I thought we went out there and we started off a little slow, and we didn't end well, but in between that I thought we were flying around."
(On where he fits in on this team)
"I'm really just a guy that's always been, you know, I just get in where I fit in. If they want me to play end, if they want me to play inside, I'm always available.
(On the progression of the team, game by game)
"We took off last week and we showed who we really can be if we play at that high level every game, but not every game is going to be like that. It's going to be a fight. So I thought we did some really good things in between the first and last drive."
(On the Cleveland Offense)
"We knew they were going to try and come run the ball. You know, Josh [McCown] did a great job commanding the line, so I thought they did good."
(On the things he's working on this preseason)
"I'm just trying to get better, personally, you know anytime, anywhere I can help the team out and make some plays, I'm all about it. So we're just going to go back to work and get ready for next week."
(On whether or not being a middle of the road team is good enough)
"I just take it a day at a time, we take it one day at a time. We're going to fix all these things we need to fix, and we’re going to get it all together man. You're going to see, we are going to do pretty well." 
(On his big hit on Josh McCown)
"Man, I love to hit man. You're going to see that from now on. When you see me, you're gonna see me hit."
(On the impact of his big hit on McCown)
"Yeah that's what I was really trying to do, bring the momentum up. When we have the momentum we play well. So I was just trying to make a play, and just help my team out. I made the play and we kept going through, but we just couldn't get it all together."
(On McCown throwing from outside the pocket)
"Well we work on that in practice a lot. I've been playing football all my life, I've been seeing it all my life so it really wasn't that different."
(On fighting for a starting job)
"I just want to play. I love to play this game. I’m happy to be here, I’m blessed to be here. So every chance I get I'm going to take advantage of it. That's why I go out there every game and every practice, to show what I have and what I do best."
(On tonight’s game)
“We came out, we didn't have a good showing, we could’ve played better, but it’s preseason. You always want to win at home, when you at home you always want to win. We didn't do that, so it’s kind of frustrating, you know? We have to go back to the drawing board and get better.”
(On improving for the next game)
“We just got to go back, watch the film, watch this game, see what our mistakes were, and correct them in practice, and come out and get better next game going down to Miami.”
(On expectations for the season)
“[The team has] high expectations. We want to definitely win and win all our home games. And win our home games and a couple of games in a row and that should definitely put us in the playoffs.”
(On the biggest challenge moving forward)
“Probably just trying to stack wins together. We have to be able to jell as a team and we have to be able to win multiple games – not just win one game, we have to be able to win multiple games. We won last week, we lost this week. We have to be able to. You know the toughest thing in the league to do is to win back to back, you know two wins, three wins, four wins, five wins.”
(On his touchdown in tonight’s game)
“We had a little momentum and we had Jameis [Winston] connect with [Vincent] Jackson, which continued the momentum, and after that I got the handoff, we scored. We had a couple receivers do a good job blocking off the edge, as well as the line doing a good job blocking and getting the touchdown.”  
(On blocking skills as a running back)
“It’s more instinctive, the more you do it in practice, the more it will come up in the game. I try to do a good job of going full speed in the game and when it comes to doing the practice, and when it comes to doing the games it slows down for me, so it’s more instinctive.”
(On the state of the offense)
“It’s going to be a great offense. Tonight we didn't start fast and I think we could have dealt with the adversity a little better, but we have great potential, and I can’t wait to see what we’re going to do this season.”
(On preseason so far)
“The first, second game, you know I had a limited [playing] time, but this game we had more time to play, and there’s a few plays I would like to have back. I didn't have the greatest game that I would like to have, and I set my expectations very high and I didn't meet those expectations tonight, but you know we’re going to get better. It’s only the preseason and we’re going to want to do great things with the offense.”
(On performance after touchdown)
“Yeah, you know, you would like to have every play like that, but you know that your every play isn’t going to pop for 20 or 30 or 10 or not even 5 [yards], but you want to average 4 yards-per-carry and that was our goal, but we wanted to start fast this game and that's the formula. That's the formula of winning as you saw last week, and we didn't do that, so that's what we have to do, start fast and finish strong.”

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