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04 October 2015

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Postgame Quotes - Sunday, October 4, 2015

(Opening statement)
“It’s disappointing on a lot of different levels. We honor one of our great players in Mike Alstott. For our fans too, the loyal fans that keep coming to our games at home, they need to see a better product on the football field than that. I thought our preparation last week said we would play a lot better – special teams, offense, defense. All losses are disappointing, but we shouldn’t be getting beat that way. We played a good football team today and they had to do some things good football teams do. Until we stop things like that, we’re not going to win a whole lot of games. Can’t win the turnover ratio, can’t turn the ball over four times. We know what we did with our special teams and our kicking game. Those are things that don’t give you a chance to win, as much as anything. We didn’t give ourselves a chance to win.”
(On if the offense or defense is to blame for the losses this season)
“Both, a combination, special teams not contributing [too]. When you have losses like that, I think everybody can look and share quite a bit of the blame. Defensively – you have to look at their defense – took the ball away four times. We didn’t take the ball away enough. We all, of course, had a lot to do with this.”
(On kicker Kyle Brindza)
“I think right after a game like this, yeah he’s on our team like the rest of our guys. We’re not going to start kicking people off in the press conference after the game. We’re disappointed in Kyle’s play today. We have to do a better job with extra points, with field goals when we need them. Those were critical parts of the game. We need to get more production from there, yes.”
(On preparation and if this team was ready to play)
“We didn’t play well. As far as ready, we didn’t play well. We turned the ball over early on. I don’t think you can say team. We had some bad plays. Team-wise though I can’t say that. The results didn’t say that, but we’re better than that.”
(On quarterback Jameis Winston)
“I think he’s making some rookie mistakes. We would like for him to be a vet. We’ve seen signs that he can be a great player, but with that though we are not there yet. There will be growing pains. He’s a rookie that just played his fourth NFL game. That’s a part of it. When things like that happen others, of us, need to be able to help him out a lot more.”
(On if Carolina played certain defenses to try to confuse Winston)
“I think each week they are going to play defenses to try [to be confusing] and at times you will. That’s just life in the NFL. Again, you have to give them credit. They had good defenses called. There’s a win and a lose every play. You have to say the other side, of course had good play on their part. For us though, ball security – we won’t win a lot of games until we get that taken care of.”
(On if he say anything live from Winston that is going consistently wrong when throwing interceptions)
“No; simple answer, no. Of course we will dissect, evaluate, critique a little bit later on, but no. Even the way we started the game though – it wasn’t a sprint. It wasn’t necessarily a marathon, but we had a lot of football left to go. We got ourselves back in position. Even after that start, I saw something with us getting ourselves back in position, but just couldn’t finish it.”
(On if he saw mistakes in practice from Winston that he knew would happen in the game)
“No, how can you in practice? You have to get to the game. Guys just keep in mind, with Jameis, he’s a young quarterback. This happens with young quarterbacks. They don’t play the way you want them to, the way they should, the way they are capable of playing, but in time he will. We have to work through this.”
(On how coaches and players could have helped him today)
“I can’t give you all of that point by point, but it’s a team. How do you help the team? You play better. We’re talking about one guy. There’s more than one guy on the field. Everybody [needs to] up their game a little bit. We had other guys have opportunities to make plays today and didn’t make them, simple as that. We’re all – coaching staff, players – we’re all going to share the blame for this bad loss.”
(On if the problems are fixable knowing he has a rookie quarterback who will make mistakes)
“When you go through one quarter of a football season, yes, everything is fixable. We just finished up the first quarter of our season. Think about the first quarter of the season and you’re down. That’s all that has happened right now – 1-3 [record], first quarter. [We] have an opportunity to start back up. We have a lot of football left to go and we will improve in all areas and eventually I’m not going to stand up here in front of you and explain a loss. Right now, we’re not there yet, but we’ll eventually get there.”
