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26 May 2016

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2016 OTA Media Availability (5/26/16)

Below is a selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today’s earlier media availability:
Head Coach Dirk Koetter
Defensive End Robert Ayers Jr.
Kicker Roberto Aguayo & Former Kicker Martín Gramática
(On the energy level at practice)
“Great energy today. I think going into a four-day weekend, you’re bound to have good energy.”
(On what has impressed him during OTA practices)
“I’ve really been impressed with the energy of our defense in general. Their communication, the way they’re flying around to the ball. I think those guys are having fun out there and they’re making plays.”
(On if defensive coordinator Mike Smith is responsible for the defense’s energy level)
“Well, I think it’s not only Mike, but the entire defensive staff. I think those guys are doing a heck of a job coaching those guys and hats off to the players for the way they’ve taken it and ran with it.”
(On the benefits of former Buccaneers kicker Martín Gramática attending practice)
“It’s good to see Martín out here and we love it when any of the former Bucs come out. Those guys are always welcome back and we’re fortunate to have a guy like Martín in the area where he can come out and get Roberto [Aguayo] with him and that’s a good thing.”
(On defensive back  Ryan Smith not practicing)
“No it’s not long term. I think he’ll be out there pretty quick. Again, it’s the offseason, so we can’t take long-term chances with guys and we are always going to be a little bit more cautious this time of year, but he’ll be out there shortly.”
(On having a joint practice with the Jacksonville Jaguars)
“We’re going to have joint practices with both Jacksonville and Cleveland leading up to those two games.”
(On if the team will go up early and practice in Jacksonville)
“Yeah, we’ll go up early, work with them for two days, have the day before the game off. It’ll be the same when Cleveland comes down here.”
(On offensive coordinator/wide receivers coach Todd Monken’s excitement on the field)
“I’m happy when everybody is fired up. I’m happy when every single guy is out there fired up, but when you’re going against yourself all day, half the people are sad and half the people are happy, but we have a good energy across the board.”
(On the benefit of joint practices)
“Well, training camp is a long grind, so it’s great to go against other people and other looks and it’s a good way to test where you’re at. At the same time it’s almost like you’re having two practices at once. Your offense is practicing on one field, your defense on the other. Instead of going against each other, when you’re going against the other team you’re only working really half your guys instead of working against each other, so it’s just a great way – I’m just a big believer in seeing the different looks. It’s like practicing against three teams instead of just our own.”
(On if defensive end Noah Spence reminds him of anyone)
“I told him he kind of reminds me, stature and watching his college film, he kind of reminds me of [Denver linebacker] Von Miller. Von Miller was a 4.4 [40-yard-dash] guy, though, so he’s a little bit different, but their body language and their body movement, their build, their stature, their arm length and things like that, they’re real similar. Von is a lot faster, but just the way they play and the way they do things is real similar.”
(On Defensive Coordinator Mike Smith)
“I like it. He’s all about winning, he’s all about putting people in position to be successful, He’s all about giving you knowledge and being able to anticipate what guys are going to do or how they’re going to attack you. He wants to fill your toolbox up. He doesn’t want to send you out on the field and not be prepared for anything – that’s the thing I like. He’s giving us a lot of knowledge and he’s putting a lot on our plate and expectations are high, as they should be. We’re all just trying to soak it all up and let him motivate us and motivate ourselves and get better.”
(On how these OTAs compare to others he’s been a part of)
“It’s real energetic. A lot of things are contagious. Winning is contagious, losing’s contagious, having a positive attitude is contagious. You can have a lot of guys that are negative and they can bring the room down, but here I haven’t seen one guy that’s like that and it’s rubbing off. It’s rubbing off on me, it’s rubbing off on all the new guys and guys that are normally quiet guys, you see them – Brent Grimes, from what I hear he was a little quiet – you see him out here getting a little energetic and things like that. So the atmosphere is real contagious and the expectations are high and we’re trying to win. I think everybody here is trying to win.”
(On the pressure of being a drafted kicker)
MG: “Well, what I was telling him earlier, you can tell he’s a perfectionist, so it doesn’t matter if you get drafted or you’re a free agent. He’s going to put pressure on himself just to be great, regardless of where you get drafted. The pressure is more of what people talk about as far as the outside, but the internal pressure is the same whether you get drafted or you’re a free agent. Actually, sometimes being a free agent is a little more pressure because you can get fired right away [laughs], but I think in his case he wants to be great, so you can tell that he works hard to be great, so it doesn’t matter where you get drafted. I think he’s going to do great. I said great a lot, huh? [laughs]”
(On having the opportunity to speak with Gramática)
RA: “I think it’s great. The first time I talked to him was the national championship game back when I was at Florida State and got some tips from him and how he dealt with some situations. Sometimes your swing isn’t where you want it to be and talking to him, I got some pointers. It was good finally to meet him in person and meet his children and he’s a great guy. I remember me and my dad and my brother and my mom watching him on TV and making a lot of kicks. One thing that’s cool is that him and his brother were two great kickers and me and my brother are going on that same path. He was a great. He’s a legend here in Tampa as a kicker and I hope to be as successful as him or maybe even more so.”
(On Florida State Head Coach Jimbo Fisher saying that drafting Aguayo was ‘genius’)
MG: “Oh, I agree. Anytime a kicker gets drafted all us kickers get excited [laughs]. You can appreciate what the Bucs have done, especially knowing that you can have a kicker for 10, 15 years. If he stays healthy and does what he can do, then the Bucs are set with a kicker when 99 percent of the time teams are looking for a good kicker, so when you have one you can lock up for a while I think it’s a great idea and a great choice, especially when you get a guy like Roberto that’s a hard worker. Like you were saying earlier, he’s not your typical kicker. I go to play on Sunday, kicked and went to play golf. When he’s out here, the guys see him out here, that’s huge because you don’t see that a lot. There’s a lot of guys that do their thing and then leave, where in his case, he’s here and he’s part of the team. That’s what you want. You want a guy who wants to be part of the team and be with his teammates. I think it’s a great choice.”

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