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22 September 2017

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2017 Media Availability (9/22/17)

BUC BIT OF THE DAY: Tampa Bay recorded four takeaways against Chicago. If the team records four or more takeaways at Minnesota, it will mark the first time that the Buccaneers have had consecutive games with at least four takeaways since 2007 (10/18/07 at Atlanta-11/25/07 vs. Washington).
Below is a transcript of Head Coach Dirk Koetter’s earlier media availability:
(On the flu that’s spreading around the team right now)
“It’s real.”
(On if it spread to anyone else in the last 24 hours)
“It did.”
(On if there were guys who were unable to practice today due to the flu)
“That’s correct.”
(On if he wants to reveal the guys who sat out)
“I do not. It will be on the injury report.”
(On if linebacker Kwon Alexander was able to participate in some of the drills at practice today)
“That will also be on the injury report.”
(On if it’s possible that some of the guys on the injury report will be ready to play on Sunday)
“It is possible. Yep, it is possible.”
(On defensive tackle Gerald McCoy’s participation at practice today)
“Yeah, Gerald is fine. He’s good to go.”
(On if the flu is weather-related)
“I don’t think this is weather related. It’s just one of those things. When you have a lot of guys in tight quarters and something contagious hits, this isn’t the first time or the last time something like this [happens]. We have to take certain precautions and it is what it is. We’ve just got to deal with it.”
(On the lack of scoring in the NFL so far)
“Shoot, I’m going to go in and watch the Rams tape to see what they’re doing. That’s what I’m going to be doing is watching to see what the Rams did. I know there has been talk about that. I just have a tendency to think about what our deal is against the team we are playing. But, I know a lot of people are saying that – that the scoring is down. Maybe it’s just that defenses are good. I don’t know.”
(On having two quarterbacks on the active roster and not having another on the practice squad)
“How you manage your roster – on your 53, your 46, your practice squad – that’s team-to-team. We do have Ryan Griffin that’s going to come back at some point, so that obviously played into that. Because we had a lot of depth at some positions, we wanted to hold onto some guys. If you keep a practice squad guy, I mean if you got to that, are you really going to play that guy? Some teams have a guy that they’re saying, ‘Yeah if this guy got called up, he could play.’ If you don’t have that guy, you’re developing your practice squad guys. You’re going to need them and that could happen as soon as this week. We might need a guy and so we’re trying to keep that practice squad group [full of] guys that we could call up if need be.”
(On if it is beneficial for quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick to get extra reps in practice without a third quarterback)
“Yeah. My experience with that is that most of those backups, especially veteran backups, they want the reps. When Mike Glennon was here, Griff (Ryan Griffin) would be trying to get reps and Glennon is going, ‘Get back. These are my reps.’ Jameis [Winston] takes every single rep during the week – most starters do. We talked to Fitz about that, he wanted the reps, so that’s where we are at.”
(On who would be the emergency quarterback if needed)
“Adam Humphries would be our number three. He was a high school quarterback. Yeah, he would be our number three. We work on it on Saturdays, so he would be our three.”
(On the matchup between wide receiver Mike Evans and Vikings cornerback Xavier Rhodes)
“We care about them, but Minnesota dictates that. We don’t. If they choose to match Xavier Rhodes up on Mike, that’s one to watch. That will be two really good players going at each other, but again we don’t have control over that. We have a ‘what-if,’ but we set our game plan up because we don’t really know so we have to be ready both ways.”
(On if he still trusts Evans in a matchup with Rhodes)
“Yeah, are you kidding me? We don’t control that. This is no disrespect – I think Xavier Rhodes is a terrific player – but I’d take Mike up against anybody.”
(On if he feels comfortable with Clinton McDonald as his primary defensive tackle if need be)
“Oh yeah. Sure, any of those [guys]. The D-linemen are just like O-linemen. If we had to play Gerald [McCoy] or Clinton at end, they would play end.”
(On if the defensive linemen are on track in terms of their conditioning)
“You have 46 guys – you have no choice. Someone’s got to do it and you’re going to rotate your guys around. I think the highest defensive lineman last week was in the low 50s. I think we had two guys in the 50s and that’s the most those guys have played, but you don’t have any options. You’ve got to do it.”

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