(On his strategy at the end of the first half and if he was trying to get the ball closer to the end zone for Brindza)
“We wanted to get points at the end as much as anything. We had a chance for momentum, where we were down by seven and at the very worst we were going to be down by four going in with momentum. Yeah, that’s what we were trying to do. We would like a touchdown, of course, in that situation, but we needed points and at the very worst we thought we would get three.”
(On overcoming momentum shifts)
“It’s hard, but as we talk about finishing the first half on a downer, [we] came right back out [and the] defense got the takeaway. [We] got ourselves in position. Eventually though, when we get ourselves back in position, that’s when we are going to take advantage. That momentum will keep going for us. We’re not there right now. These are correctable things, fixable things and [there is] a lot of football still left to go in this football season. We have another chance next week with a home game and we need to play our best ball then.”
(On where is the team getting better)
“You have to look at the play overall. When I say overall, I know about today and I just know, individually, you can get better without it saying it on the scoreboard. You get better and you get better and eventually you start seeing that on the scoreboard each week. As a young football team that’s not there, you have some days like this and eventually you get over the hump. I thought today would be a hump day for us where we’ve seen enough signs for us to be able to put everything together. That will come.”
(On if he is ultimately to blame for Brindza’s performance)
“Everything is on me. I’m a head football coach on everything that we do here, but I’d make the same decision. Hindsight right now, of course, you don’t like the results, but we react to what is happening to us at the time and that’s where we are at right now. We will watch and this week as we go forward, we’ll go with and we’ll put our guys in the best position to have success. Even though there is disappointment behind this, that doesn’t have anything to do with us going forward. Again, we just finished up the first quarter of our season and we’re behind and we’re disappointed. One win, but an opportunity to get a lot more the second quarter starting with Jacksonville.”
(On how tough the loss is to swallow)
“It’s hard but you’ve got to move forward.”
(On how challenging it is for him to not be used to losing)
“It’s not a time to fall, it’s a time to get better, a time to rise.”
(On the difficulty of coming back after a tough momentum shift)
“You just snap and clear and stay positive. You can’t think negative. Just snap and clear.”
(On how hard it is to not be negative when interceptions pile up)
“It’s hard but it’s just my job. I’ve got to be positive and got to be that person that stays up.”
(On if he saw anything during the game that contributed to the interceptions)
“Just got to take care of the ball. Just got to take care of it.”
(On if he sensed a letdown when they failed to score in the red zone)
“No, no. The letdown was just five turnovers. You know, you can’t win football games with five turnovers. So many parts to the game where it can be he said, she said, but you can’t win a football game with five turnovers.”
(On if it is professionally surprising to him to throw interceptions)
“It’s surprising to myself, myself as a player who I believe that I am. But you bounce back, you don’t think bad about yourself, you don’t get down. This is what God made me to do. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to be out there on that field. But one thing you have to do is you have to take the heat and keep going. You’ve got to move forward.”
(On his confidence as a football player)
“I will never lose my confidence.”
(On if this is the most difficult test of his confidence)
“No, I will never lose it. Confidence will never be an issue. I’ve just got to work harder. That was a wakeup call to my work ethic. I have to work harder.”
(On Carolina cornerback Josh Norman’s two interceptions)
“When you throw it straight to him, no matter how good they [are], they are going to catch it. So it’s not like I got baited or something, I just threw it straight to him. Bad decision.”
(On practice not transferring to the game)
“Yeah, we have our ups and downs, I just have to take care of the football – that’s the main thing. If you look at our offense, we have guys that can make plays. The quarterback just has to take care of the football.”
(On if he’s trying to learn the fine line between taking care of the football and being aggressive)
“Absolutely. That’s what I’m getting better at every week – taking care of the football, third downs, converting. We did better on third downs. Doug [Martin] played an amazing game. Like I said, five turnovers – can’t win football games with five turnovers.”
