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30 July 2016

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2016 Training Camp Media Availability (7/30/16)

Below is a selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today’s earlier media availability:
Head Coach Dirk Koetter
Kicker Roberto Aguayo
Wide Receiver Adam Humphries
(On putting on shoulder pads for the first time)
"Well, today's the first day you can put on shoulder pads. You've got to go two days in shorts, one day in shells and then tomorrow we'll be in full pads. What I liked was, obviously, these guys like to hit. That energy was good. What I didn't like was that first team period was ugly, ugly, ugly from a penalty standpoint. We can't play that way. We're not going to play that way. And they'll hear about it."
(On a hard hit by safety Major Wright)
"Yeah, that was a cheap shot. That was a cheap shot. He would have been ejected, he would have been fined and it was a 15-yard penalty. We don't need those kinds of hits. Those kinds of hits don't do us any good because they won't be good on Sunday. Now, there are some other hits out here, some banging, that are legal. I always talk to these guys: 'We've got to take care of each other on the field. There's hitting in live contact and there's hitting against our teammates.’ Sometimes the rookies have a hard time learning that. Like everything out here, it's a work in progress."
(On backing the ball up during team periods when there's a penalty)
"Well, I did today. I hate it when I have to be the ref. I mean, false starts are easy ones. Sometimes, there's holding going on on both sides and I can't always see all of it until I watch the tape. We're working on the penalties. I've got to do a great job on that. I've got to keep pushing the envelope. I know our coaches are doing it. But we've got to do better than we did today, at least to start. Now, I thought those last three team periods we did were much better."
(On if the defense has looked good)
"Oh, yeah. The looks that they're giving us, and they were real aggressive with their blitzes today, a lot of nickel off the slot. It's great work for our quarterbacks to have to get the ball out of their hands. If we were playing real football, those quarterbacks would have been taking some hits today, which is not good, not good for our quarterbacks but good for the other ones."
(On cornerback Brent Grimes)
"Brent's a proven player. We knew we were getting a really good football player and I don't think he's going to disappoint."
(On tackle Gosder Cherilus not practicing)
"Yeah, Gos got a little 'veteran day' today. I told him look what happens when he doesn't practice, everything goes to hell."
(On rookie linebacker Cassanova McKinzy getting some snaps with the first team)
"Well, so you reported."
(On how McKinzy has been doing)
"He's been doing fine. Yeah, he's been doing fine."
(On rookie offensive lineman Caleb Benenoch taking snaps at right tackle)
"Since Gos had a little vet day today, Benenoch is going to work at both right guard and right tackle. We're going to keep him on the right side. When we drafted him, we thought he was a player that had guard and tackle flexibility. Missing OTAs is hurting him mentally right now, he's making some mental [mistakes], he's jumping offsides. We like the potential of him but we've got to get some more than potential."
(On if the players are ready to put on full pads)
"I think if today is any indicator, they'll be ready to roll tomorrow."
(On screen passes to running backs Doug Martin and Charles Sims)
"Playmakers in space, that's one of our deals – get your playmakers in space. Now, sometimes those look good, there were a couple that looked good today, sometimes not so good. I mean, we caught them in the right look a couple teams; it doesn't always work out that way. That's the plan – you get elusive guys in space, and Charles and Doug certainly fit that."
(On how it felt having the fans at practice today)
“It always feels great when fans are out here watching. They get close insight of what we do out here. It’s definitely a different vibe when we’ve got people watching us. It gets us ready, it gets us hyped, it gets us ready to practice. Especially for the kids, for them to see us, play it’s fantastic.”
(On if it takes him back to when he was a fan)
“Yeah, definitely. I go back to when I was watching Bucs training camp when [it] was in Wide World of Sports. It’s just watching how a professional goes about practice, goes about his day and especially kids here that play, they take it and they go to practice when they go to their own teams and they’re like, ‘Oh, I’m going to practice like Jameis Winston,’ or, ‘I’m going to practice like’ – you know, their idols, so it’s fun to impact those kids like that.”
(On if the crowd energizes him)
“Yeah definitely. When I go out to practice, when I hear my name called – ‘Aguayo, Aguayo’ – it makes me smile. It’s fun that I’ve got fans out here supporting me, supporting everyone, supporting all the players on the team and just to have that good fan base out here –  when you’re feeling down or you go out there are you’re just like you know, ‘Practice,’ and when you hear that it just gives you energy to go about your day.”
(On drafting in-state players)
“Yeah that’s what I said when you know this draft with drafting Vernon [Hargreaves III] and drafting myself. I think with already having Jameis, I think that just builds more fan base in this city, so I think we did well with that.”