(On the impact of the rain and the fumbled snap in the first series)
“Well, after that play we handled it very well. That’s this game, that’s how it is. Actually, I should’ve called and replaced the ball because after that first play, it rained even harder. But that’s my job, again, I’ve got to tell the ref, ‘Hey, can you replace this ball?’ So that’s on me.”
(On if any of his throws slipped due to the wet weather)
“No, I can throw well [with] a wet ball, I’ve just got to make the right decisions.”
(On the poor performances for the first two home games)
“That’s why we have a lot of home games. You can’t just think of two – two doesn’t define who you are or what your team is capable of. You keep fighting, you keep pushing, you keep getting better.”
(On how hard it is to get out of a hole and have to come from behind)
“We didn’t start as fast as we wanted, but in the NFL momentum can shift in one play, and we got back on track. But I really think that the freak play [Ed Dickson’s fumble recovery for a touchdown] just – he didn’t have to break stride. The thing is really like a momentum shift right there.”
(On Dickson’s fumble recovery for a touchdown)
“We all ran to the ball, but it bounced like, literally forward and he [Dickson] just caught it in stride. It was just weird but, I mean, it is what it is. We could have done a lot more, but, I mean, we come out second half, take the ball away immediately and then, the very next play we’re on defense, another fumble but then that happens. It’s just like, ‘Ah.’ So stuff like this just didn’t go our way.”
(On the message to fans about hanging with the team)
“I’m not going to sound like a broken record. It’s just, we didn’t win at home. Lost another one. Just hang with us. Hang tight.”
(On if the team is close to turning the corner)
“Yeah, we’re not far off. I’m telling you, a couple plays here and there and that game goes our way. But it just didn’t.”
(On the defense having a better day than the scoreboard indicated)
“Thirty-seven points is 37 points. If you are in New York right now and look at the scoreboard, and you see 37, you’d be like, ‘Dang, they killed their defense.’ So, defense has to do something better.”
(On the disappointment of yet another home loss)
“Yeah, it’s always disappointing, especially the way we’ve struggled at home the last couple of years, and so from here we definitely have got to lick our wounds. Can’t feel sorry for ourselves. We’ll go in tomorrow, we’ll analyze this tape. I think we left a lot of plays out there on the field and we’re making some very minor fundamental mistakes that are keeping us from getting over that hump. We’ve got all the right personnel I believe, in the building to get it done. The fact is, we’ve got to go out there and execute better.”
(On if the players have to be accountable for the fundamental mistakes)
“Oh, absolutely. We absolutely take responsibility for it and those are things that we – it’s not a lack of effort, I guarantee you. We are working on each and every one of those fundamental things each and every week, but when you do it at this level out there in the game it makes it very difficult to win football games. They’re very costly and so Carolina, hats off to them. They played well today. They took care of the football, we didn’t take care of the football. and turnover ratios are probably historically going to be the biggest ‘win-loss meter’ in the NFL.”
(On what the team can do to help quarterback Jameis Winston)
“We love Jameis. We’re going to rally behind him. He’s our guy, and there’s not going to be a blink in that locker room about that. We can do better things to make his job a little bit easier. There’s things that are done that may seem like it’s his fault but there’s plenty of things that we can do to make him successful, and we all take the accountability for all those plays, those turnovers. It’s never a one-man show. Jameis is a young guy, he’s going to continue to learn, he’s a competitive guy, he never got down on himself on the sideline – I love this about him. He comes back in the huddle in the second half and he’s like, ‘Hey, let’s go get some points, let’s go win this game,’ and that has never changed since Week 1 and I really enjoy playing with the guy.”
(On Carolina’s defensive game plan)
“Their defense – hats off to them. They had a great game plan. [Head Coach] Ron Rivera, known for defensive schemes and things and they were able to apply some pressure, kind of flush him [Winston] out of the pocket a little bit. Whenever you’re running away from pressure left and right you’re definitely not going to be able to see things as clearly up the field.”