(On missed field goal in practice)
“Just closed it a little bit, and ‘shut the face’ a little bit, as you would say in golf. It happens, you know. A lot of people see me on TV and watch the games and see that I haven’t missed, but there’s a couple times at practice where you miss – but that’s what practice is for. You just go back out. I went back out there and fixed the problem and I’m good to go, I’m ready for the next kick.”
(On if being criticized for missing 40-yards out in college is misleading)
“You could say, I guess. It’s wherever the ball ended up on a fourth down. You would want to have more attempts from farther away, as a kicker, but I’m not selfish – as close as we can get [is good]. Really, we want to score touchdowns. If I’m not utilized, that’s best for the team. But, wherever they land, I’m ready to kick whether it’d be inside 40 or outside 40. I’m ready to hit 50-yarders whenever they’re called upon, so it’s wherever the ball lands and wherever the offense ends up.”
(On goals he has set for himself)
“Just for this training camp, I think just what I’ve done since I got to Florida State: just take it day-by-day, not to think too far ahead. You think of those goals of being a Pro Bowler and all that, but at the end of the day what you do every day will lead up to it. So just perfect my craft, keep on doing what I’m doing, pay attention to the details and just take it day-by-day, week-by-week, game-by-game and it’ll all tally up in the end.”
(On the idea of being able to practice in pads)
“Yeah it was funny, before we went out there I told my teammates I was like, ‘This is the first time I’ve put pads [on] since my last game at Florida State.’ So it’s cool. We got to kick with it. It’s not really a big change. You could say, ‘Yeah you’ve got something on,’ but you’ve got to learn to adapt with that and kick with that. It’s part of the game.”
(On dealing with pressure)
“I think it’s just going about what you do. I think no matter what, since I’ve grown up kicking in my backyard or practicing by myself, there’s always been that same pressure on myself, I put it on me to get better and be great. When there [are] people around or people watching, I don’t really think about it too much because I already put that on myself when I was a young child. I mean I guess it’s just something added to the whole picture, but it doesn’t really phase me. I just got out there and I know what I’ve got to do and I play to my expectations. All this stuff where people say, ‘Oh you got to make everything, you’ve got to do this, you’ve got to do that’ – I do what I know I can do and I live to my expectations. So I think that’s how I deal with it.”
(On what expectations he has for himself)
“Just like I said, going out there, getting better every day, perfecting my craft, just becoming a more consistent kicker. I look at the little details, whether I might make a field goal but it wasn’t the way I hit it, I walk off thinking to my standards it wasn’t good. It went in, yeah, and you minimize your misses, your mishits still go in.”
(On being teammates with Winston again)
“I think when we saw each other I think it was already in our heads that was the game plan like at Florida State. We didn’t really have to talk about it that much but I know he’s got my back, I’ve got his back. Every one of my teammates [we’ve] got each other’s back. Whatever I’ve got to do, like I said, far field goals, short field goals, all extra points and now kickoffs too  - whatever we’ve got to do to help the team, but I think we got a great team.”
(On excitement of first day in shoulder pads)
“Yeah, it’s always awesome to get the pads back on. During OTAs we don’t have the chance to do that so first day in pads there were some big hits out there, and that’s expected. But I thought we looked good.”
(On today’s practice being open to the public for first time)
“The energy out there was great to start practice. Obviously the lightning delay kind of put a downer on things, but starting practice the energy was great. Some ‘Tampa! Bay!’ chants, and that’s always good to hear. I thought it was good, and it’s always fun it kind of gets us going a little bit more too with the early morning practice hearing the fans kind of riled up. So it gets us going and gets us motivated as well.”
(On biggest lesson learned from last year)
“Just be ready when your name’s called. Obviously I started off with the 53, got moved to practice squad and then a couple injuries got bumped back up, so just always stay ready. And no matter what happens just keep working and keep getting better every week.”
(On what getting more reps can do for a receiver’s confidence)
“It brings me a lot of confidence, just knowing I’ve played in games, I’ve played in some overtime wins, that adds confidence to me. Obviously going through the install again for the fourth time for me, just brings me a lot of confidence. I feel like I know the offense pretty well; it definitely adds to the confidence level.”
(On difference between trying to making roster last year and contributing more this year)
“We’ve got 12 receivers out there that can really play. So my mindset is, just gotta earn the spot and no matter where I am on the depth chart, I still gotta earn it and work every day. But there is a little more level of comfort of just knowing the offense better and knowing more guys around the locker room, so that definitely helps. But just gotta keep grinding and keep getting better every day.”