(On how encouraging it was to see running back Doug Martin put together a 100-yard game)
“Oh, Doug’s been great all year. The fact that we’ve been in some games where we’ve had to throw the ball a little more, get away from the run game, is unfortunate but he’s been solid and Charles [Sims] has been solid and Bobby [Rainey] has been in there, he’s been great as well. So we love our running backs, they’re doing a great job in the run game. We’ve got to stay in ball games so we don’t have to just rely on the pass and we can keep on feeding those guys.”
(On losing at home)
“It’s frustrating, it’s frustrating. Obviously, we need to get some victories here and that goes for winning at home. We need to win at home. Luckily, we have a game upcoming at home. Hopefully we get this week going right and come out on [Sunday] and get that victories. That’s our goal.”
(On both home games being lopsided scores)
“I mean just us coming out and not doing what we’re supposed to do when we’re out there on the field. They’re coming out, out-executing us, putting up points. We got to do a better job of keeping them off the scoreboard. They don’t score, they don’t win, so that’s on us.”
(On defense playing too much due to offensive turnovers)
“I don’t think it’s tough at all. When you play defense, you got to have that craving to be on the field, you got to have fun. You want to be out there as much as you can. Every time we’re out there, we got to take advantage of it. We got to do something to get the ball back in the offense’s hands or make a big stop. We just got to have that mentality. I don’t think it’s frustrating at all. This is what we get paid to do, to play defense and every time we’re out there we got to make a statement.”
(On getting to start today)
“I’m just really appreciative that the players and coaches felt like I can step up and have a starting role, number one. I’m just trying to do everything that they teach me in practice.”
(On playing around the ball so often)
“Basically for me with my size and the abilities that I have as a football player, I’m just trying to use them to my strengths. My strength is stopping the run. I got to get better at my pass rush, and as long as I can stop the run, I can be in there and be active and get those tackles for losses, I give the rest of the D-Line an opportunity to get after the quarterback, and I need to step it up and get at the quarterback myself.”
(On the defense playing well for ‘a while”\’)
“Well we don’t get paid to play for a while, we get paid to play four quarters all the way to the end to the last second. Whatever we got to do, we’re going to look at the film, break it down, and come out stronger.”
(On if coming off the bench helps)
“If your role changes, your role changes. It’s all for the better of the team. We’re all trying to win, we all have the same goal in mind. It’s not personal goals, it’s all one team goal and that’s to try and get to the Super Bowl. First of all win the game, then win the division, then win the Super Bowl.”
(On if he feels more comfortable coming off the bench)
“It doesn’t matter where I’m going. As long as I’m helping the team, as long as we helping each other, as long as we are trying to get better, it doesn’t matter.”
(On if he has a stamina issue)
“It’s probably a stamina issue. If they see that I’m not playing at a high level at all times, then it might be better for me to come off the bench. It’s all what the coaching plan has. It’s all up to them. If they see something wrong then we have to fix it.”
(On if he can be more explosive due to more rest)
“Yeah, definitely. A lot of rest helps.”
(On why the team is struggling to win at home)
“Teams are playing good. We have to stop them and on offense we have to score, so we both have to work together. If we’re not working together, things like that can happen.”
(On forcing a fumble but it leading to an opponents’ touchdown)
“It hurts. You’re running as hard as you can and you’re working as hard as you can to get that ball out, but when it pops in their hands and they go to score, it hurts. But you know we still got to keep working. You can’t let that affect you, you can’t let that affect the game. It’s not a game changer, you still got to keep working. A fumble can go their way and a fumble can go our way. It’s all about chance.”
(On frustration of offensive struggles)
“To tell you the truth it’s really not frustrating because as a defense we have to stop them. If they throw an interception, we have to go out there and get an interception right back. It’s really not frustrating. If something bad happens to them, we got to fix it. If something bad happens to us, they have to fix it. It’s all just working together.”

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