(On the young wide receiver group)
“It’s a fun group. We’re all young guys, joking around and just having a good time. But at the same time, we’re here for a job and trying to earn that spot, so it’s fun. Talking to [wide receiver Jonathan] Krause, I was asking him, ‘What’s the craziest receiver room you’ve been in?’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah, this is one of them,’ because we have a good time, we like to joke around and have fun. But once we get out there on the field, it’s all business.”
(On how he would define ‘crazy’ in regard to the group)
“Just guys cracking up. It’s fun, Coach Monks [Wide Receivers Coach Todd Monken] [is] a fun guy, he really gets after it, so it’s a good room.”
(On how much getting the punt returner job would help him this year)
“Last year I thought it added some value to me. Obviously [running back] Bobby [Rainey] did it last year, but I did it three years in college and had a few reps at it during preseason, so I feel comfortable with it. And that’s just another thing that I can do for this team, and if coaches want me to win that spot, I’ll go out there and do it.”
(On how much having a year under his belt helps his mentality)
“A lot; it helps me a lot. Like I was saying, I feel comfortable with the guys in the locker room, knowing them pretty well and then obviously knowing the offense a lot better. So that really helps my mentality and just going out there and feeling more comfortable in the offense.”
(On different mindset between earning a spot and just making the roster)
“I feel like the slot position is a position that I can win. Obviously last year I’m just kind of moving around everywhere, just trying to play every role: special teams, offense, everything; just trying to make the 53[-man roster]. But this year I feel like I can contribute in the slot position and then, like we were saying earlier, punt return is something that I can do as well. So a little bit more focused on what I can do this year and just feel better this year than last year.”
(On if the slot position is his ‘to lose’)
“I wouldn’t put it that way. Like I said, we’ve got 12 guys here who can really play so I’m just going out there. Wherever the coaches need me, that’s what I’ll do.”
(On if he feels like a veteran considering the age in the receiver room)
“[Wide receiver] Mike [Evans] is only 23 as well, he’s a young guy [for a veteran]. So yeah, obviously getting that year under my belt last year helps and I think that there’s a couple other guys that have some experience. But other than that, we’ve got some young guys who are talented and really hungry to get out there and play. So it feels good kind of being a guy that’s been around here for a little bit, it feel good to kind of have that. But at the same time you got new guys coming in hungry trying to win the spot, so it’s a good mix and it keep everybody competing.”
(On who in the receiver room pushes him the most)
“I feel like everybody is very competitive. We’re all competitive in nature, and I feel like we’re all going out there and trying to fight and win the spot. At the same time, we’re all pushing each other and I feel like –like I said, it’s a good group and we’re all very competitive.”
(On emphasis on turnovers)
“Obviously that’s one of the key points to success this year. And first day in pads, thing like that are going to happen. And it’s great to see the defense getting the ball out, so you see that every now and then from the defense, so that’s a good sign for our defense. But yeah, we put a lot of emphasis on turnovers and that’s something we gotta correct and try to get those down this season.”
(On Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans’ size compared to the rest of the receivers)
“Yeah, we’ve got two monsters on the outside, and for this offense it works out perfectly with those glance routes and things like that. With Mike being 6-5, 230, and then Vincent Jackson being 6-5, 230, if I was playing Madden, that would be the guy that I would create, just the perfect human being for a receiver. And then you got me in there at 5-11. So I look up to him – he’s a 12-year veteran, just does everything right, and just a good guy to learn from. And then obviously I look up to him physically as well.”
(On the team not bringing in other larger receivers this offseason)
“It obviously shows that they’ve got faith in us, and they expect a lot out of us, so I want to live up to that. It feels good knowing that they have faith and trust in you, but I also have to respond and compete and make plays.”
(On growing up as a smaller guy)
“Growing up I always wanted to be a basketball player, honestly. And then I realized I was short, so just going into my junior year I got the offer from Clemson for football. It really never discouraged me because guys like Wes Welker, guys like that making plays in big time games gave me hope. And just kept working my craft, and obviously I’m not going to be able to do things that Vincent can do or Mike can do, but there’s little things that I can do that can help this team, so I work at that.”
(On favorite receiver growing up)
(On if the team expressed their confidence in him after not bringing in a receiver in offseason)
“No one really came and told me, ‘We did that for a reason.’ We all know what that means, and I feel like going off last year I had some positive plays, had some negative plays as well. It’s just something I can build on and try to get better this year.”
(On how hard it was going from spread in college to NFL offense)
“It was tough for me because the verbiage and the terms are totally different from what we did because we were tempo, we were snap the ball, get the ball to the ref and line right back up. So we were doing a lot of tempo plays, a lot of different terms and verbiage, so it was tough to learn the new plays, but I feel like a couple months in I felt very comfortable out there.”

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